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About this Book: Google is one of the most famous companies in the world known for its unique company culture and people practice. This summ...

Work rules insights from inside google - Book Summary - Laszlo Bock

About this Book:

Google is one of the most famous companies in the world known for its unique company culture and people practice. This summary will show you how Google adopted its policy so that its employees can work in that company for a long time and give their best performance. You will learn how to apply Google's principles to your company.

Who can learn from this summary?

  • Founders of start-ups
  • Businessman
  • Team Leaders
  • Managers and senior executives
  • Employees

About the author

Lazlo Bock was Senior Vice President at People Operations at Google from 2006 to 2016. During this time, Google has received the number one Best Office Award for working in the U.S. several times. Bock is now the co-founder and CEO of Humu. Humu is a start-up that helps different organizations to motivate and advance their employees.
World Rules: work rules insights from inside google - Book Summary - Laszlo Bock


How do you know if your employee is happy with your job? What do you do to make your company's reputation look good?
When a company has people practice and policies that work very well, then the business gets a lot of benefits. One of the advantages is that many of the people who work here are committed to the company. Such committed people give a lot of contribution in moving the company forward and meeting their targets.
One of these good people practice companies is Google. If you are a founder of a start up or a businessman then you can learn how Google handles its employees uniquely.
From this book you can learn that Google had a very simple beginning. You will also find out how people all over the world know Google. Google is at the forefront of taking care of its unique work culture and its employees. You will find out what Google did for it.
If you choose the principals written in this book for your business, you will see a great impact on your employees and their work. Read this book today and start paying attention to your employees. Make your company's people practice as good as Google.

Becoming a Founder

Every story starts somewhere. Do you know the story of the beginning of Google?
Google had two founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. He was the one who started Google. The two met on a Stanford University campus tour. However, the two had different backgrounds, but together they created Google. Both attended Montessori schools as children, so their ideas were inspired by these Montessori schools.
His dream was to do more than just create a search engine. They also wanted to understand how employees like to be treated. They wanted Google to be a place where it made sense to work and where its employees were free to pursue their passions. At the same time, the employees and their families should be taken care of in every possible way. But, Google was not the only company that took care of its employees, Ford & Hershey's also had good people practice which made its employees happy.
Being the founder of a company is not just a name. Being a founder is an attitude, a thought and a vision. As a leader, you have to create opportunities for everyone. Good founders help each other and pave the way for them to move forward. Together with the co-founders, you have the power to change the future of your company. Most importantly, only by working together can you make your company a success.
Google employees host Tech-Talks every month where they all come together and share their work with each other. Google has also given its employees a stake in the stock. There are few companies that do this, including Google. It is because of Google's efforts that more and more women are showing their interest in computer science and, to promote, Google has allowed its employees to bring their pets to the office. The company selected ten of its employees to launch it. Google also started giving free food to its employees, which they started with free breakfast.
In 1903, Milton S. Hershey started not only the Hershey Company but also the city of Hershey in Pennsylvania. In those days, there were 2,500 cities in the U.S. owned by companies that at one time held only 3% of the population. But, Milton S. Hershey wanted to set up a completely different city from these company-cities with trees on both sides of the roads, brick houses for single or two families living together with beautiful lawns. Cheap public transport systems were built in his city, quality public schools were set up and arrangements were made for the enjoyment of the people.
The founders of some companies adopted good people practice in their companies because they did not see their employees as money making robots. He showed the advantage of his company only in giving value to his employees. For a company to succeed, its founders must give their employees a chance to thrive and thrive, as well as take care of their needs.

Adopting Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast:

Have you ever visited a Google office? Looking at the photos of his office, you will think that work is done with fun, but along with fun and fun, there is also a big focus on culture so that the employees here can be happy. To understand how Google uses culture, you need to know about the mission, transparency, and the impact of voice.
The mission of companies is usually to make a profit, keep their customers happy or become a market leader. Such missions are only for the benefit of the business. However, Google & # 39; s mission is to gather, organize, and share information from around the world. It shows that Google's goal is not to do business but to help people around the world. This motivates their employees to do even better as they get the meaning of their jobs.
Google has kept all its information transparent like a mirror that looks through. A new software technology removes all of Google's code from day one. Because Google is transparent, its employees are able to improve their work and performance. The extent to which you want to be transparent is decided by the companies themselves but if you value your employees then you should have full transparency. Being like an open book means trusting your employees and their good judgment.
Lastly, voice means listening to the opinions of its employees in running the company, their opinions. When employees have their say, companies can make big and good decisions for themselves. Therefore, instead of goals, the emphasis should be on cultivating culture so that your employees work honestly and do not leave the company. Always remember that brilliant and talented professionals like to work where their work matters and their contribution benefits the company.
The number of people working at Google numbered in the thousands, but because of the trust in the company's mission, the employees there were united and worked together. One example of Google's mission was to create Google Street in 2007. Google founder Larry Page asked his employers why, instead of looking at any place in the map from above, why not create a map in which any place will look like in reality.
Now, with the help of Google Street View, millions of people around the world can access the internet and see every interesting place for themselves. For example, you can sit at home and see the beauty of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the view of the base camp on Mount Everest, the sea-animals of the Gal Galapagos Islands. You can see how a city or community expands and gradually everything changes.
With the help of Google Street View, the government decides which places are safe for a job and where they should invest their resources. Google's project has helped a lot of people. In addition, Google Street has made Google's employees even more involved with their company. How? The move inspired Googlers to do great work and give others a chance to help with the work.

Lake wobegon, the imaginary place where all new hires are above average (Lake wobegon, Where All The New Hires Are Above Average)
How do you make sure your employees are doing the right thing? Do you hire the best candidate for any job? Or do you hire average people and train them to be the best?

There are three reasons why you should review your company's hiring and training process. First, few companies are successful in providing good training to their employees. Second, if a company's recruiting process is good, then perhaps their process is different and special because of which they can choose the best among the best. Third, people interviewing new candidates are generally not good at interviewing. Some of the companies' representatives are even biased.
Training alone cannot make an employee the best because it is impossible to create an effective training program. Some experts believe that 90 percent of the time, no training can make an employee better in the long run. Therefore, the training that companies provide to get quality performance is a waste of money.
One thing that is not emphasized much is to consider recruitment as important. Companies should invest more in hiring people with special talent. But, it should be remembered that it will take time to hire the best employees. There is another way you can hire good people. Whenever you meet someone who is better than you in some way, hire him. In addition, your managers should be the ones who give a chance to those who are better than them. Managers should always be involved. Decisions about who will be hired in the company should not be made only by these managers.
Now let’s look at an example where you can hire someone who is better than you.
Lazlo Bock is the author of this book and also the Senior Vice President of Google's People Operations. Whenever hiring is done, they hire candidates who are better than them in one way or another. Nancy Lee is the leader of Google's Diversity and Youth Education programs. Mr. Bock hired Nancy Lee because she had a clear vision and was fearless. Bock liked these things. Karen May was Vice President of People Development and was hired by Bock because she had more emotional intelligence than Bock and was a savvy counselor. Sunil Chandra, an employee of this company, is the Vice President of Staffing and People Services and was hired because Bock felt that Sunil was a more disciplined and thoughtful person than him. Sunil used to make any process cheap, good and fast for the users.
Lazlo also noted what he could learn daily from Nancy, Karen, Sunil and other team members. Bock took a long time to hire them all. The process of hiring a candidate with special talent takes a lot of time. Out of all the candidates who come, only 10% are top performers. So there should be a lot of screening process and interviews to select them.
In fact, all the top performers in any industry do not look for another job, they enjoy their success wherever they work. It takes time to hire any exceptional and special talent, but for those like them, it makes sense to wait.

Don't trust your Gut: 

Do you believe the claim that within ten seconds of the start of an interview, it is known whether the candidate will be hired or not? If an interviewer likes you in the beginning, then he likes many other things from you. Similarly, if the interviewer dislikes you, he will find excuses to reject you.
Instead of examining a candidate properly, most interviewers make up their unilateral mind in the beginning, which is called confirmation bias. Everyone has their own thinking and perception, when an interviewer makes his opinion on the candidate based on these thoughts, without giving him full chance, this is the confirmation bias. However, there are many ways by which the confirmation bias of an interviewer and a company owner can be avoided.
First, raise the quality standard of the candidate. Clear your thinking about the quality you are looking for in a candidate. Do not compromise on the quality of the candidate to increase the hiring speed.
Second, find candidates yourself through career sites and professional links.
Thirdly, without taking any side, test the candidates without any side.
There are many techniques to access and test candidates. You ask these candidates for a sample of their work, take their cognitive tests and take formal-informal interviews. Studies have shown that instead of assessing the same method, it is better to take a test of candidates by mixing several assessments.
Finally, give these candidates a reason to join your company. You would like that his first experience with your company be very memorable. 80 percent people who have been rejected from Google, ask their friends to apply for jobs in Google.
It is also very important to give feedback, so in Google, the interviewer writes down the responses of the candidates so that they can identify good candidates. By the way, the interviewees in Google do not have only managers and executives. The old employees of the team also assess the candidates. It is believed that Google takes only the best people in its company which have the potential to become top performers.
In 2011, Archbishop Desmond Tutu was invited by the Archbishop Desmond Tutu to the Dalai Lama to deliver a speech on his birthday. The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu both received Nobel Peace Awards. Their meeting was going to be an important incident in history. But, the Chinese government came in between and convinced the Government of Africa not to grant visas to the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama could no longer attend this speech, which made Archbishop Tutu very sad.
At that time, the new Google Googler Lauren Groves launched her first product - Google Hangout. Lauren had a meeting between the Dalai Lama and the Archbishop through a Google hangout, so that despite being thousands of miles away, the two talked to each other face to face. This technique was the highlight of this celebration and Google advertised it in the New York Times. This was the initiative of the new google Lauren, who had only five days to join the company.

Why everyone dislikes performance management and what we did about it: (Why Everyone Hates Performance Management, and What We Decided to Do About It)

Our whole life is rated on the basis of our performance. Companies also continue to rate the performance of their employees. These performance evaluations are important as it helps the employees to know whether they are achieving the company's or their own personal goals. Apart from this, with the help of performance evaluation, the company is able to decide whether to increase the salary of an employee or not and to promote them.
The performance management of most companies, which are tasked with assessing performance, spend a lot of time in this work and do not even give feedback to their employees, which makes the employees unhappy. Some managers are unable to make the right performance rating due to their thinking or discrimination, which makes the employees feel that their ratings are wrong.
Do you want to know how Google faced these challenges and how you can apply it in your company?
First thing, set the balls correctly. Tell all employees about these goals. Every three months, Larry sets Page Objective and Key Results (OKR) and all employees have to match their OKR to Google's OKR.
In this, the objective are long-time goals while the key results are small goals with the help of which you can achieve those objectives. For those working in Google, websites that are made, that employees can see these OKRs in that internal site so that they can track the performance of themselves and others as well.
Secondly, get feedback from those who work together. Feedback should be taken not only from the managers but also from other members of the team. All the members of the team should review each other's performance.
Third, a calibration process should be maintained. In this calibration process, managers should sit together and consider the ratings of all the employees. This also ends the bias and the performance management process also works better.
Lastly, while talking about performance rating with employees, keep the rewards and development issues separately. Normally, Google's annual performance review takes place in November and the next month there is a discussion about salary. This is because Google believes that development and rewards are very different things from each other.

It's not all fun and easy: (It's Not All Rainbows and Unicorns)

No organization or company is perfect. There are mistakes in some things, but it is important that how the company learns from these mistakes and how to deal with its consequences. Do you also believe this? Like any other company, Google too had made mistakes in its people practice. The challenge for Google was how to do good work even in difficult times, while retaining the value of the company. If someone makes a mistake in the company, whether it is a manager or any other employee, everyone should know about that mistake. In this way, it is very important to stay transparent. This makes everyone aware of the situation and such a mistake can be avoided again.
The second thing that you should always remember is to deny your share or rights. Sometimes, when you get something, you feel that you are the best person and no one is worth it except you. It is a natural thing to come to mind, but it can be overcome with responsibility and practice. Whenever the benefits are given to the employees of the company, make them feel responsible.
Whenever you take a decision for the company, include everyone in it. Seek advice from wherever you are. Maybe some employees are very shy and they are hesitant to give their opinion, their opinion. Such people are not able to express their opinion even after asking. But, it is important that no matter how long it takes, everyone's opinion should be known in changing the policy of the company or in any other change.
Whatever is wrong, fix it. If your employees are in any difficulty, you should come forward and give any solution immediately. Once everything is correct, then everyone should accept their mistake and ask them to learn from it.
In 2008, a chef at Google offered a sweet dish at lunch named "Free Tibet Goji-Chocolate Cream Pie with McDemasia Coconut Date Crust". After the introduction of this menu, a google wrote an e-mail to the management that if the dish would not be extended in the context of this dish, he would leave the company in protest against it.
The Goji berries that Chef had poured into the sweet dish that day came from Tibet and since all the dishes were served free in Google, the chef named it Free-Tibet. There was a political debate among Googleners with this name, which was about Tibet getting free from China. The sad thing was that due to this the chef was suspended by his manager for three days.
After this incident, Lazlo felt the freedom of speech in Google, the need for freedom of speech. He thought that if Googleners were punished for such small things, then how can they trust their company and its mission. Bock called the chef back to work, thanks to a lot of Googlers thanking Bock and the management. This was a very important step for freedom of speech. By the way, debating on something was not a crime at all.


In this book you learned why people practice is so important and what is the contribution in keeping its employees happy. You learned all this from the Google company exam.
You know, being the founder of a company, people need to give opportunities to grow and move forward. You also learned what are the benefits of keeping culture in a company. The mission of the company is not just to earn profit or to provide the best service to the customers, they also have some moral responsibility, so that those working here, along with their work, also realize that they are doing something good for the society. . By doing this, the employees will not feel like their workload.
You also learned that instead of training, you should invest in recruitment. People with special talent take time to hire, but whatever time it takes, it is beneficial to wait. Give people reasons to join your company. Apart from this, you have learned that to rate the performance of the employees, not only the manager but also those who work together should be consulted. In order to take the right decision in the matter of increasing the appraisal or salary, all the people of the team should be involved.
In the end, you have learned that if there is a mistake in the people management, then by acknowledging your mistake in front of everyone, it should be rectified. By doing this, the rest of the company will also learn from this mistake and will never repeat it.
It is a big responsibility to be the leader of all. Are you also ready to face this challenge by becoming a leader? It is true that it is not easy to manage all the people of a company. There will be many difficulties ahead of you, especially when you handle people of different mindsets, their different personality and different backgrounds. But, you always have to remember that you are also a leader and have not become a leader without any reason.
Becoming the leader of others is not just a matter of power and authority, with this you should give others a chance to come forward and also help them reach their destination. Always remember that in any organization, its employees are a very important part, so take them along your path of success.

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