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Summaries World About this Book: If you too are dreaming some big dreams, then this book will help you to start your journey and will give y...

You Can Win - Book Summary - Shiv Khera - By Summaries World

Summaries World

About this Book:

If you too are dreaming some big dreams, then this book will help you to start your journey and will give you directions so that you can set your goals clearly and make your dreams come true. And the most interesting thing about this book is that in every chapter of this book you will get an action plan which you can practice like an exercise. In this book, you will find the secret that successful people apply in life.

• Who should read this book?

Every person who wants to be successful in life i.e. every student who dreams of good grades or businessman who wants to take his business to new heights, or any working professional who wants to give the best performance in his work. People should definitely read this best selling book of Shiv Kheda, which will be extremely helpful proof for them to set their goals and achieve them.

• Who is the author of this book?

Shiv Kheda, author of You Can Win ”is a well-known Indian author and social activist. Shiv Kheda has also launched a movement against the Indian caste system. And he has also started an organization for this work called "Country First Foundation". He also formed a political party of his own in the name of the Indian Nationalist Samant Party. Apart from this, he has also filed several PILs in the Supreme Court in the public interest. Shiv Kheda was born in a business family. In his early days before becoming a Motivational speaker, he did many minor tasks like car washer, life insurance agent and franchise operator. In 1998, his first book, "You Can Win" (Jeet Aapki in Hindi) was published, which is considered to be one of the best sellers and life skill book.

You Can Win - Book Summary - Shiv Khera - By Summaries World

Let's Start Book Summary:


  • Did you also have some dreams that you wanted to fulfil wholeheartedly, but could not be fulfilled? 
  • Or, to date, you have only seen the dreams of others but not of yourself? 
Yes, this thing has happened to all of us at some point or the other. It seems that some people are masters in the game of life. They get what they want. Then why can't you do this? This book will put a light on those regions which will explain why only some people get success, not everyone.

This book is actually a manual that takes you to step by step forward. This book will teach you how success is achieved. If you too are dreaming some big dreams, then this book will help you to start your journey and will give you directions so that you can set your goals clearly and make your dreams come true. And the most interesting thing about this book is that in every chapter of this book you will get an action plan which you can practice like an exercise. In this book, you will find the secret that successful people apply in life. If you too are a fan of success, then stay with us to know about the inner working of this book.

Importance of Attitude: Building a Positive Attitude

Of course, you must be wondering why some people, organizations or some companies are more successful than others. So the answer to this question is quality. When we talk about quality, it means Quality of People and Business Choice. There is a lot of importance in the world of success that separates the successful people from the losers. It is known that any strong building starts with a strong foundation. Every successful business starts with TQP ie Top Quality People.

These are the people that you once included in your team, these are the people who have a strong desire, to make the quality of your business the best, to take it to the top. Studies have proved that most people get jobs not because of their resume but because of their attitude. Actually, keeping a positive attitude about your business and life is the secret to your success. And our attitude depends on our environment and our experience. The person who keeps a positive outlook always cares for others before himself. A positive person is one who is always confident, patient and resourceful.

To be included in the list of top quality people, you have to be positive. And do daily practise for this so that it is included in your habit. Educate yourself. Also, if you keep yourself away from negative people and negative TV programs or such entertainment, then it will be better. We tell you how the life of an African farmer changed after meeting a wise man. Hafiz was happy with his farming and was living a happy life. But the simple words of a wise man changed his life like a miracle. The wise man told Hafiz that Diamond can make him very rich. If he has a diamond as big as a thumb, then he can buy an entire city. And if he has a diamond as big as his fist, then he can buy the entire country only.

Hearing these words of the Wise Men, Hafeez did not sleep all night. He was not happy with his condition, so he decided to sell his farm and find a diamond. After reaching here for a long time, he reached Spain. By now his condition was quite bad, he was so tired and in such a state that he had given up hope of getting diamonds in a way. Fed up with life, he jumped into the river and gave his life. But Hafeez did not know what happened after he left his house.
The man who bought his field found diamonds in the river near the fields one day. Actually, it happened that one day that man was sitting on the bank of the river and seeing the morning scene, then he saw something shining in the water. When the Wise Men came to meet the new owner of the farm, both of them saw that Hafeez was sleeping on a diamond mine, but he was unaware of it. This thing proves how important a positive attitude is in life. Had Hafeez been positive and believed in his assets, he might have been the richest person. But sadly, due to his negative attitude, he became hopeless and gave his life in vain.
"Just like a passport is a prerequisite to travel the world,
 similarity, high self-esteem is pre-requisite
 to lead a meaningful life confidently"

Success: Winning Strategies:

We know that we get success only because of our attitude. And our attitude depends on our choice. So this means that success is a matter of choice and not luck. That is, the marks are not a matter of luck but of choice. To get ahead in life, we have to find opportunity, rather we have to sit with our hands on our hands. Success is a subjective word, the name of the Journey to achieve your goals one after the other is a success, no matter how many Obstacles have to face. There will be no such success story in history, which has not come in the way.

You will remember the story of Thomas Edison, right? He had failed some 10,000 times before inventing the light bulb. For success, it is very important to have a mentality that can produce a strong desire, commitment and responsibility in you. You should also have a desire to work harder than others. Remember, success is only met by those who have patience, think about others and always carry a positive attitude. Along with this, you should be able to manage your time so that you get the best results and you do not have to retreat into any of the deficits. Most of the people reach very close to the floor and suddenly retreat.

The reason for this is that these people have lost hope, they feel that they will not work anymore. But we will tell you that you take the risk and move forward. If you want to step into the world of business, then come with full preparation. The Philosophy of Lodge of Nature will be of great use to you. Make your Mistakes your biggest lesson and thank what you have got. Once there was a young man who asked Socrates what is the secret of success? On this, Socrates asked him to meet the bank of the Next Day River.

The next day, both of them were talking on the banks of the river that suddenly Socrates grabbed the man by the neck and started immersing him in the river. The man began to wiggle his hands and feet to escape. His breath was suffocating. He tried his best to free himself, but Socrat's hold was quite strong. The man was struggling with full force. His entire face turned blue. Then suddenly Socrates loosened his grip and released him. The man came out of the water and started taking long breaths. Socrates then asked him, "What were you thinking when you were underwater?" What were you feeling most in need of at that time?

"Wind" the man replied. Socrates said, "On the day you consider success as important as the wind is for you at this time, believe me, you will surely get success on that day." Socrates had a little bit of a way to teach Socrates here, but his influence was far greater. The day you have such a strong desire, you will also be able to wash your hands behind success.

Motivation: Motivating Yourself and Others Everday

The most important question is not how to do something, but why you are not already doing that work. By the way, most people know what they need to do to become successful, but they do not know why they are not starting that thing right now and from now on. You are inspired by others, that's a good thing, but you will be fat weight only when you change your action plan. Your inner values ​​are the most Lasting Motivation Source of your life. People whose life has certain targets, some goals, those people feel more motivated than Hemsha others. Often external factors such as fear, money, or incentives make us feel motivated. But there are also some internal factors such as a sense of pride, sense of achievement, responsibility and caring for others, etc.

You can also help others to get motive, by giving them help and respect or by recognizing their work which they display. According to the need of the people, always challenge them to do some battering. There is a story of a boy who used to play soccer on his school team. The boy was always reserving because his coach did not trust him.

Whenever there was a school match, the father of that boy always came to see, although his son never got a chance to play. Then gradually the boy stopped coming into practice. But suddenly one day he came back into practice again. This time he seemed quite confident. The final match of his school was about to take place. He rushed the coach to keep him in the match, but the coach refused, saying that there is a question of the school's response and he does not want to take any chances. But upon repeated request of the boy, the coach finally had to agree. And when the match started, everyone was surprised to see the performance of that boy, he was being scored goal by goal. The boy was the star of the entire game.

When the game was over, the coach asked him "How did you do it?" Because that boy was never good at soccer but today he suddenly emerged as a star. The boy said, "I was able to perform well because my father came to watch the match". But his father was not there at all. So where has your father asked the coach? The boy said that my father was blind, he always used to come to his practice but could not see anything, but today when he is not in this world, he will be watching him playing from heaven above and will be very happy. So if you also have a strong motivation, then you too can become the star of your life, just set a clear goal, keep high expectation and keep moving forward in life.

Self-Esteem: Building a Positive Self Esteem and Image

What do you think about yourself, this thing makes a great matter. If your self-esteem changes, then your performance will also change. You will feel Motivated, Happy and Ambassies. You have to avoid people with low self-esteem because these people are neither responsible nor do they ever play their promises. Such people are often negative approaches, with whom you too will go on becoming negative and this thing is not good for your business at all.

Some people pretend like their self-esteem is very high and people believe them too. But the self-esteem is seen through our actions and not with talk. What we like, what we don't know, it shows from our Self Esteem. So there is no use to pretend while reality becomes our action through the show. How you have been raised, this thing is directly related to our Self Esteem. Your environment affects your personality to a great extent. And your education plays the same important role. Dysplasia is also very important.

People who grew up with a firm bailiff system know how important it is to love themselves, such people never run away from their responsibility. Living in the discipline is not against freedom, rather the guide guides us towards the right direction, shows us the right path. The secret of success is not that we do what we like but what we do, we should do it with our whole heart. Life is not perfect, a person should be so confident that we can handle every situation you have in life. To build positive self-esteem, you have to get rid of your painful memories, remember you're positive experience, keep moving forward by igniting your limitations, be helpful, give people compliments and accept those who praise you from the heart.

Proceeding with this kind of approach will make it even easier for you to set goals and achieve them. Wilma was quite young when she had a high fever. Due to this fever, there was paralysis in his body. Then her age was only four years and the doctor said that now she will never be able to stand on her feet in life. But Wilma had big dreams in his eyes. She wanted to become the world's fastest athlete. Despite the doctor's repeated refusal, Wilma's mother supported her. Her mother was confident that one day her daughter will show her dreams come true.

If you believe in yourself, then what can a human being do with his hard work and dedication. One day Wilma removed the braces from her feet. She was stepping on the ground for the first time today after so much time. She wanted to run, wanted to race on the track. So Wilma started racing in competitions. But she always came last at the finish line. Likewise, many years passed. Wilma did not give up. She ran race after race until she won one day. Then she went to University where she found a good coach.

When he shared his dream with the coach, he too was convinced of Wilma's positive spirit. Wilma went to the Olympics where she competed with the fastest running lady. But Wilma defeated the lady and won all three races and returned home three gold medals. Wilma did what the doctors thought was impossible. He created history. In 1960 she was the first Paralytic woman to win an Olympic race.

Interpersonal Skills: Building a Pleasing Personality

George Washington once said, "What the world needs is not product knowledge, but people knowledge." That is, the world needs people knowledge, not product knowledge. People need to be charismatic and they have to take care of others and connect with them. Building a strong connection in the business world is very important. Life is like an echo. Whatever you give to the world, the same will come back to you. If you give people love and positive vibes, then you will get the same thing in return.

So avoid situations that prevent you from building a good relationship with others. Instead of the Dishonest, Rude and Selfish approach, they were treated responsibly and lovingly with the people. And in order to develop a good personality, you have to be responsible, understand the experiences of others, complete the promissure you have done. Avoid performing as much as possible in compulsions and critiques. If someone missteps, forgive him as human behaviour and make a habit of listening more than speaking. Recognizing your mistake immediately is the hallmark of a good personality.

This is what a leader bean does. Remember this, Hamsha, that no one is perfect in this world. Therefore, it is useless to argue the mistakes of others. If you try to avoid arguments, there will be a batter, instead, do a fruitful discussion. Remember, good friends also belong to those who are good friends themselves. Let's hear a story on this, once there were two farmers who used to share things among themselves. The first one was a baker and the second one sold butter. The baker who used to give fresh bread to another farmer used to give one pound of butter in return.

One day, Baker wondered whether the weight of the second farmer who gave him the butter was really a pound or not. So to clear his doubts, he ordered a scale and weighed the butter. His suspicions turned out to be true, whatever butter he was getting till today, he was getting less than one pound of weight. He got very angry at this cheating of another farmer. He decided on another farmer to decide this matter and the matter reached the court.

The judge asked the other farmer what scales you use to weigh the butter. The second farmer said, "I don't have any scales." I use the bread loaf of this baker to weigh the butter because I always feel that it sends me a pound of bread. Now it is clear that if there is a cheater in this story, it is the former farmer. That is, what we give to others comes back to us. So always keep positivity and a good attitude. Because that is what you will get in return.

Subconscious Mind and Habit: Building a Pleasing Personality

We are all born to be successful. We all have the power that we can become great in our life. But what keeps us from moving forward is the rules and regulations of this society.

Often we feel that successful people make every work very easy. But these people are not different from us, these people have learned so much from their experience that success becomes a Habit for them. And these people go on doing everything from the subconscious mind. Social norms do not matter to them nor do they affect their nature. Because these people are so focused and determined. So get used to the good habits from now on. These habits will give you success one day. And start making yourself ready for success from today itself. That is, positive habits such as the Choice of Books that you read to date, the movies you watched, and the podcast you were listening to, a success all around you Create an atmosphere.

When you start with your Congress behaviour, your unconscious mind will follow itself. And we all know how powerful our unconscious mind is because it is internal. He does not think and does not ask any questions. It only follows the Congress mind. So focus on the action by removing fear and hegemony. By the way, the body and mind are barely controlled and the Habits are not able to change so easily. In particular, our mind does not adapt so much to any chase. But you should remain positive and always imagine the big picture.

Habits do not build overnight, for this, Discipline and Patience are required. We will tell you a 12 days formula that will teach you how to form habits. First of all, you have to focus on your self-talk. That is, quit making negative comments about yourself as we often say "I am Tired". Add more positive comments to your daily practice. The author is telling us the story of his refusal. He has two refuses who like to play tennis. Once his father was compelling how much money he had to spend because of this habit of his two sons. So the author said to him, "Playing tennis instead of sitting empty at home all day in some bed habits is a better option."
When the fathers of the children noticed this, they were also realized that playing tennis for their positive personality development inside their children would be quite affordable. This keeps them engaged so that they will not fall prey to any bad habit. Anyway, an empty mind is the house of the devil. Our life is like a vacuum. If you do not cultivate positive habits, then it will not take long for you to get negative habits. Therefore, you need to be alert whether you are becoming a victim of a bad habit. Where are your habits taking you? To success or to failure? It depends on your answer that where you see yourself in the future. So from today onwards, get serious about your habits and convert your negative into positive.

Goal Setting: Setting and Achieving Your Goals

People who do not have a clear vision about their life, they never get the destination. Such people just keep wandering from here to lifetime. There is a lot of difference between setting goals and fulfilling dreams and wishes. There is always a lack of special direction in dreams. But setting goals is very important for success. If you do not know where you want to go in life, then you will not be able to reach anywhere. It is not that everyone sets goals for themselves. Most people remain negative and scared about life.

They dote on whether they will be able to achieve anything in life or not, that is why these people remain satisfied with what they got in life. But here comes a difference. Ambition is what distinguishes the Great People from the Normal. You should know that your balls should be smart. Some such special statements like "I want to build a six-pack". Also, your pills should also be adjustable so that you can track your progress. So they should be realistic and achievable. Do not set a goal that is impossible, which is difficult for you. Finally, your pills should be bound within a time limit. For example, if you want to make a six-pack, then give yourself time for six months.

Goals can be of both short or long term type. Sometimes when people focus on a particular goal, they often become so involved in it that they forget the rest. But we have to keep in mind that there is a balance between our work and life. You also have to keep your health and family in mind. Maintaining focus is a good thing, but enjoying life is equally important. For example, we take the story of Florence Chadwick, who was a famous swimmer.

He had crossed the English Channel and now he had a bigger goal in front of it. Florence had thought that she would now cross the Catalina channel. The whole world was watching when she was going ahead by ripping cold and fog sheet. Even she is not scared of the shark fish coming in the way. She was constantly swimming but she could not see the land due to fog. Finally, she got so tired that she gave up. Even after getting very close to the floor, he gave up on the last moment. And this happened only because Florence's vision was not clear. After about two months, Florence tried again, and this time he won. He won this race for two hours in Man's World Record.

This story tells us the importance of a clear vision. If you do not see your goal clear then you will give up before you reach the floor.

Values ​​and Vision: Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason

How do we check whether our value system is right or not? How should we judge that what we are doing is doing right? But this is a bit tricky question because the values ​​are subjective. Because everyone sees this world from their perspective. So how do we disguise it? So there are two tests from which we can check our values. First, is a test which is called the Mama test. If you are doing something, then ask yourself whether your mother will feel proud of your work or not.

If she does, then you are walking on the right path, and if not, you need to bring changes in your values. The second test is the Baba test. This is also the same method, the only difference is that this time you should consider yourself as a father and think that your children will judge you. Whenever you do something, think that your imaginary children are watching you. Will he feel proud of his father? If yes then it is ok otherwise you know where to bring the changes. You can change your values ​​by practice. Your values ​​are important because it will decide who you are and what you want from life.

If you value values ​​then your life will become miserable. Because values ​​are the identity of your existence, you have to start from them. Your right values ​​will give a purpose to your life. When you know the purpose of your life, then your vision will also be clear. You will know in which direction you are going and what you will find there. A clear vision builds on good values ​​that take your life to the right path. Here we will hear the story of a king, King Midas. King Midas loved gold a lot.

The more gold came to him, the more his greed was increasing. He had collected gold everywhere. One day a stranger came to King Midas. The Strange man told him that he could fulfil one of his wishes. He will get whatever he asks for. Now because Raja loved Gold, he told Stranger to give me such power that whatever I touch, it turns into Gold. Midas wanted to convert everything in his kingdom into gold. The stranger told him that by tomorrow morning your wish will be fulfilled.

The next day, when the King woke up, he touched his bed which turned into gold. King Midas began to dance happily. He saw his daughter in the garden outside the window. She was very happy to see her daughter. He tried to read the book but it had become gold. He tried to eat, but the food had become gold, now how could he eat gold? The king was suffering from hunger. But the biggest disaster happened when the king's daughter came running to her and started sitting on her lap. As soon as King Midas touched her she turned into gold. The king was sadly crying.

He started cursing himself, he was very sorry why he asked for such a wish. That's when Stranger came back and asked "What do you want now?" The king said take back my wish and make everything right. The king now wanted his daughter back, not gold, without which he could not even live. The king's wish was cancelled and his daughter had become like before. The king was very happy to get his daughter again and he also understood what was the most important thing in life. Just like this king, if we do not check our values, then we can also waste our time by focusing on something wrong. We have to decide what is most important for us because only then we will be able to set a clear goal to achieve it.


This book does not tell you what you should do to become a winner. Rather, this book tells you what you should do that makes you a winner. Success is the product of our lessons mind. It is not according to our environment but our rate of success depends on our personality and our values. In this book, we read why it is important to have a positive attitude in life. In this, we also learned about the Motivation and Importance of High Self-Esteem which is very important for a successful life build.

Do not forget that suddenly you do not get success overnight. For this, you also have to maintain a good relationship with others. It is important to have your personality planning and inviting, remember that life is like a boomerang, you will get what you give. We also learned that we have to set such smart goals that are specialized, are measurable, are achievable, are realistic and are time-bound. And these pills are also based on the right values, it is also very important. Because we cannot live a life based on negative habits and wrong values.
So you have to focus on your vision, keep improving yourself, and share happiness in the world. Life is a win-win game. How much will you take care of others and help society, the more you will get back? So what are you thinking now? Follow the action plans of this book and bring a change in your life. If your success is waiting for you, just start today.

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