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Summaries World About Book: In this book, you will learn about the 7 best performance habits that will teach you to remain successful for a ...

High Performance Habits - Book Summary - Brendon Burchard

Summaries World

About Book:

In this book, you will learn about the 7 best performance habits that will teach you to remain successful for a long time. It is not enough to be achievable. You should always have an Aim for even higher goals and keep yourself on top. If you want motivation and extra push to become number one or to keep yourself on top, then you should read this book.

Who should read this book

Team managers, department heads, business professionals, college students

About the Author:

Brendon Burchard is the world's highest-performing coach. She is the # 1 New York Times Bestselling Author. Brendan is also an expert motivational trainer. Through their online courses, no slates, podcasts, they help people in personal growth and motivation.

High Performance Habits - Book Summary - Brendon Burchard

Let's Start Summary:


Do you want to know how high-level managers and CEOs maintain their high performance? There is a difference between Achievers and High Performers. Achievers work hard to get success. They have to accept a lot of challenges and they keep doing it. But there also comes a point when Achievers lose Momentum. His career comes to a halt at one place, all his anthropomorphism starts over. The problem is that they achieve success but cannot sustain it because they do not have any principal who can guide them to higher goals. But high performers handle all this and can do everything that achievers do rather than them.

Not only this, high performers maintain their excellent performance and that too without compromising their happiness and well-being. So what will you do if you want to become a high performer? How do you handle the demands and perks of long term success? Yes, its secret is to learn high-performance habits. Brendon Burchard has been coaching high performance for many years. He has studied them closely, in this field he has also done intensive research and many interviews. Brendan saw that there are six main habits defining high performers and he wants to share the same with his readers through this book. You will also learn these high-performance habits and practice them best to achieve them irrespective of your background. At this moment, you are entitled to become Extraordinary.

Habit 1: Seek clarity

Clarity's meaning is that you should know who you are and what your goals are. You will find these questions very basic, but it puts a great impact on your life. Being clear about yourself means that you are aware of your strength or weekends. And when you are clear about yourself, then you know very well whether it is valuable for you. Knowing yourself well increases self-esteem. To become a high performer, you will have to start with self-awareness. Keep clarity in your identity, your values, your good traitors and bed treaters all because it is the key to a positive outlook in life.

Now the next thing that you have to do is to identify your goals. These should be clear in your mind. The most important thing is that your goals should be challenging. Because challenging goals will bring more energy, employment and determination to your work. How many times has this happened to you that when you have had frustration at work and you have felt disconnected yourself? Or have I reminded myself who I am and what my goals are? What you can do about it is "Envision the future four".

What is the future four?

This is your victory for your future self, social interaction, service and skills. So let's talk about your future self first. There is a famous saying "No Dai'self". More than this, high performers can imagine themselves. If someone asks you "Where would you like to see yourself 10 years from now?" Do you have an answer to this question? But high performers can easily and confidently answer this question because they know clearly what they want to become. They have a well-thought idea for their future self and they are also working for it. Nest cheese is social interaction in Future Four.

High performers have high social intelligence and situational awareness. This means that when they interact with each other, there is clarity in them. They know their position clearly and also how to deal with the front. Just remember your last phone call, do you think you spoke to the person in the right tone? Now remember your last conflict with someone, did you think about your values ​​then? Did you affirm during the Conversation that you became a Batter Lysner? There is a clear focus on whatever high performers do.

He wants to give positive emotions and always wants to be a good example for others. Before any communication, they make sure in which tone they will talk with others. And they also try to know how to help others. Next Lines is about future skills. The vision of high performers is clear which skill they have to develop. These people take their hobbies irresistibly. When they think of learning a skill, they trend themselves into it and become the master of that skill. High performers are not "scattershot learners". They never do such a thing that they go out to learn one skill and leave it and run after the other.

They achieve excellence in what they learn. High performers plan well for whatever skill they want to learn. He will never become an average learner because he has to become a specialist. For example, if a high performer has an interest in music, then everyone will focus on a single instrument instead of trying an instrument. For this, they will go to an expert teacher and practice hard.

Service is the last in the Future Four. Sometimes when you feel unmotivated and uninspired in a workplace, it is because of your lack of sense of service. In your daily task, you sometimes become so busy that you do not even remember what you are doing and what you are doing. For example, suppose you are a manager and you work far away from customers. So the people you are serving should visit them occasionally. You should listen to them and try to know how you can give them better service. High performers are concerts for others and the future. And this is the reason that they constantly give their best in the present.
Summaries World

Habit 2: Generate energy

Energy is not limited to the physical level for high performers. He maintains an active body but knows the positive emotions and the import of mental alteration. High performers generate energy in a holistic way. They want to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit so that they can take many responses. When your energy is low, it affects your whole lifestyle, you feel down, you are unable to compete with the challenges. You feel like life is just getting cut off. If your energy is low then people will not trust you, you will not get their support and no one will buy anything from you nor follow you.

Brendan Burchard found in his research that senior executives and CEOs are always full of high energy. In any company, the energy level of these people is the highest so that they can be compared to any pro athlete. High energy fills humans with even more happiness and spaces, such as CEO and quarterbacks. You can also achieve this in your life. Imagine a power plant that performs energy transforms. You should also be like a power plant, you can also generate more energy. Do not wait for someone else in your life for joy, excitement, motivation and love, all these positive emotions start from you. It is possible that you can generate high energy whenever you want.

And to do this, you can follow the given steps. The first wall is "release tension, set intensity". Brendan Burchard has coached many high performers. He has worked closely with them. He observed that the poor transition is the reason for the low energy of the CEO and the rest of the high performers. What is Transition? This happens when you change from one task to another. The time you get out of bed is the transition because you shift from sleep mode to work mode. You take a bath, get ready. Perhaps you have to prepare your children for school too. Then you reach the office by public transport. All these works are also transitions. While working at your desk, you go to attend the meeting. This is another transition.

When you return home and spend time with your family, then you are shifted from the role of an employee to the role of dad or wax. Think of all the transitions that you do throughout the day. Now imagine that in a meeting you got conflated with your boss or your colleague. After which you have to come to your desk and do more paperwork. You may pass your negative energy on your next task and if you do not take a break, you will feel the worst. In this round, you will lose your presence of mind, then when you return home, you will be so tired that you will not feel like spending time with them. Therefore, if all this does not happen to you, you will have to release your tension.

Rest a bit before moving to your next task. You can close your eyes and try to be relaxed. Take a deep breath. Once this tension is released, you can set the tension. Think about the tasks you have to do next. What do you want to achieve? How can you do this positive? The next step to generate energy is "Bring the Joy". Positive emotions like Joy can change a lot in your life. Research has shown that Joy is an indicator of high performance. People who have positive emotion maintenance are healthy. Their relationships are also better and their income too. People who bring joy in their performance, perform better.

Such people, along with being more vibrational, also help others. Neuroscientists have discovered that Joey and the rest of the positive emotions develop new cells very quickly. On the other hand, negative emotions start destroying our sales. It is not that high performers do not feel negative emotions. They also feel sedated, they also get tired. But the difference is that they bounce back quickly from the rest. They have the ability to cope up with negative energy. They can direct their thoughts and return to a positive state.

Habit 3: Res necessity:

Raise necessity means always feel the need to take action. You have to wake up every morning, you have to fulfil all your responses. You have to perform your best. When you raise necessity, you do not wish for the best or things to be better. You just have to act. You have the need to do something. Necessity forces you to move forward. If you do not do this then you will feel that you feel yourself down. You will feel that you are not running according to your standard, you are not able to perform your duties. So, therefore, ionicity is a strong motivation. It creates an emergency in you.

Brendan Burchard often asks high performers the question "Why do you work so hard?" How do you stay so focused and committed? Brendan always gets a bean answer on this. High performers tell them that it is a part of their personalities. Because they cannot think of anything different from this. They feel as if they are made for this. There is anxiety in his action and he has to act immediately because people are expecting him. They do not want to miss any opportunity because they do not want to regress later for the things that they have missed. So what are the practices that you can follow to raise necessity?

The first practice is "no who needs your game". High performers always ask themselves if they are doing their best task. If you are in your A-game, no matter how basic the task is, you will give your A only. Brendan Burchard teaches this technique to his clients. It is called "Desk Trigger". Whenever you sit at your desk to work, ask yourself a question "Who is my most sleepy in my A-Game right now"? This is a simple technique but it will keep reminding you to perform the batter because people have an expectation from you. The second practice that you can apply is the meaning of "affirm the why" affirm, declare with confidence. "Why" refers to the goals and purpose that are behind your action.

There is always a clear purpose behind every work of high performers, which they also do proudly declare. If you know someone who is very athletic, then notice how happy they are by discus- ing their workout routine. They enjoy a lot what they do and that's why they always act. Although high performers are always confident about their goals, they do not declare that they are right because they are also open to low new approvals who can improve their performance.

The third practice of raising necessity is "Level Up Your Squad". This is one of the most important pieces of advice that Brendanon Burchard offers to his clients. For high performance, you have to be between positive and successful people because this will become your squad. So spend time with them, communicate with them so that you can pick up high performance. Those who give you negative emotions, stay away from them, you can level up your squad by meeting such new and interesting people who have more experience than you.

Habit 4: Increase productivity:

Have you ever felt that you are very busy with your work, yet you are not able to progress? The reason may be that what you are doing may not match your personality, that is, your work is not in line with what you are, which is not your ability, yet you are busy doing it. Are you sick due to too much work? It is possible that you take care of your health and well-being and remain productive as well. Many high performers can provide this. Despite doing hard work, they do not feel stressed. Because they see their happiness and fullness in their responses.

There are many ways by which you can keep yourself productive as well as take care of your loved ones. And this is what you are going to learn from this chapter. For this, you do not have to be superhuman or over-caffeinated. Just follow this practice. The first one is "Increase the outputs that matter". Do you always organize your emails during your work? Studies have proved that people waste 28% of their office hours only in sorting out their emails. Using the search function is more efficient than creating subfolders.

Managing your emails is not really really work. Nor is it any productive work to clear up your files or to attend a meeting or help in a false emergency of a colleague. All you have to focus on is the “Prooflik Quality Output” or PQO making. Prolific quality output is the best output that you can produce in your work. Find out what your PQO is, then put all your attention and efforts into it. Consistency with your PQO will make you very productive. If a task is not part of your PQO, then the batter will leave it.

People will know and remember you through your prolific quality output. Beethoven and Mozart are famous for their exceptional compositions. The Beatles released the Great Songs album one after the other. There are more exams here. If you are a blogger then your PQO will be content. You have to focus more on your writing and give more value. If you are going to sell some cups of cakes, you can choose to bake two bestsellers and bake them and sell them in more quantity. Steve Jobs also had to drop some of his Apple products so that he could focus on his best products. So you too can find your own PQO and then devote all your energy to creating it and improving it.

So are you of the type who makes plans before any move? Or the type that just starts? If you are starting a business, then your talent will be enough to run it, but as your business grows, it will become a little difficult to handle things. Because you will be lost in many tasks. So it is important to "chart your five moves". This is the second practice of increasing productivity. You can start by just trusting your ability without making any plans, but it will only work up to a point. When the time of competition comes or when you get the task, then your performance will start failing. What is your biggest goal?

You have to go through many challenges, so you need a strategy, you have to do step by step plan. "To Be a High Performer Requires Thinking More Before Acting" What is your ambition? What do you want from life What is your greatest dream? Clear all this in your mind. Once you clear, you can start "Chart Your Five Moves" Think about five major moves that will take you to your goals. Next, you have to break these five big moves into smaller activities and deadlines, then you can chart them in the calendar. "Chart your five moves" is a thing of your work, whatever your job or career.

Habit 5: Development influence:

Have you ever felt that you inflame people? Can you convince them of your talk? Will people follow you? Influence is the ability when "you shave the other's billboards and behaviour according to your needs". It doesn't matter what your own personalities are. Even if you are introverted, you can still influence others. Perhaps you would think that influencing someone is absolutely impossible but perhaps you have forgotten to ask. There are also people who want to help you, but the fear of rejections or judgments stops you from taking the help. So unless you ask yourself something about the worker, how do you know how influential you are?

See "You Never Know Any You Ask" by requesting your child, partner, friend or boss. If you fail the first time, do not give up, do not give up trying. Gradually, you will be a batter in the conversation and people will get a chance to understand your ideas. There are some other practices from which influenza can develop. The first practice is to teach people how to think "how to think" that they have a 7-year-old son. He is doing his math homework. You see that he is getting frustrated while doing homework. He comes and speaks to you, "I hate maths". What would be your reaction then?

You can influence his thinking for math so that he can improve it and enjoy it. Because you have the opportunity to direct maths to make math a fun subject for him. Brandon Burchard advises his high-level clients to communicate with their logo because they have the ability to direct the thinking of their employees. Leaders should also direct their employees' thoughts regarding competitors and market places. The same thing separates high performing managers from the rest of the people. They influence their under-workers to think of something big.

Imagine if you are such a manager, then you have to tell your team "If we want to be the best, then we have to think about ourselves .... Think about our competitors...... Think about your future and the world like this. … ”Another practice that develops influencers is to challenge people to grow. This will probably be the most difficult practice of this book that you are going to learn and also very difficult in implementation. When you challenge people, they may come into defensive mode and start saying, "Go do your job". Because they already tell them that their intention is only to help, not to offer. While doing this, they keep their tone polite.

So why do high performers do this? Why do they challenge people to grow? Kobe Bryant once said that "the most important thing is to inspire and try to get people to do what they want to do," high performers also want to anchor others for high performance. They give him a challenge along with the owner and respect. And also do not forget to tell the senior purpose to help them. In this way, this challenge turns into inspiration.

Habit 6: Demonstrate Courage

Courage does not just mean saving humanity. The real meaning is to bring change. You do not need to do some groundbreaking to show your debt, but small deeds can also put a huge impact. Mark Twain once said "Courage is not fearlessness, the real meaning is to take action despite your fear and stay on it" What practice would you choose to do your debt show? The first one may be that your own Struggle. Today in society, we need everything in an easy way. Today we use such technologies, which has reduced our hard work significantly. By the way, it is a blessing for us as well as a curse.

And the problem is that today's generation wants to avoid as much struggle as possible. The one who is easy and convenient nowadays. Now Persistent, Difficulty and Efforts are things of the past. Today it has become acceptable if someone quits the school due to small difficulty or quits the friendship, job or marriage. But this way of living is making us week, weakening us to withstand the real throats. We have to face the challenges of life to become a stranger. To make our character strong, if we expose the struggles, it is better. We must remember that there is an owner in Struggle, it is a matter of respect if we have done Struggle Face. Those who do hard work have a character build, and no one can become a great leader without a struggle.

The next practice that demarcates debt is to share your truth and ambition. A person aspires to be free. We want to show our own real self, we want to share our real experiences. But we fear displacement and rejections. Because in order to express ourselves truthfully, it also requires a debt. You should not think about appointing others. All you have to do is match your standard. Follow the path of your truth. Keep sharing your ambitions. High performers can never be discouraged by the criticism of the Israeli people.
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You learned the Six Habits of High Performance, with the help of which high-performance performers carry out the task in their own hands. You can also learn those practices to achieve these habits. When you practice a practice continuously, it becomes your habit, so apply this practice in your life. You can start slowly and once you are used to it, you can see the improvement yourself. Among them, the first three Habits are more above the person whereas the other three Habits will also improve your social skills.

Let's review these six habits that you have learned here. First Habit is "Seek Clarity" Under this you can imagine Future Four which is self, social, skills and service. The second Habit The best practice of generating energy and achieving it is to release tension, set the focus and bring joy. The third habit is cause necessity. You learned how to find out "Who Needs You a Game", Affirm the Way and Level Up Your Squad. The fourth Habit is incremental productivity under which there is a practice of increasing output which makes your five moves matter and chart. The fifth Habit is to develop Influence. You learned how to teach people, how to challenge them to grow.

Final Six is ​​the debit of debt. And for its practice, you will have to reset your struggle and share your truth and ambition with the rest of the people. Virgil has a quote "The Are Able, Who Think The Are Able" You now know that it is possible to perform like a CEO and Extraordinary Leader. Because there are Habits and Practices with which you can do it. If you are a high performer yourself, then you have to learn how to improve and maintain your success. This book gives you this possibility. Now it is in your hands to take action on this.

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