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Summaries World About Book: Do you have a lot of tasks and you freeze thinking about doing them. So, we have the answer. In today's mode...

18 Minutes - Book Summary - Peter Bregman - Summaries World

Summaries World

About Book:

Do you have a lot of tasks and you freeze thinking about doing them. So, we have the answer. In today's modern times, we try to do more work than we can handle. This is because there are so many things to do around us. This book will teach you how we can give up some things, how to keep our focus on the five categories of our life and how to create a time-management routine that really works. All you need for this is 18 minutes daily.

Who should read it?

• Students
• Businessman
• Anybody whose routine is very busy

About the author:

Peter Bragman is the Executive Coach of Senior Business Leaders. He is also the founder and CEO of "Bragman Partners", a coaching firm for professionals. Peter helps CEOs and senior managers to give them the best performance. He is also the best-selling author of 16 books.

18 Minutes - Book Summary - Peter Bregman - Summaries World

Lets We Start Summary:


Do you dream big
Usually, people whose dreams are big, are very busy. They have a long list of daily to-do tasks. They do not even have time to breathe. But, doing so is not right for you and your goals.
If you always feel tired, then you will not have the energy to finish any work quickly and you will not be able to remain creative either.
For this, you will need a system that really does work. This book will teach you how to focus on important things and how to do your work.

With this book, you will learn to organize your life. And, you will realize that sometimes you should stop and think again about the strategy of your life so that you can become better.
You will also learn how to control your life by controlling your reaction. When you let your emotions take your decision, it is very wrong. Therefore, you have to learn some simple tricks.
Because identifying yourself opens the way to success, this book will guide you in choosing your passion. For this, you have to first focus on the 4 elements mentioned in this book.

After finding your passion, you can move towards your second step which is to choke the focus areas of your life. If you are an ambassador, then with this chapter, you will understand your scope better and will not feel like a burden.
After knowing these principles, the last chapter will teach you a time-management routine that can change your life. So are you ready to change your life in 18 minutes?

Reducing Your Forward Momentum:

Reduce competition
We are all afraid of accepting our mistakes. Some people work at full speed when they start a project. They think that by doing this they can get success soon. But, sometimes you should stop, take a breath and then think about your strategy again.

Whenever you feel that you are doing something wrong, then you should slow yourself down for some time. If you are caught in an argument or quarrel and you feel that perhaps you are standing on the wrong side, then by slowing down your speed, think carefully about what to say next.

The second strategy is to stop and resume. Let's say that you want to start a business of your own, and you feel that you are going in the wrong direction or your idea cannot be successful. Before you spend more time and money on your failing business, you should stop in such a situation and start everything again.

Let us take the exam of Doctor Alan Rosenfield. He was the dean of the Columbia School of Public Health and has always spent much of his life helping others, especially in helping HIV people.
Doctor Allen was a big leader and after he passed the School of Public Health was named after him.

Once, Doctor Allen was debating with his friend Lee on giving vaccinations to young children. Doctor Allen had knowledge of this subject and he believed that children should be given the vaccine. To prove his point, he gave solid facts in which it was told how the vaccine has saved millions of people from dangerous diseases like polio and measles.

His friend Lee, on the other hand, was against the vaccine. Lee had read an article on the Internet, on the basis of which he was getting his point right. He said that this article proves that a lot of people have been harmed by the vaccine.
Dr Allen was an expert on this subject, so he could even laugh at an article without solid proof of Lee. But they did not do so.

Instead of getting angry and proving himself to be right, he stopped arguing, got a bit slow and thought for a while. Then, Doctor Allen told Lee that he had not read that article and would give his feedback only after reading it.

Many people think that if they accept their mistake then they will lose their respect, position and power. But, the truth is just the opposite. Confessing your mistake in front of the whole world is a sign of being a strong and strong person.

Therefore, if nothing or any of your work is being done, then there is nothing wrong with ending it and starting something new. Do not lose your future opportunities in your stubbornness. The thought that holds you back should be discarded. This is the way to achieve success and move forward.

Where Do You Want To Land?

You remember you did not like the Maths teacher of your school and because of them, you had failed in Maths and perhaps could not even get a degree. Many people get caught in such a trap because we allow outside factories to dominate the results of our present situation.
Talking about our decisions, we feel that control of our life is in our hands, but you are wrong. Often, when you react instantly to a trigger, because of that you reach these results. Your math teacher for the exam, who took the decision to give you fewer marks.

You have to change your focus. Instead of letting the trigger of life control our results, you have to control your results yourself. You will be able to do this only when you think about what result you want. Then, you should slow down and find a reaction that will guarantee that what you have thought, will yield the same results and you will get the desired success.
Author Peter of this book is also a consultant. One of his clients was named Hunter, whose company was running a lot of cases and his name was very bad in front of the press. Peter wanted to solve Hunter's problems.

One day Hunter told Peter that he looked ready for his help, but he would not be able to salvage his company from these problems. Hunter also told Peter that he had hired too many consultants earlier and after Peter failed, he would hire consultants even further.
Upon hearing this, Peter felt offended and immediately after Hunter's departure, he called his uncle and told Uncle that he did not like Hunter so he would not work for his company.
Uncle laughed and taught Peter an important lesson. He said that it is not necessary that we like the business with whom we do business. We should just concentrate on our business or work.

So Peter dissuaded that he would work for Hunter and he also worked there for many years.
One day Peter went to Hunter's office and saw his book written on the shelf there. Peter asked if Hunter had read that book? Hunter replied, yes she had read that book and also said that the book is very good. That one conversation gave Peter all his mind for Hunter.

Emotions changed. Now, he started liking Hunter.
If Peter had not worked in his company because of his dislike of Hunter, he would not have got the job that would have given him money for years.
This is what happens when we allow our reaction to dissect what we have to do next. And, for these reasons, we also lose a lot of good opportunities.

Choosing Your Next Move At The Intersection Of Four Elements
We live in a very noisy world and want to do many things. Sometimes we feel that we will not be able to do this because we do not know what to choose. Then, in the end, we decide not to do anything.

If you do not start working on it from now, then there will be so many opportunities in life that you can get distracted. You have to focus on four elements only. The first element, you should know about your strength and improve yourself till you become a master in it. When you keep your focus on the thing in which you are the best, then you have more chances of winning.
The second element, do not to run away from your weaknesses but pursue them. Try to benefit from this weakness. If people will know that you have no problem with your weaknesses then you will not be able to beat them.

The third element, if there is something in you that is most unique and different, then do not change it. Being different and different from the world is a big thing. When you do what the whole world is following, you will hardly win the competition. So take the matter which is different in you as an advantage and take advantage of it.

The fourth element is to find the passion of your life. When you start planning for the coming year, then you should keep the focus on your desire, not the things with which you make money. Your passion should be the only thing that you can always do and do not have to think anything to do it.

Let us see a perfect exam of how a person made his work by adopting his weakness.
Joff is a successful man and is very famous for being big-hearted. Giving the bulk of his property to the Charity Foundation was his greatest achievement.

Once Geoff was having lunch with his friend, then the waiter came there to take orders. Geoff asked him for a shrimp salad but said that he wanted his salad with salmon, not with shrimp.
The waiter laughingly told Joff that he would arrange it and said that he would have to pay an extra dollar for it because salmon is more expensive than shrimps.

After thinking for a few moments, Joff said that now they will only take shrimps, not salmon. Although Joffe is very rich, still he considers the value of a dollar as well. Some people may say that Joffe is very stingy or strange but he does not know anything about Joff's thinking that has made him successful.

Geoff follows his principles very strictly. They believe that if something does not give double value in return, then it is useless to invest their money, even if it is a dollar.
Geoff is an examiner who used his weakness not for himself but for his own benefit. Because of these principles, he made his wealth. He has adopted this strange attitude of Joff's money, from his heart.

If you want to live a life that is different from others, then you have to identify yourself. You should also know about your strengths and weaknesses so that you can focus on them and apply them in your work. You do not have to be ashamed because of being different from others. You have to become successful because you are different, unique.

Deciding What To Do:

Do you remember the time when you had a lot of work to do but you did not know where to start? We all have to go through this.
We feel that by doing more, we will be more productive, but in reality, they are just the opposite. If you have twenty things to do on your list, then you will get tired and instead of doing hard work, you will just stop.
Every year, your focus should be on five things, out of which three goals will be for your work and two for your personal life. So when you make your to-do list, write only five things in which your focus remains.
Fiorella was the sales head of a mid-size tech company. He asked for Peter's help because she was feeling very confused. Fiorella had a lot to do. He had to solve the sales performance issue in Asia, fix some of the problems with the US team, and also discuss strategy with the CEO.
All these tasks were written in that day's to-do list of Fiorella, apart from this, he had a lot to do.
Fiorella had so much work that she did not know what to do. She would get very cold and could not start anything. This was because he had already given up in front of these works.
He needed a few moments to breathe.
Then when Fiorella thought of organizing his list, he saw works in it which were not important. These tasks were simply taking up space in the calendar and this used to bother them.
If you are an ambassador, then you need to be organized otherwise you will not be able to do anything. First of all, dissect the five categories in which you have to focus this year. Then, prepare a list from which you can achieve these goals.
By doing this, you will ensure that your time will not be wasted. You will remain focused by this, you will not have any fear and will not feel tired all day.
There is a saying, "Sometimes less is more." You should think about your five goals for 2021. Just remember, you have to make three career goals and two personal goals.

Getting Things Off Your To-do List

When you have chosen five categories to focus on and have learned to put all your tasks in the right categories, now is the time to think about the rest of your tasks.
After organizing everything, you will be left with those tasks which do not have any category but you also have to do them. You will also have such tasks which you will never be able to complete in a day. So, what would you do with such a task?

You sit down and review your list. You have 4 choices. You can do these tasks now or postpone them for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. You can also keep these tasks in a list that you will definitely need later or you can leave these tasks.

The trick is that you should not put any task on the to-do list for more than three days. With this unfinished task, you can feel a bit tired, can get buried under their burden and lose yourself somewhere. It can also happen that you get angry and you behave in a way that is not in your nature.

Let's take Dove's exam. Dove is the CEO of a professional service firm. His life is very successful and everyone likes him because he is also a good person.
Dove has a successful job, married life and children. He is also intelligent and takes care of his community. Dove studies a lot of books, which is why people like to be around him at parties.

However, one day Dove threw away his phone, which was almost saved by one of his employees. But after this, he realized that it is not his habit to do so, it is not his identity. Dove is a good person whom all people like, so what happened to him that day?
In a simple way, they were worried about the long list of their tasks. A lot of Dove's work was left which he could not complete. Because of this, he felt useless. He was not at all happy about whatever achievements he had. They thought they could do more.

After throwing up the phone, Dove tried to apologize and wanted to get everything right. But the problem was that even one mistake in front of the people could change the attitude of the people. This was the moment that became an identity of Dove as he could not run his to-do list properly.

If you do not want to burst out of anger like Dove, then you should learn a simple trick. Every morning you should set your phone alarm for one hour. Then ask yourself two questions. The first question, which has lasted an hour, have I been productive in it? Second, what can I do so that the next one hour is better than the previous one.
By doing this, your focus will remain on the present task and the rest of the tasks on the list will not make you nervous. You should use your every hour.

Creating A Daily Ritual

Do you get time to do everything in one day? Of course not. Everybody complains that they are short of time and that is the problem.
We learned in the previous chapters how to focus on five categories of our to-do list, of which three categories are related to their work or job and the remaining two are for your personal life.

By keeping an organized list, the problem of lack of time cannot end like magic. The real challenge is the execution of your plan, that is, how you run your plan. How can you stick to your plan in spite of so many distractions, this is a big question.

The answers are very simple. You have to make a routine. These are 18 minutes technic. First of all, take five minutes every morning for planning your to-do list. Remember, you have to write the work that fits in your five categories. Then, every hour you should check your productivity for a minute and see how you can improve.

The last step is to review how you spent your day every day for five minutes at the end of the day. You may ask what did you learn throughout the day? What do you want to improve?
Jack Lallan was a fitness guru. He was famous for dragging these boats by tying himself to boats full of people, swimming to a mile. It is very unique to do this, which requires a lot of power.

Jack's show used to be on TV and this show was the longest-running fitness show on America's TV. It lasted for 34 years.
People did not know that Jack was more than a TV celebrity. He made many exercise machines which were famous all over the world. One of these was the weight selectors machine used in the health club.

The secret of Jack's success was very simple. He made a solid routine for himself which he used to follow every day.
Jack would exercise for two hours every morning. Wet-lifting for one-and-a-half hours, and swim or walk for half an hour.
Jack passed away at the age of ninety, but he continued to follow his routine despite his age till the last days.

His last book was written 'Live Young Forever' which was his eleventh book. Writing a book at the age of 90 is not an easy thing, but lifting the weight in your old age is like superhuman.
Jack knew where to keep his focus and he never forgot that. He never took a day off because he used to live in the power of his routine.
If you too want to become extraordinary and successful like Jack, then you will have to make your goals your own. Start applying 18 minutes of rituals in your life and see how your life gets better every day.


So now you know how you can change your life by spending 18 minutes. After knowing this you can now relax for a while.
Whatever things you hold back, you have to leave them. Admitting your own mistakes is not a weakness, rather it is a step by which you will think better and do a good job.
You also learned how to control your reaction so that you can control your life. It does not always depend on your emotions. You need to be smart about your decisions and no matter how difficult you are, you should always take the right steps.
To change your life, you have to focus on four elements. These elements are - your strength, weakness, your differences and your passion for life.

In this book, you learned how to reduce your pills to cover five areas of your life every year. If you focus on more than five categories, you will be lost because you cannot handle them all at once.
You also learned an 18-minute routine that can help you focus and removes your distractions. To follow this routine, you should spend five minutes every morning in your planning. Then, you should check your productivity for one minute every hour and at the end of the day, you should review your entire day for five minutes.
By following this ritual daily, you can create a strong foundation for your success.
So, what are you waiting for? You can achieve your goals by using 18 minutes of technic. Make a daily routine that is made for winners.

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