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Summaries World About Book: In this world, some people have a sharp focus on their goals like a laser. Such people are the most successful p...

Laws Of Success - Book Summary - Napoleon Hill

Summaries World

About Book:

In this world, some people have a sharp focus on their goals like a laser. Such people are the most successful people in the world. This book is the treasure that will teach you how to save money, be more confident, set your goals and become a great leader. This book has the power to make you a Millionaire in 6 months.

Who should read this summary?

• Whoever has an amazing idea
• Whoever dreams of getting extraordinary success
• Those who want to change their life completely

About author:

Napoleon Hill is one of the well-known self-help authorities. He is known for his best work such as "Think and Grow Rich", which is included in the list of 10 best-selling books to date. Most of his books have been focused on achieving theme success. Napoleon Hill believed that when your expectations are very high, then your life is also big and magnificent.

Laws Of Success - Book Summary - Napoleon Hill

Let's We Start Summary:


Do you want to be a Millionaire? Now you will say who does not want to be a brother. It is absolutely right. Nowadays, someone is considered successful only when he is a millionaire. But earlier, the success of successful people was not judged by money. But today the time has changed. Now so many people have come to the Millionaire's count that they cannot be counted on fingers. Oh don't you be sad, you are not different from them, you too can achieve all that they have done. All you need to know about the Laws of Success.

This book is a very practical book for earning both success and money. The lessons you will learn in it have been tried in real life, so rest assured that it works perfectly. Thousands of Millionaires around the world use it.

This book will take you on an exciting journey of self-discovery. You will start to understand how to find your passion in life and how to set a goal. Not only this, but you will also learn to use the importance of focusing and the Law of Attraction, with the help of which your paths will become easier.

Once you have an action plan ready, then you will learn lessons that will help you become more confident and it will also teach you how to become a leader. In life, if you do not take the initiative by yourself, then success will never open your door for you.
We all know that if the extra ordinal success comes from a wonderful and different idea or thought, then we will also understand the import of the new ideas that are born from creative thinking.

You can rest assured of the power of this book because this book has made almost 3,000 people a Millionaire within just 6 months. Many of them did not even have a business but they showed the passion to start something new.

So if you don't have any business then start it now. If there is no purpose in your life, then follow the learning from this book and you will learn how to make your place among the successful people of the world.

If they can do it, then you can do it too!
Introduction to the Master Mind
A mastermind is a mind formed by two or more people thinking creatively or working together. Often two people work together to achieve a common goal.

Like everything, the mind also has its own energy. The energy of the mind of two people can be different. This is the reason that often some people get love at first sight, so why not know why two people do not like each other at all.

When two minds are attracted by the same energy, they start working together. Now, this mind is very powerful and one can think in a much more creative way than the mind of a human being. Imagine that if 4-5 people gather around the same energy, then their goal will also be the same and they will follow the same principles. If this group added its resources and started working together, they would achieve the success which no one could match.

Let us understand this power of mastermind through three powerful people. Ford, Edison and Firestone are veterans who do not know. It is not hidden from anyone that Ford is included in the list of the powerful people of this world. If ever they need even a billion dollars, then they can arrange it in a pinch and for this, they will need to make more than just a few phone calls.

When he started his automobile business, Ford received $ 225 million in payments for vehicles that had not yet been delivered. It is seldom heard that when a product is sold with so much grace even before it comes in the market. All this happened due to the power of trust that Ford's customers used to have in them.

So now Thomas Edison is another well-known person. People say that he was very religious. Like ordinary people, they did not believe in the book of religion written by human beings, rather they believed in what Nature taught them. He always felt very attached to nature.
This amazing connection with Nature led to Edison inventing the first voice recording phonograph. Even those storms managed to bring electricity to the earth so that humans could use it for all kinds of work. Their countless inventions are nothing less than a gift to the world and their contribution is still alive in people's minds.

The third stalwart in this list is Harvey Firestone. He was the brain behind the Firestone tire industry. Like Ford and Edison, he started his success story with no money and no education. If Ford had something, it was his firm intention and a genius mind that was made to gain success.

Most people do not know that a strong friendship kept these three celebrities together. Every year he used to spend time together in some jungle to enjoy hunting. He used this time to relax and recharge his energy.

There is one more interesting thing that even those three might not know that this strong connection of theirs was helping them to become even more great. We were talking about exactly this connection which we call Master Mind.

Some people can rebut this claim, but the similarities of the three great people prove that their energy had an effect on each other. All three started from the bottom, they did not have any wide degree and most importantly they had no support other than themselves.
The fact that his name became immortalized in the pages of history proves that his connection created such a powerful tool that we call Master Mind.

A Definite Chief Aim:

Every human should have a goal in life. There are two reasons for this. First of all, when you set a defined goal, you start to program yourself to work according to that goal. It has been proven psychologically that when we focus our thoughts on one thing, We automatically perform according to that goal. Another advantage is that it helps you prepare a working plan that can bring you immense wealth.

We all want to become successful and rich. But this can only happen when we focus our power and energy on the same path. Because power is an organized effort, having a defined round makes it attract people in your life whose mindset is exactly like you. When you combine your energy with such people, you become such a powerful mastermind. You can guarantee extra-ordinal success. Let's learn from a man who had seven sons.

There was an old man who had seven sons. His sons were always fighting among themselves. Neither did they ever work together and neither agreed on any one thing. So one day that old man decided to teach them a lesson. He called everyone to his room. Then took seven thin wooden sticks and folded them into a strong bundle. Now he asked his sons to break the bundle.

Each of his sons tried but no one could break that bundle. Now that old man started smiling. When he opened the rope tied on that bundle, the wood fell apart. Now he gave each son a wood and asked him to break it. This time they all broke the girl very easily.

Then she explained to her sons that the lesson these woodmen have taught is very precious and valuable. When the wood is tied together, they are strong and it cannot be broken easily. But when they break apart when the bundles open, they are weak and anyone can break them easily. Then he said that if they all work together then no one will be able to harm them or obstruct their way of success. But if they keep quarrelling like this, live their life differently just then they will always remain weak and people will easily take advantage of them.

Organized Effort is a very powerful weapon for success. Never underestimate the people around you. To make life Meaningful, you must have a motive, then focus on it and find such people who can walk step by step with you to achieve it.


Do you know who stands between you and your desire to get success? That is your fear. Fear is the biggest cause of all our shortcomings. We are afraid of many things not knowing from poverty, from Criticism, from getting old, from getting sick, even knowing that what is born has to die one day or the other, we are afraid of dying anyway. We have grown up with this fear mentality and it has sat in our subconscious mind.

Therefore, to overcome our fears, we need to be confident and use autosuggestion. Keep yourself confident and always keep positive thinking and let the law of auto science do its wonders. When you focus all your attention on a goal, then you start attracting everything in your life that keeps on making your way easier.

If you feel that your dreams are very big, then self-confidence is your best friend. Let's learn it from one of the best salesmen in the world.
Charlie was always a nervous coward. Everyone knew that he was submissive and easily accepted the matter. Charlie believed that in order to live in peace and peace, you should live quietly and in hiding so that no one cares about you.

One day, Charlie overhears a lecture on self-confidence. The words said in that lecture had such an impact on him that he decided to change himself immediately.
The next day, Charlie goes to his boss and asks him to change his position in the newspaper company. He said that he wanted to work in the advertising department. The manager obeyed him and Charlie started his new job on the same day.

Now everyone was betting that Charlie would fail, but Charlie had decided that he would be successful and answer the people. He went to his office and made a list of people whom he wanted to sell his product. But it was not such a list, it was very different. Charlie had not chosen the names of those whom it was easy to sell the product, rather he had chosen such names that other Salesmen were reluctant to deal.

Charlie was a confidant this time but still shy from nature. To overcome this deficiency, he decided to go to the park. He also took that list with him and started repeating the names of those people again and again. He kept telling himself that by the end of this month, all the people on this list will definitely buy products from him.

During the first week of his new post, Charlie managed to sell the product to three people included in that list. He also advertised this thing in his paper. The surprising thing was that no one could sell the product, Charlie convinced all those people to buy the product. There was only one person who rejected his offer over and over again.

How do you think Charlie removed that one man from the list? Not at all, where was he going to believe now. The next month started, but Charlie did not create a new list of people's names but remained adamant on that one name. Throughout the month, every morning he would call that client and he would refuse it every time.

At the end of the month, one day the man asked Charlie why he was wasting his time on her even though he knew well that he would not accept his offer? Charlie responded cleverly to this. He said that by calling every day, he was able to know about every excuse that a customer makes to refuse a salesman. With this, he could create such a strategy that he has a great solution for every excuse of the customer, after hearing that the customer could not refuse to buy the product under any circumstances.

The man was surprised to hear Charlie's answer. He could not live without praising Charlie's passion and his unwavering faith in himself. Seeing Charlie's tune, he finally made up his mind to buy an advertising post. The deal proved to be the most important deal of Charlie's career. This single deal made Charlie the most famous salesman in the world, and do we need to say that Charlie became a Millionaire because of this.
So one who remains in the tune of his work comes to him with success.

The Habit of Saving:

Do you know that if you do some work, again and again, it becomes our habit? Now, this habit can be good and bad too. For Exemplar, saving money is a habit of every successful man. This is a very powerful Habit which we often ignore.

To save money, you need to distribute your income in different ways in a particular way. You should save at least 10% of your earnings every month. What to say if you save 20%.
Saving money is the way to financial independence. You can start new projects with your savings, which will generate more money. In this way, it guarantees you a lot of success and even more money. Let's hear the story of a young farmer who converted his small savings into a big amount.

Sam quit working in his fields to look for better opportunities. While searching for work, he found a job in a printing plant one day. There he saw a man working with him saving $ 5 every week. He was very impressed by this and he decided to follow it himself. After three years of working in that plant, Sam managed to save $ 900.

They say that the time is never the same, then something similar happened with that printing plant too. His owners had almost gone bankrupt and were now thinking of shutting down the business. At that time, Sam had $ 900 in his account and wanted to help those owners. So he invested his money in that business and in return he was given a 50% share in the profit.

Now just think that if Sam doesn't save money, wouldn't this opportunity slip out of his hands? Despite investing money, he did not leave his job, but with his salary, he also earned a profit of $ 25,000 every year. Sam never thought that something like this would happen to him, but often in life, the opportunity knocks at our door when we have the least hope for him.

Because Sam had saved money, he was ready to welcome any good opportunity. It does not matter how much money you can save. They say that if the drops are filled with drops, then when your smallest savings become a big amount, you will not even know. And do you know that life like Sam should give you a wonderful opportunity someday too?

Yes, there is no doubt that saving 20% ​​or saving 10% in today's time is not less than a challenge. Many times, the same money is spent sitting or there are some of our friends who throw thousands of rupees just for fun and entertainment. But you have to make a little effort, make sure you focus on your goal.

Now look at this storey itself, Sam was very poor. He was passing through with great difficulty. But he was very smart. He understood the power of this wonderful habit of saving money. He immediately adopted it and the result was that he later earned a lot of money from his little saved money which made his life happy and comfortable. You can also do this, it is too late to try.

Initiative and Leadership:

Confidence is the greatest quality of a great leader. You can also call it his most special weapon because on the basis of this he is able to motivate people and excite them. You cannot become a great leader without having the desire to go through every task on your own without becoming dependent. If your boss does not need to tell you what to do then it means that you have the ability to take initiative by moving forward and you can take care of all your responsibilities.

Taking initiative, ie taking the initiative is a very important quality for success. To become a business owner who earns millions, you have to be a good and efficient leader. Leadership is not something that you will get by luck or which you can buy online while sitting at home. For this, you have to go ahead and take the right decision at the right time.

Microsoft is the best example. The business empire spread to every corner of the world started with the friendship of two boys and those two geniuses are Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Both of them loved programming very much and they had no topic to talk about other than this.

In 1974, a very interesting article was published in Popular Electronics magazine. This article created a buzz at that time because it had written about the world's first computer which was made for the use of common people. His name was Altair 8800.

When Bill and Paul read the article, they knew that if they managed to write the code for this machine, then it would not be less than a big revolution in the field of technology. So he decided that he would write his own code.

For two months, both of them started writing BASIC language code for this machine. He neither had the sense of day nor of night. The most interesting thing was that they did not even have that machine because it was not enough to just make the code, it was very important to check it by putting it in the machine. They both studied at Harvard University at that time. They met Altair there. Used a similar PDP-10 machine. If he had anything at that time, it was his confidence and passion to do something different and who does not know about his genius mind.

After the code was prepared, he contacted Ed Roberts, who had created Altair. Paul went to his head office to test the code and then what happened became history. Ed's company name was MITS. When the code was inserted into the machine and the machine started responding, it was nothing short of a miracle for those working there. Ed immediately said that he wanted to work with Bill and Paul. Then he signed the contract and a unique brand like Microsoft was born.

Bill and Paul's work was so excellent that they started progressing very fast twice a day. But he did not stop here but kept moving forward. The biggest reason for this was that he kept trying to make it even better by creating new code for Altair every time.

Bill and Paul were not only successful because of their idea, but the unwavering confidence they had in trying everything they could find useful, they have brought them up to such an extent. They are never afraid to experiment or fail. . Programming was his passion and it was so easy for him as if it was just a game for him. He constantly experimented and kept bringing new ideas and concepts. Nobody ever told him what to do, how to do it, what he did on his own and it is called leadership.


Imagination is the power with which you can create anything in your mind. Unless you have a clear picture in your mind, you cannot even have a clear goal. Or there may not be a good leader. Today we will tell you about the technique called auto-decoration.

When you start focusing on one thing, you start imagining his picture in the mind, automatically you start taking the action that is needed to achieve your goal. Because you have complete control over your imaginations, then nothing can stop you from achieving what you want. So let's understand the power of this image from the story of Clarence Saunders.
Clarence worked as a grocery clerk in a small retail store. He was an ordinary man who did a simple job and earned $ 20 a week. One day, Clarence went to a cafeteria to buy something. While he was waiting in line, thoughts like "what if" started running in his mind. He looked at the self-help or self-service principals in the cafeteria to see how he worked. He thought of applying the same principles to the grocery store.

This idea was very simple and was not even new. People were well aware of this. Now Clarence started looking for connections around him.
He was quite creative and used his imagination to use this old idea in a new environment. He started self-service Piggly Wiggly stores. This innovative thinking made Clarence a successful Millionaire from a typical boy earning $ 20 a week.

If you notice, Clarence used everything we have talked about so far. Clarence got a creative idea that made him motive to set a goal. His motive was very big and he wanted to change the world with his idea. His biggest speciality was that he was very focused. Along with his powerful thought, the Universe also had power because he was using the Law of Attraction. When you want to get something with all your heart, then this universe takes to fulfil that desire.

Once he made a plan, he started moving forward with confidence. Because the concept of self-service was new to grocery stores, he took the initiative himself and took the role of leader. Believe it without the power of Imagination it is absolutely not possible.
No imagery can be complete without the power of imagination. Always remember that Imagination is absolutely free and completely under your control. No one can stop you from creating a new idea or creating a new idea by adding old ideas. So what are you waiting for?


It is a matter of great sadness that most people never understand who and what they want to do. They live a meaningless life that has no purpose. They just keep seeing successful people becoming more successful.

In this book we learned that first of all we need to know ourselves properly, what talent is inside us, what work can we do well, etc. After understanding yourself, set a goal. This goal will keep pushing you to become confident and successful, especially if you have powerful imagery.

If you are an employee, then try to give more value to your company than the salary you get. If you are a boss, give your cooperation to your employees and try to understand them as well.

After applying the lessons mentioned in this book, your life will change completely. Success comes not only from the idea or from thinking but from taking action in the truth. Time does not stop for anyone, today the opportunity is in front of you, it will not wait for you for long, nor will it knock on your door, again and again, so stop looking here and take the initiative to move forward.

So keep your thinking clear. Set a definite goal. Always think of something new by using the power of Imagination. Your focus should be so strong that the Law of Attraction of the Universe goes into realizing your dream. Do not be afraid to experiment or fail.

Make a habit of saving money and remember, you are the leader of your own destiny. And most importantly, add some value to people's lives. This value can be anything like financial, emotional or performance value. What action will you take today, make you a Millionaire tomorrow? And I'm sure you also want to be a Millionaire, don't you?


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