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Summaries World About Book: The most successful and liked people in history knew about a secret. In this book, you will also learn about tha...

The Secret - Book Summary - Rhonda Byrne

About Book:

The most successful and liked people in history knew about a secret. In this book, you will also learn about that secret. You will learn how to attract good things in your life. You will learn how to make your dream a reality. If you want to fulfil your heartfelt desire then definitely read this book.

Who should read this summary?

People who want financial success, people who are suffering due to some disease, who want to leave their past behind and move forward, who want to turn their every dream into reality.

About author:

Ronda Byrne is a filmmaker and author. She was inspired by Wallace de Votes' book "The Science of Getting Rich". Ronda did a lot of research about the Law of Attraction. He made the documentary film "The Secret" in 2006, the foundation of his international best-selling book. So far 19 million copies of "The Secret" have been sold worldwide.

The Secret - Book Summary - Rhonda Byrne

Lets We Start Summary:


  1. Do you want to know a secret? 
  2. Do you want to become a Master of Unlimited Power? 
  3. Do you want to gain a lot of money, a healthy body and loving relationships in your life? 
  4. Do you want to know how you can change your life?
  5. Do you want to know the secret that works in every situation whether you know it or not, but today there is a chance to know it?
If yes, then this book is for you.
This secret is such a supreme knowledge that has been going on for centuries. But only a few successful people knew about it. Today this secret is going to open in front of you. There is no limit to what you can do. This book will teach you how you can fulfil your desires.

The Secret Revealed:

So what is this secret after all? "The Law of Attraction" is the secret to achieving unlimited power and anything in the world. The rules of the universe are the same for all of us, so it does not matter who you are and where you come from, you can use this law in your life. The Law of Attraction is the ultimate secret about which the author of this book, Ronda, wanted to tell the whole world.

Law of Attraction means that whatever you think, the images which keep going in your mind, you start to attract them in your life. This means that what you always think comes true. The attraction rule works on the powerful thoughts of your mind. Success, money, happiness, good health, love will all be yours if you keep thinking about it constantly.

Think of yourself as a powerful magnet. The thing that you will start thinking about the most, that thing really starts happening in your life. There is so much power in your thoughts that it makes the ideas running in the mind a reality.

In simple words, it means that you will attract exactly as you think in your life. That is, if you always think about negative things, then you will only attract negative things and only bad things will continue to happen to you. But if you fill your mind with positive thoughts, then your life will be full of happiness and success, just like a river that does not stop anywhere, it always moves forward.

So this law does not understand the difference between good and bad things. Whether you think good or bad, you will start attracting it and it will become a reality. You can understand it like this, everything around us is energy. Our thoughts, words and action are all energy. Every energy has a vibration. Our thoughts also have a vibration. When a thought comes to our mind, it goes into the Universe like a signal and it attracts the people and the people of the Law Sem Vibration into our life. There is a great saying, "Your vibes are your tribes", ie your vibrations will attract you and people of the same vibrations in your life. The more energy you put into a thought, the more you start to create that thing. . Whether you know it or not.

For example, if you always say that "I don't want to be", then this law guarantees that you will definitely lie down. Instead, you should say "I always arrive on time" or "I am punctual". Avoid using negative words.

Let's learn from Robert's story. Robert shares with his professor that he is gay. He told the professor via email about the problems he used to experience every day. Those who worked with Robert used to make fun of him, due to which he always lived in stress. Wherever he goes, people harass him, make negative comments about him.

Robert wanted to perform as a stand-up comedian but everyone mocked him for being gay during the performance. He started feeling frustrated and unhappy with the behaviour of the people. His professor explained that he should not focus on negative things. He should not think about the things he does not want in his life. The professor said, "Read your email carefully. You have only talked about those things that you hate, which you do not want in your life. Because you always think about these things, it really gets with you ”.

Robert then realized his mistake. He started changing himself. What happened in the next few weeks was nothing short of a miracle. Those who teased him at the office either resigned or shifted to another department. The rest of the people stopped commenting on him.
Now Robert started enjoying his job. And even then, no one used to initiate him even while walking. Such people were away from his life. Robert once again started doing stand up comedy. This time, the audience liked him a lot. They laughed at his jokes and cheered for him.

All this was beginning to change from the day Robert dissected that he would not focus on the things he did not want. Now he started thinking only about the things he wanted. He had followed his negative thoughts and filled his mind with positive thoughts. Now he started attracting every good thing in his life. He was still gay but now he was happy too.

How to use the secret:

So how to use this secret? It has 3 steps. The first step is to ask. The second step is to Believe. The third step is to receive.

So the first thing to do is to ask for the Universe. For this, first, you have to think carefully about what you want. You can also write it on a paper in present tense or you can imagine its image in your mind. You have to be clear about that though. There is no scope of confusion in this, you must know your goal accurately.

For example, if you want a car, you have to be clear about the brand and model. Imagine the colour of your choice. Imagine the car of your choice from inside and outside. You can write on paper "I have a sports car" or "I am very happy and happy that I have a sports car". It is necessary to write it in the present tense. Or imagine yourself sitting in a car and driving it. If you are not clear about your goal, then this law will not work. This gives a mixed signal to the Universe and it gives you mixed results instead of the thing of your choice.

It is like placing an order in a restaurant. You select the dish from the menu and tell the waiter what you want. So keep your thought very clear and say "I want to eat this dish" or "I have to do this experience" or "I want such a life partner". The Universe is like a waiter waiting for your order. Therefore, you should know exactly what you are ordering.

The second step is to Believe. Once you set a thought in your mind, you should have complete confidence that you will definitely get what you have asked for. And this belief should be 100% complete. Do not put any doubt in it. Will have to do that thing for you. Do not worry about how you will get it. Believe that the Universe will fulfil your wish.

You will not get what you asked for today or tomorrow, but just believe that you will get it very soon. As long as you keep believing, the Universe will continue to do that thing to you. Start thinking and speaking according to your bailiff. Think that what you want is already yours. For example, if you want to win a tennis tournament, imagine yourself holding the trophy like a champion every day. Say "I am a tennis champion" with full confidence. There will come a day when this will come true.

The third step is to receive. Feel the happiness that you will get after getting something you like. By feeling happy, your vibrations start to match your desire, then it is attracted to your life. The Universe gets a signal that you are ready to receive that thing. Express the good feeling of getting your dream home or dream job.

Then you will be at the right time and right place to get what you want. Even if you do not know when, how and where everything will happen, just feel it. Say to yourself, "I am receiving this in my life right now". For exams, go on a test drive in your car of choice or see the dream home you want to buy. Touch it, experience it. Very soon you will have it.

The Secret to Money:

You can use this technique for whatever you want in life. Money is one of them. Don't say "I don't have much money" instead of always say "I have a lot of money". But just saying this will not be true. You also have to feel it with confidence. There should not be anywhere. The universe is very smart, she understands everything. If you want money in your life then imagine how you will spend it, where you will go, what to buy.

Do not let any negative thought stop the flow of money in your life. Focus on the glut of money, not its lack. Think of the exact amount you want to get, just like the guy in this story. Jack Canfield is the author of the most popular book series Chicken Soup for the Soul. Millions of copies of this book have been sold all over the world. But Jack was not always so successful.

Jack had always heard negative things about money from his father. His father was a negative-minded person. He believed that the Amir people have so much money because they cheat others. Because of this, Jack started to think that earning money is a sin. His father also believed that life is very difficult. Money does not grow on trees. He would always say, "Do I think I have money?" Do I think you are like Rockefeller?

Then Jack found a mentor who taught him to dream big. He asked Jack to set such a huge goal that after he had achieved it, he would be stunned by his height. The only way to prove the truth of this statement was to try it.

At that time, Jack was earning only $ 8,000 a year. So he said to himself, "I want to earn $ 100,000 a year". He did not know how to possible it, he had just completely believed in it. He would always remind himself, "I have to earn $ 100,000 a year".

Every morning before going to work, he would stop and close his eyes and imagine that he already had $ 100,000. He even made up to $ 100,000 worth of images on a paper. He affixed that picture to his ceiling.

On waking up in the morning, his eyes would first go to that picture and he would miss his goal. Jack starts wondering what his whole life will be like when he has $ 100,000.

A month had passed but Jack did not know how he would be able to earn so much money. But then one day he came up with an amazing idea. Then he wrote his first book which was recently published. A copy cost 25 cents. Jack thought that if he was able to sell 400,000 copies of his book in a year, he could earn $ 100,000.

Two months later, Jack lectured at a college in New York. After the lecture, a woman came to him and asked him for an interview. It was revealed that she was a writer and worked for Popular magazine National Enquirer. She was very impressed with Jack's lecture and wanted to write an article about his book.

After the publication of that article, there was a tremendous sale of Jack's book. The thing was that after he started believing that he is going to earn $ 100,000, the doors of many occasions were opened for him.

The year was over and it was surprising that Jack had earned $ 92,327. It was a little less than his goal but still, Jack was doing well. He had achieved the exact figure of his goal. Jack thought, why not keep this year's goal of $ 1,000,000? And then they believed it completely. He used to think about it all the time. He had removed the old picture from the ceiling and replaced it with a new picture of $ 1 million.

At the end of the year, Jack received a royalty check for his book. The publisher also drew a smiley on the check after $ 1 million. Jack's big dream came true. But he did not stop there but started dreaming even bigger.

The Secret to Health:

Okay tell me one thing, do you know about the placebo effect? During medical research, doctors usually use a test medicine and a tablet of placebo on their patients. Placebo's pill is actually empty from the inside, there is no medicine in it. One group is given medicines and the other group is given a pill of Plesibo.

Doctors say that the disease of patients taking the Pulsibo pill was curing. He was feeling better and his illness started recovering. Patients did not even know that they had taken an empty pill which has no healing effect. He just took the bullet and believed that he would be cured and that is exactly what happened. He was not affected by the bullet but by his positive thought. This is called the placebo effect.

The human body has the power to heal itself. After the injury, when the wound is formed, after some time new skin starts coming there automatically. If we get infected by a virus, then our immune system starts making antibodies to fight it. In our body, how many sales die every day and new cells are born. Our body listens to us, pays attention to our thoughts. If you consider yourself ill, you will never be cured.

The thing to learn here is that if you focus on the disease, it will show that you are sick, then your body really starts to get very weak. There are many people who say that they are not getting up from the bed or have eaten anything. Not going. So there are people who keep talking about their heart problem, diabetes and blood pressure disease all the time. By doing this, they give more power to their illness, so the disease does not go away from their life.
So there are people who have also defeated a dangerous disease like cancer. Diseases like stroke and paralysis also emerge. What do you think could be the reason for this? The reason is his unwavering faith. They simply believed that they are healing from the inside and it really happened. He did not let the disease dominate him. Healer Bruno has said that "every disease can be cured but not every human being" means only those who believe that they are curing.

Let's hear the story of Morris. Morris Goodman is a motivational speaker. An accident with him changed his entire life. He was a victim of a painful accident like a plane crash. Morris had a spinal cord injury and was paralyzed due to this. His backbone was fractured. He could neither move his hand nor his feet. His body was completely numb. They could only blink their eyelashes.

They also had a lot of trouble swallowing food. Neither could they eat or drink anything. His diaphragm was also damaged due to which he could not even breathe properly. Doctors told him that he had been bedridden for a lifetime. But Morris did not listen to him. He had complete faith in himself. He used to imagine himself walking out of the hospital every day. He knew that one day it will definitely come true.

The doctors gave him a mask-like device because he did not think that Morris would ever breathe on his own after the diaphragm was damaged. But Morris would repeatedly say to himself, "Take a deep breath, take a deep breath".

Finally came the day when Morris succeeded in doing this. The doctors were blown away. He had no answer to this miracle. He removed the device from Morris' mouth as Morris was now breathing normally.

The time he was lying on the bed of the hospital, he did not think of any negative thought. He did not let his mind be disappointed or let him go astray from his goal. He gave himself a challenge, set a deadline that he would celebrate Christmas in his house. And instead of standing in a wheelchair, he himself will walk from the hospital. The doctors told him that it was absolutely impossible but Morris's belief was unwavering.

And you will be surprised to know that he celebrated Christmas at his house that year. He himself stood on his feet and celebrated with his family. Slowly, Morris fully recovered. He shared his inspiring story with everyone. We do not notice that most diseases are caused by stress. Stress is born with a thought. Therefore, it is very important to keep your thoughts positive.

The Secret to You:

Many of us think that life is very unfavourable. There are some children who blame their parents that they are not supportive and loving. Due to the conflicts in the family, they start hating their life itself. But the psychologist says that almost 80% of the families in the world are exactly like this, then why is it right for life to be bitter The Author Jack Canfield of the popular series Chicken Soup for the Soul shared his story with everyone, let's learn from him. Both his mother and father were addicted to alcohol. When he was younger, his father used to raise his hands on him. When Jack was 6 years old, his parents were separated. Jack believes that this is the story of every household. Now you need to ask yourself, what can you do about this? In which direction do you want to take your life? You have two choices: First, you can either think about unwanted accidents and stay stuck in them or focus on the things you want to attract.

Jack says that it is not good to be stuck in your past. Instead of focusing on what your parents did, focus on what you want to do with your life. If you just keep thinking about bad memories, then you start attracting them back. If you keep thinking about your bad times, then it is certain that they will come back into your life. If you truly believe that you are unlucky, Balak will never leave you. Get out of your past. If you had any kind of abuse or if you are angry with your parents or hate your childhood Do not hold it. When you start to divert attention from those things, those memories start to fade away from you. You have to do this for someone else but yourself.

When you blame someone, hate someone, you hurt yourself more than anyone else. You keep thinking that you did not deserve all that in childhood. But now you have grown up, now you can live the life of your choice, right? So try it for yourself.

You make your own Destiny. You are the author of the book of your life. You can write a story of your choice. If you have paper and pen in your hands, you can either get stuck in a bad chapter or you can start a new chapter by turning the page. The choice is yours
Never use negative words, never say that I have no money, I am tired, I am sick because it becomes your truth. The two words "I Am" are more powerful than your imagination. Use it for your benefit. Say instead of negative things, I am lucky, I am healthy, I have money, I am successful. This is called positive affirmation. It acts like a magnet and attracts good things in our life.

You can do anything, you can become anything. There is no limit to the power of your talent, your thoughts. It was always in you, it's just late to release it.
Let us tell you about another interesting secret. Do you know that our brain is so amazing that when you stop thinking about something then everything related to that thing, every memory auto delete from your mind Seems to be? There comes a time when your mind completely puts those memories in the recycle bin. Just try a few days to remove your mind from bad memories and after some time your mind will start deleting them. Science has provided this thing. This is not amazing power! You too will give it a try and see.

The Secret to Life:

The meaning of life means how you have lived it. If there was a lot of grief and trouble in your past, then clean it and move towards the future. Every day brings with you the opportunity of a new beginning. Do what makes you happy. If you find a purpose in life, otherwise this life starts to burden you. Face positivity every day. Feel good about yourself, life, and then the Universe sends good things to you.

Those who think that the world is a bad and cruel place becomes their truth. But when you start seeing the goodness in people and in things, then in the real sense you feel happy and relaxed. Now, this secret is in your hands. You have the key to unlimited power, but how you use it is your choice.


So in this summary, you have learned about a special and powerful secret which is the Law of Attraction. The thoughts and images that you have in your mind start attracting them in your life. You have also learned to use this secret which is to ask, believe and receive. You should have a clear image in it. It should be believed that you will definitely get it. There should not be any doubt in your mind. After getting him, you will feel happy that now, just like you have already got it.

The Universe does not understand the difference between good and evil. It only understands the vibration of your thought and starts sending things of the same vibration to your life. You can ask for anything from the Universe, but it is very important to be grateful and thankful for what you have given to it. Whatever you have got in life, thank the Universe for sure. Many people have tried this secret even before you. He earned a lot of money from this power, defeated his illness, improved his relationships. He achieved what he had always wanted. So keep your desire in you till you achieve it. And yes, select your words thoughtfully.

You can also do this. You too can live a life full of love, success and happiness. And now you also know the secret - so ask, believe and receive! When you start believing in something really, then this Universe starts realizing your dream. This Universe is like a genie who obeys your orders, but what you ask for it depends only on you!

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