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Summaries World About Book: Why lies lie in the minds of people instead of truth? As a professional, how do you make your ideas effective? ...

Made To Stick - Book Summary - Chip Heath & Dan Heath

Summaries World

About Book:

Why lies lie in the minds of people instead of truth? As a professional, how do you make your ideas effective? In this book, you will learn about interesting stories that will open your eyes and make your ideas more effective than before. If you are a teacher, writer, businessman or politician, then this book is for you.

Who should read this book:

Employees, teachers, campaign managers, journalists, politicians, bloggers (writing articles on the Internet)

About author:

Chip Heath and Dan Heath are brothers who are co-authors of the 3 best selling books. Chip is a professor at Stanford Business School, while Dan does research at Duke University. He has sold more than 3 million copies all over the world. His books have been translated into more than 30 languages.

Made To Stick - Book Summary - Chip Heath & Dan Heath

Let's We Start Summary:

The first thing is why should it be read?

After finishing this summary, you will get the answer to all these questions:
  1. 1) What should you do so that your customer remembers your message or your product?
  2. 2) What should you do to make your customer act on your message?
  3. 3) What should you do to get your customer attention?
So let's assume that I have a friend Dave. So once my friend Dave was going to New York for a business trip. There was still time in his flight, so he reached at one time to spend much time. Then a beautiful girl came there and offered Dave a drink. How would Dave turn down this offer of a beautiful girl? He happily expelled the happy offer. The girl ordered two drinks, one for herself and one for Dave. What happened after that Dave did not remember anything. When he regained consciousness, he saw that he was lying in a bathtub filled with ice. A slip was lying nearby which said, "Do not move, call the police at 100". When she dialled 100 numbers from a phone kept nearby, she came to know that her kidney has been removed.

Now suppose that you have news in a newspaper instead of something like this " In a broad sense, currency progress can be seen as "that the obtained by any means will be in proper salary." Progress "Increase of trade in total goods and economic sector". Now you have heard both the stories and phoned one of your friends to tell them what you have read. So can you tell which story you will remember more? Obviously, you will say that the first one because it is more interesting that will always be remembered. There is 6 principal to make a story memorable which can be remembered with the successful word. That is, make your message simple with your message from 'S', keep your message from 'U' unpeeled, make your message concrete from 'C', creditable from next 'C', keep the message emotional with 'E' and Put a story in your message with 'S'. In SUCCESS WORD ME, there is another 's', but there is no precedent for the last one with 'S'.

Chapter 1: Simple

An army may have a great plan to win on the battlefield, yet it can lose but why does this happen? That is because these plans do not work. The planners get a feel for the solvers that something has been planned, but only with this, they cannot win the battle. The reason behind this is that of course, they will have a perfect plan, but when there is a fight in the real sense, then at that time there can be something that can ruin their plan. As if some of his important assets were destroyed or the enemy did a surprise move.

Then the Soldiers will ignore the plan and act according to their instinct. By the way, in any unpredictable dangerous situation, a plan hardly works. To say that you have to keep your message simple, in other words, you should know the main message of the idea, the core message, so that whenever you know the core message, then the learning of that core message will change its plans. To find the core of, you will have to remove unnecessary ideas, which is easy ....... difficult to remove those important ideas which are not the most important. But you have to be careful that you do not remove the most important idea. Now here are two

First Step: Find the core

Success Using the SUCCESS checklist (ie simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and stories) translates to the core, taking an example: -South West Airline is a successful company, how did they become so successful? He reached the core of his idea which was "The Low Fair airline, the cheapest airline, he got 124,000 applications for 5,444 openings in 1996, now the question is why would anyone want to work in a company whose main idea is Coast Reduce. What to do? The answer is that his main idea is to read the Coast but his second idea is to make his employees laugh,

Employees have complete freedom to follow their instincts as if they had a little laugh at a flight attendant on their birthday day. Because the image of this most low-fare airline of the company is not going to matter. So is it okay to throw some coloured papers on it? Absolutely not, because it will waste extra time in cleaning which will mean higher fares and it does not match their core message as their core message is “Cheapest airline. So my friend such as South West got his core idea.

With more complexity, people choose the useless things and make them their priority except for the critical things. The second step will be to translate the core using the checklist of success. Check any paragraph that you have written and make a checklist about the 6 principles that we talked about earlier. Read the paragraph again, evaluate it and if you feel that you have given a prescriptive end, then the paragraph again. Write from

Chapter 2: Unexpected

"Look at me, Daniel"! Father said to his child, parents do the same to get the attention of the children. Attention is never sought, however. Attention is such a precious thing that you cannot ask for, you get it yourself. And one has to work hard to get it. But do not always try to get attention, there should be some fun in it, it should be both entertaining and attention-grabbing. Suppose as you are trying to make a presentation in your class, you stand on a backflip. Let's do it and start giving our presentation. Of course, everyone is giving you attention but for how long? If Your Presentation Attention Doesn't Grab? Or if your presentation is not so interesting? People will get bored and take out their phones and forget your presentation.

Here we will focus on two simple questions, first is how I have to take the attention of the people and second how to maintain that attention. Surprise and interest are two emotions that are a response to our question. Surprise gives us attention while it can be maintained with interest. Now let's take an example of surprise. Do you remember this Ed of the seat belts of the car, because you will not remember it because it was an American's Ed? The seat belt was designed to be worn for wearing, in which a family is shown walking in a car ........... when suddenly a truck comes from somewhere and collides with their car. .The ad used to end with this line. "Did you know this would happen? No, never? Seeing this ed, first thought that it is an add on to a car. But the real purpose of this ad was to remind people that every time you sit in a car, do not forget to wear your seat belt. This ad is remembered by everyone because it has both surprise and interest. If there is no use of surprise in the surprise, then it is useless.

In 2000, there was an ad in which the Super Bowl team was shown in a field playing very well that is when the camera zooms out and there is a large group of wolves who suddenly come and attack the team. And breaks the whole team into pieces. Of course, this ad was very surprising but it did not make any sense. People remember this ed to date, but no one understood what the meaning of this ad was because there was no core message in it. George Livingston, a behaviour economist, said that it is very simple to make something interesting for someone, all you have to do is curiosity that person i.e. create a mystery and that person will be curious only when he feels that someone in his knowledge There is a gap and they have named it the theory of curiosity.

Because of this gap theory of curiosity, we feel interested in movies because people thinking that "what will happen now"? This is why people like mystery novels because Novell asks them "who did this"? The mystery is like an itch that you don't feel relief without being exposed. If you will tell your audience everything without suspense when you summon a book for an exam, then your message will not be remembered to them. Now if you want it to stick in their mind, then you will have to feel this gap in their knowledge so that it becomes curious to learn more.

Chapter 3: Concrete

Why do Asian students leave American students behind in everything because they are shown in childhood by showing them everything in life? Let's understand this, both American and Asian students used to memorialize their concept and that was Ratta. Of course, it is important and of course, it is also a standard procedure that is used everywhere, but the difference that was made among Asian students was that they used different techniques besides rattan.

For example, if he puts 10 sticks on the table and removes 4 of them, then how many will be left, then the students will say 6. It builds a concrete foundation for technical students, ie students can see how these concepts are used in real life and they can build their knowledge on this concert foundation. When American schools were exhibited for the same thing, it was found that the percentage of American teachers using this technique was very low. Perhaps this was the reason why Asian students were ahead in everything, especially in mathematics.

Let's try to execute two messages as if you will understand the Cold Precinct and in a good way. First Message: Every year millions of children die from diarrhoea, this is the cause of most deaths in poor countries. Children who die from this die of dehydration, which is caused by long-term diarrhoea. To avoid this, there is a special solution in which electrolytes, minerals and water are made, which is known as ORS.

Now let's first analyze the message: You came to know that dehydration is dangerous due to which people can die. But how to avoid it or not be so clear. Now listen to this second message: Dave went to meet the Prime Minister of some developing countries, 8 pockets of salt and sugar were in his pocket. In the meeting, he showed these packets out of his pocket and told the Prime Ministers that this is a solution for diarrhoea. These packets of and sugar can be mixed in easy water, a solution can be easily prepared which can solve the problem of diarrhoea and it is worth less than a cup of tea and not only these millions Can save the life of people. 

Now let's analyze this other message: In this message, you also came to know about the problem of diarrhoea and also learned how to avoid it. All you have to do is add salt and sugar at home and prepare ORS solution which we can avoid from diarrhoea. Now we will remember this distant message because it is crude, that is, the things that have been given in it, you use in real life. That is CONCRETE things.

Chapter 4: Credible

Duodenal ulcer is the most common type of ulcer, it is not as deadly but it is very painful. When you ... One minute, why are we talking about ulcers here? Come on, I will play. It is not very old when people used to think that due to the formation of excess acid in the stomach, ulcers occur. One of the symptoms of this is a pain in the stomach, and people take pen relievers for it, but there was no sure cure for it. A few years later, two researchers took discovery and found out that the ulcer is caused by a certain type of bacteria. This was a major discovery that meant that any simple anti-biotic ulcer could be cured. Right?

But it is not so, in fact, the scientific community refused to believe their research. Why did this happen? You will find the answer in the following paragraphs. The first problem was that the scientists knew that our stomach acid is so strong that even a piece of meat is strangled, so how can bacteria survive in it? The second problem was the source, at the time when it was researched, there was no way that these two researchers could convince the people with full credibility. And lastly, the third thing was their location. Both researchers were residents of Perth, Australia, and in those days this place was not considered so credible i.e. it was not so trustworthy that people should believe that an important can research and find a cure for the disease here.

So there was a lot of reason for Scientists not to believe this research at all. His discovery was on the reason that ulcers have a connection with stomach bacteria. Almost every person who had an ulcer had this bacteria in his stomach but not everyone who had this bacteria in his stomach had an ulcer. Both resuscitators had given up, but one day when one of them woke up in the morning, he told his scientist friend to go to the lab with him. He picked up a bottle full of bacteria and drank it bitterly. Three days later, he had a life-threatening pain in his stomach like an ulcer's patient, when he checked his stump, he was burning and had turned red, To overcome this problem, he just took a simple anti-bacterial pill and it was completely cured! But unfortunately, still, it was not trusted for many years because this information was not creditable.

Now let's take another example to explain CREDIBLE.
Once such a rumour was spread that bananas coming in a shipment from a country are infected with a particular type of bacteria, which causes flesh-eating diseases. This rumour was initially spread through email, but it did not seem credible, so to make it more credible, a sentence was added to it. Can you guess what those sentiments will be? Yes, right where you have, a source has been added to the message to prove this news credible.

He had added this sentence in it. "Approved by the pride of America became just your job. Most people turn a blind eye to any credible source immediately, no matter who spreads true false news. The point here is to tell that if people believe in credibility only, then how will you prove yourself credible? We will tell you some such points that can be useful for you. First Authority: The more authority you put in your story, the more it will become liveable. Second details: People like the details very much, the more details you have, the more credibility you will get in the story.

Third STATISTICS: STATISTICS numbers do not do any special matter, but the story and contacts behind it bring credibility to your story. Fourth testable experience: Before you sell anything to people, first let them take the experience. If your product is really deserving, then their experience will increase the credibility of your product.

Chapter 5: Emotional

Once an experiment was done on a group of people where they were told to survey them - in return they would get 5 $. (This survey was just an excuse so that they all had money in their hands) At the end of the survey, they were all given 5 $ dollars and also an envelope which said "It is raining heavily in Zambia due to which 3 million Zambians Dying of starvation If you want, you can donate some money to them. They did this experiment again, but this time they have changed the words written in the letter "You can give this seven-year-old girl Jane a chance to live a better life." And then the results were surprising. $ 1.14 donated by those who read the first message while those who read the second message donated about $ 2.38. This amount was double the group's logo.

To say that it is easier to get people to ANALYZE by telling them a problem and to act analytically on it than to use their emotion. When people read the earlier message, they analyzed the situation and saw a big problem in it. They felt that donating a small amount of money would not make much difference in the situation. But when the little girl Jane was used in another message, it touched the emotion of the people, it made them think of the situation emotionally rather than emotionally and the emotion is always strong with logic.

You can use emotion in your business message in another way, let's understand what people care about the most? Family? friends? No, own. No matter how much one tries to hide, but the truth is that we all think about ourselves first and then worry about other things. This is a matter of those days when television was not available in every household. So an experiment was done in which a group of people tried to sell this message by selling TV "If used properly, it can help the people in planning to live a better life, people save more money from TV. And people can spend more time with their family and friends "

"If TV is used properly, it can help you in planning to live a better life, you can save more money from TV and you can spend more time with your family and friends. TV can make your life even more Can help to do better. " Some people may say that they do not know any specific difference between the two messages, but if you look closely, you can see how many times the word "you" has been used in other messages. And in fact, the people whose group got the second message showed more interest in buying a TV.

Chapter 6: Stories

In this chapter, we will learn how people can be infused with stories. Here we are telling you the story of a famous nurse who used to take care of New Born Babies in the ICU of a hospital. Once, while she was taking care of a baby during her work, she suddenly noticed that the baby's colour had turned blue, which meant that she was having trouble breathing. This is a common system of breathing problem. The nurse immediately called the doctor and the doctor started a standard procedure for lung treatment. Then that nurse remembered an earlier bean case in which there were symptoms beans, but not the langs, but the problem was heart.

The nurse saw that the doctor was treating the langs instead of the baby's heart. The nurse immediately took action and asked the doctor to leave everything and start treatment of the baby's heart quickly. Although the heart monitor was showing normal plus, she continued to insist on the treatment of the heart. When the doctor treated the baby's heart, he came to know that the nurse was speaking perfectly, there was a problem in his heart and after treatment, the baby's colour was normal again. And they also came to know that in fact there was a mess in the heart monitor itself. With the help of this story, many millions of lives have been saved because whenever a new nurse hears this story, this story is printed in her mind and when it happens to her, she acts as influenza by this story. And another child's life is saved.


In the conclusion of this summary, you learned 6 principal of success. It is just that your message is so easy that it can be easily absorbed and everyone can understand it. You have to keep it UNEXPECTED so that people will give attention to your message. You have to make it CONCRETE so that people will always remember your message, you have to make it CREDIBLE so that people can live on your message and they will find it trustworthy. You have to make it INTERESTING so that people will listen to your talk carefully and at the same time you have to make it emotional so that they care about your message and want to get the finalists to act on your message, then you have to tell them a story.

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