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Summaries World: About This Book: Millennials differ from Ordinary People in only one thing. And that is Habits, that is, our habits. If you...

Million Dollar Habits - Book Summary - Brian Tracy

Summaries World:

About This Book:

Millennials differ from Ordinary People in only one thing. And that is Habits, that is, our habits. If you also learn the Habits of Millennials, practice and repeat them, then you too can join the club of Millennials. In this book, we are going to tell you all the habits that will make you successful.

Who should read this summary?

All those people who are employees in a company or who are small business owners, and every person who wants to become a millennial.

About author

Brian Tracy is a Motivational Speaker, a Self Help Author and CEO. He founded the foundation of Brian Tracy International in 1984. His company offers training programs and provides coaching and seminars to individuals and companies.

Million Dollar Habits - Book Summary - Brian Tracy

Now we Start Summary:


Do you also dream of becoming a Millionaire? If the answer is yes, then you must read this book. Because the dream of becoming a bilinear is not a stupid or hopeless dream. This is not a dream that cannot come true. Even before you many people had such dreams and those people were poor like you, or they were less educated, they did not have any special skills but despite all this, they have become successful by crossing the challenges.

So why can't you do this? You can do it at all. who are you? Where are you from? What do you do? All these things do not matter. All that is needed is that you learn the habits of the bilinear. You too should do what these successful people have done. Actually successful people have some good habits while unsuccessful people have bad habits. This book will teach you about those good habits, by practising you can also fulfil your dream by becoming a Millionaire.

You are what you do:

Just think of those people who you think are the most successful. What is it that makes them successful? Which of their special habits makes them more successful than you? Where you were before, it is the same today, and the reason is yourself. Your present time, that is, today, is due to your actions, your choices and your decisions, which you yourself have chosen. And this decision will disguise your future.

So now if you too are dreaming of becoming more successful, then this dream of yours can be fulfilled. Everything is in your hands. Believe it, there is no limit for you. It is another matter that if you understand the limit for yourself, then no one can help you. You can control your success yourself. Everything depends on your thoughts, your words and your actions, which you are going to apply in life from today. 95% of your daily life is like your habits.

And successful people practice success habits, repeat them daily. This is what makes them different from others. You also have to start with these scribes habits. Also, keep in mind that we can get rid of our bad habits and bring good habits into practice. George Washington was the first president of the USA. When he was a teenager, he read a book, "The Rules of Civilization and Decent Behavior".

He had written all the 110 rules of this book in his small notebook. Every day he used to read those rules and practice them one by one. Because of this book, Good Habits developed in him. And thus from the age of his teenage age, he started the practice of these rules. Then when he grew up and went into politics, good behaviour had become a part of his daily life. He did not have any difficulty in applying these good habits. So that's why you also practice and repeat. Then you will automatically have good habits.

Where Your Habits Come From:

There are close to 20 million neurones inside the brain of a human being. And each of these neurons remains connected to the rest of the 20,000 neurons. And we use only a small fraction of these neurones in our daily life. So imagine how much capacity of the brain you have right now, which you are not using at all. But successful people do rather much. You can too Quit laziness. Quit the habit of mediocre and bitterness. There is still time, you can bring the desired changes in your life.

What kind of thoughts comes to your mind? What goes on most of your mind? Understand that your thoughts can change your fate. You attract the same things that you keep thinking about. For example, if you always think about money and success, then you will get such opportunities which will give you a chance to earn money. Conversely, if someone will think about Hemsha Accidents or illness or will always be upset, then he becomes a part of his life. So always think positive. Control your thoughts, leave the negative thoughts forever.
With practice and repetition, your mind will only think positive things. And you will feel happier and more successful than before. The author of this book, Brian Tracy, has shared his success story through this book. His family was also very poor. His father had no stable job, so Brian had to work since the age of 10. He did many types of small jobs in his Neighborhood. They cut the grass of the neighbour's lawns, picked dry leaves and also distributed newspapers. He himself spent his two meals and clothes.

Then when he was a teenager, he caught the task of washing dishes in a small hotel. Brian used to consider himself lucky while rubbing pots and pans there. Brian had understood the importation of money at a young age, so he took the decision to earn money by dropping high school. He worked in many factories and construction sites. He also worked on big farms.
At the age of 20, he became a salesman. Bryan used to go to homes and offices and sell different type of products. His condition was that he was dependent on the cell for his two-time meals too. One night, while he was resting at his boarding house, he thought "Why does it happen that some salesmen do a lot of sales and some salesmen can't sell at all?" The next morning, Brian started one such habit Which changed his life. The Habit was "To learn the successes of successful people and apply them in your life". One day he dared to ask for the number of a sales agent of his company.

"What technology do you use, people who always buy something from you?" Brian asked. So that agent told him a secret which Brian also tried with his customers. And then his customers also started taking all his products. Many books related to Brian Sailing started reading. Apart from this, Brian used to go to the sales seminar and listen to the audio lectures of the sales. He immediately applied whatever he had learned. And because of this New Habit, Brian started selling a lot. He also got a promotion. Now they had become sales managers. Brian shared what he had learned with his team members and helped to improve those people as well.

The Master Program of Success:

It is very simple. Successful people wake up sleeping and only think about what they want. Every day, every minute successful people think about achieving what they want. And for this reason, they always take such a decision that takes them to their pills. While unsuccessful people think exactly the opposite. They always feel that they do not get what they want.
If spoken in short, unsuccessful only keep complaining and blame others. So what will you be The choice is yours Here we take an example of how powerful our knots can be. Suppose you are aiming to earn $ 50000 every year. All the time you think about how you will earn this amount. You want to make yourself more productive. Then no matter what is happening in your office or whatever economy is going on, you will be earning $ 50000 money. Now how about if you score a goal of $ 100,000?

You want to earn this money anyway. Now, if you have missed your job, then you will find a new job or you will do some business. Because you have to earn that $ 100,000 anyway. So imagine how amazing your life can be. So think about your biggest dream and make it your goal. Just think about how you will achieve your goal. This is the master program of your success. The most important import of success is self-discipline. This is the Habit that makes you do what you need to do, whether you want it or not. Just as a muscle becomes strong from a practice, similarly the self-displaced habit from the practice also becomes strong. And the more self-discipline you get, the more your life will become.
The Habits of People Who Become Millennials

The Habits of People That Make Them Millionaires:

Do whatever you can to earn a lot of money in your career. And if you follow Good Habits, then one day you will definitely become a Millionaire. People who have positive mindsets get immense opportunities to become successful. In 1990, only about 5,000 American people used to be millennials. And in 2000 there were 5,000,000 American millennials. There were many multimillionaires and bilinear among them. The most important thing was that all of them became rich on their own. None of these family members was rich. These people sing from different backgrounds.

Some are well educated and some were very poor, who had minor education. There were some of them who were adopted. These people also included many migrants who came to America empty-handed in search of work. These people struggled a lot without any help or any special skills. He did not even know English properly. Despite this, he improved so much in his life, achieved so much. Because they practised good habits. It was shown not once, but repeatedly and after being successful.

One such good Habit that you can start is saving. Experts believe that humans make habits. This means that whatever condition we have in front of us, we get moulded accordingly. Just like if you save 1% of your salary every month, then you will get used to spending 99% of your salary. You will not have any difficulty in this. So people, if your salary is $ 2,000 every month, then save 20% of it.

Do not even touch this money. Spend the rest from $ 1980. Open a savings account or create a piggy bank and keep putting your savings money in it. When you are saving, forget that money completely. Do not include it in your budget. Whatever happens, do not spend this money. After a few months, you will learn to live on $ 1980. If you want, you can try to save more. Challenge yourself that you will save $ 40 monthly. And gradually increase the savings amount to $ 200 monthly. And then you will see that after two years, there will be $ 2,400 money saved in your account. Now you can call yourself financially independent.

Habits of Top Business People:

Clarity is the base Habit that you should apply in your business. You should be very clear about your mission or purpose. What is that you want to achieve? What would you like to give to your customers? How much profit do you want to earn from your business? If your pills are clear then only you will be able to take the right decision. For example, AT&T Company's mission is "Bring Telephone Service to Every American".
This company has been running this mission for 100 years and this is the secret to the success of the company. You can also set a goal in your business, such as "providing the best products and services to your customers so that your profit is increased by about 15% every year". Your mind should be clear about how much profit you want to earn and when to earn it. And in this way, you will not be off track either.

Habits of Personal Effectiveness:

High income, a fulfilling job, good health, a loving family with whom you spend a lot of leisure time, all of this can be yours. You do not have to sacrifice each other for one. Effective people adopt some of the effective habits which makes them all-rounder in every field of life. Along with his professional life, his personal life is also fantastic. For example, we hire Joanie, who is a client in Brian Tracy's Advanced Coaching and Mentoring Program.

Brian has promised Joanna and each of his clients that they will also do double enjoining with double earning in life. Joanne could not believe this at first. He felt that this could not happen. How will your income be double if you enjoy sitting at home instead of work? Joanna joins a financial company. From Monday to Saturday, that daily works in the office for 12 hours.
Because of this, he does not have time for his two children and husband. He used to feel stressed all the time. And the biggest problem was that he could not understand what the solution was. When he discussed all these things with Brian, Brian first asked him to make a list. This was a list of those things that Joanna had to do within a month.
There were 16 Total Tasks on his list. Brian asked him, "What is the job in this list that if you do it all day, it will give big benefit to your company?" "Joanna put a finger on a big important task, after that Brian told him to tell task numbers 2 and 3, then Joanna told 3 of the most important tasks. Without looking at that list, Brian said, "These three tasks are 90% of your responsibility." This meant that the remaining 13 tasks i.e. 10% of the tasks were such as Irrigant. But Joanna was giving them too much importance and due to this, she was not able to enjoy her family life. She could get these things done by others as well. Joanie noticed Brian's point and felt that he was right.

Then he went to his boss and asked him to help him. Joanna told him that if he focuses maximum on those 3 tasks related to his job, then he can get a very effective result. The boss agreed to it. And now Joanna already gives batter results in her work. He completed all three tasks in a very brilliant way. Two months later, his office time also changed. Now she works in the normal 8 hours, that too on Friday only. Brian completed his promise. Joanne's income also doubled and she now has more time for the family. She spends quality time with her children and husband, which makes her very relaxed.

Habits for Getting Along with Others:

There are three such great reasons that all your relationships can be improved. The first Habit is acceptance, that is to accept others. Especially for parents, spouses and children, it is very important. Learn to accept as they are. Do not try to change them. Also, accept their weakness. Learn to love them as they are. There is no condition in love. Love what you want with its strengths and shortcomings. A simple way to show acceptance is your smile.
People who are important in your life, whenever you see them, look at them with a smile. Make them feel that you are happy to see them. In a good relationship, it is very important to have gratitude i.e. thankful or thankful. So don't forget to say thank you to your family and friends. Thank the upstairs for your every day that he has given you good health, you have a job, you are getting food for two times and your family is safe.

Thanks to your partner who said that he cares for you. Thanks to your children as well when they do their homework. Thanks to every person who helps you in some way or the other. The third habit is to praise. That means giving a supplement. When we give someone Compliments, he likes it very much. Hearing the praise, people not only feel positive but also give more battery performance. It has some boomerang-like effects.

If you send positive energy, then you also come back to positive energy. Praise the work of the people or their special quality. If someone is hard working or punctual of time, then compliment him. If someone likes your car or you like their clothes, then praise them. By complimenting you make others feel comfortable and then it becomes easy to maintain the relationship. is. But always be appreciative. They may feel that you are really impressed. Once you make it your Habit, then you will feel positive every day.

The Habits for Health and Well Being:

Do you also want to be slim? Who doesn't like a healthy and fit body? Everyone would like to have a healthy body that is away from every disease. For this, Brian Tracy gives simple advice. They have given the names of three white poisons from which we have to stay away. This is sugar, salt and white floor ie maida. John works in an office in Florida. He is a fan of Brian Tracy. One day he wrote a letter to Brian and told him that he has been listening to his audio lectures for many years. He applied all of Brian's advice, due to which his life is so good today.

He has become a rich man from a bagger. John has become a top manager in his company after 10 years of hard work. However, he wants a solution for one of his problems with Brian. Actually, John is overweight. He tried a lot of diets, but it did not matter. And then he heard about three white poisons from Brian's audio lecture. He studied them and started following the guidelines strictly.

He lost 20 pounds of weight in just 3 months. John has now become slimmer and more active than before. His self-esteem is also high. He has become so fit that he had to change his entire wardrobe. Ever since he removed sugar, salt and white floor from his diet, there have been many positive changes in his body and life. If we want a fit body then we should stay away from all types of processed food or fast food and junk. Processed and junk foods contain high levels of sugar and salt, which are healthy for our body and mind.
They have a lot of negative effects on the body. You should also avoid as much as possible soft drinks and sweets. Bread and pastries are made from white flour or fine flour, in which nutritional content is equal. Whole grains are considered to be very good for health as they are full of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Beans and pulses also eat more. Treatment of more than half of your illness is hidden in a good diet. By taking a healthy diet, you will avoid diseases like heart attack, obesity and cancer.

The Habits of Character and Leadership:

How would you like people to remember you? How people will remember you after you leave, depends on your present character. When you go from this world, people will speak well about you and think well, for that it is important that you pay attention to your behaviour today. So do as much as you can to help others. Build as much relationship as you can. Alfred Nobel was the founder of the Nobel Prize.

A long time ago something happened to him that his entire life was changed. His brother was killed. Stockholm Newspaper made a mistake. He printed Alfred's name in Obichury instead of Alfred's brother. Many people thought that Alfred had died. He was a chemist and an inventor. He created dynamite. Obechury wrote that "Alfred Nobel was an inventor who made gunpowder, which caused a worldwide war and killed many people".

This mistake of the newspaper became a wake-up point for Alfred. Then he thought about his future, he felt that people will always remember him as a human being, because of which lakhs of people were known. But Alfred did not want people to remember him as a villain. And from that day onwards, he started doing good things so that when he dies, people will remember his goodness.

Alfred earned a lot of money in his successful career. They did not have any children. Therefore, he instituted Nobel Prize. Every year, a person is taken for Nobel Prize who has done some big work in the field of World Peace, Literature or Science. Nobel prize winner also gets a lot of respect and fame with prize money.

The mistake of a newspaper gave Alfred Nobel a chance to become a battery man. Even today his legacy is going on which is known by the whole world. Another good Habit is "reading biographies of successful people", you can learn a lot from them. You will know how these great people improved their character and how they became experts in their respective fields.

Their extraordinary life stories will motivate you a lot. The habit of reading brings many positive changes in our life. From books, we get to learn the values ​​that are in the life of successful people. If you continue to practice what you have read and learned so far in this book summary, then one day will come when you too will become successful like these people and fulfil your Millennial Dream.


You read about the power of thoughts in this book. You have also learned from this book summary that how important are habits in our life. We also told you about the habits that can help you to become a Millionaire. Skilful people are not just financially rich. Rather, they have good health, have a lovely family life and strong friendship relationships and have a fulfilling career that gives them satisfaction.

In this book, you have learned about all those Habits which can improve every aspect of your life. So now, the time has come to apply those things which you have read in this book. The time has come to practice and repeat these million dollar habits. Everyone has some difficulty in starting. But once the habits are made, then there will be no problem and these habits will become part of your daily routine. Always remember once. Whenever you practice these habits, you come one step closer to your Millennial Dream.


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