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Summaries World About This Book: Imagine a magical doll that makes your job chance bigger, or fulfils your dreams. If you had received such ...

Summaries World

About This Book:

Imagine a magical doll that makes your job chance bigger, or fulfils your dreams. If you had received such a piece, you would surely have taken it, right? But regrettably, there is no such pudding. But, the good news is that you can take more effective things than that and that is emotional intelligence. In this book, you will learn how to express your emotions in a healthy way, by understanding the feelings of yourself and others.

Who can learn from this summery?

• Employee and manager
All kinds of people

About author:

Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves are co-authors of the book "Emotional Intelligence 2.0" and "Leadership 2 .0". He is also the co-founder of a consultancy agency called TalentSmart. This agency gives emotional intelligence tests and training to Fortune 500 companies. Both authors have done P.HD in industrial-organizational psychology.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 - Book summary - Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves

Let's We Start Summary:


  • What do you think is the formula for success?
  • Do you think there is only one reason behind this? 
  • Can you build a relationship for success? 
  • Is there a place for your feelings in your career?

In this book, you will know why the average IQ (intelligence quotient) has a better performance 70% of the time than the high IQ ones. It is very surprising that only 20% of the times people with high IQ have been able to beat the average IQ.

The reason behind this is that people may have more intelligence, but it is not necessary that they also have emotional intelligence. There are four dimensions to EQ (emotional intelligence). This is self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

In Self -awareness, you will understand why it is important for you to connect with your emotions. With self-management, you will learn how important it is to be self-aware.
In social -awareness, you will realize how wrong the way you were listening and understanding the people before. Finally, from relationship management, you will see how many benefits you get by connecting these four dimensions together.

Working on yourself can be very confusing. You do not know what is your thing that needs improvement. Understanding your emotional intelligence will help you in this. This book will make you identify with your EQ and you will become a better person.

What is emotional intelligence?

Long ago, people thought that having a high IQ level alone was enough for success. If you are very smart, then companies will definitely put you on the job. However, a lot of study results turned out to be confusing. It was revealed that people with high IQ performed only 20% better than average IQ people.

Researchers were very surprised that people with average IQ beat high IQ people 70% of the time. After many years of research, it came to know that Emotional intelligence (EQ) has a big hand in the success of any human being.

Emotional intelligence means the ability to recognize and accept the feelings of oneself and others. EQ, using this awareness, helps improve your relationship and behaviour. Now that you have come to know that Emotional intelligence is also something, now you will wonder why it is needed?

If you want to do a job, you will need to work on your EQ and, when it comes to handling your relationship, then EQ is also important that. A study of some authors found that emotional intelligence is the "foundation" of many important skills. You can consider EQ as a tree that has its leaves - communication, empathy, time management, etc.

EQ is so important because when it comes to the job performance of a man, 58% of the time success is due to it. Your emotional intelligence can make you and even spoil you. If you want to be successful and satisfied, then first you have to work on your emotional intelligence skills. In the following chapters, we will discuss the four dimensions of EQ.

The Emotional Intelligence's First Dimension: Self-Awareness

When you are self-aware, you can understand what you are feeling in every situation. Spending time thinking about your emotions is called working on self-awareness. what makes you angry? What makes you happy? You need to understand why some things make us react. If you take some time to understand yourself, then you will be surprised how much you can know.

Imagine a case, let's say your day in office was very bad because your boss blamed you for missing a deadline. You try to control your anger. You want to shout at your boss because it was not your fault, it was the fault of the person working with you. Before you could say anything, the boss fired you and, by the time you reach your house, your face is red with anger.

Then, you see your child playing in the mud. Shouts at him and says that he is messing himself up. The child cries because he is scared to see your anger. On a typical day, you do not get angry on this matter at all. As soon as you realize this, you begin to feel anxious that whenever something goes wrong in your office, you throw anger at your child.

If you want to practice self-awareness in this situation, then you have to check whether what you are doing is right or not. You know that there was no mistake in your child. You will understand through self-awareness what you should do right in this situation.

If you have self-awareness, then you will be able to work on yourself in a healthy way. You will not be afraid to understand your emotions, and you will know how to deal with them when needed. As far as you can stop emotions, they stay there. If you are always afraid, but you do not know the reason for this, then in this way you will lose a lot of opportunities. Something similar happens when anger dominates you. If you know about the bad parts of your feelings then only then you will be able to do something about it and you will be able to get your full potential.

The authors of this book, along with other research people, created an Emotional Intelligence Appraisal Test. It helps you to know your EQ better and gives a score on the areas in which you are good and also in which you need to work.

Dave is a Regional Service Manager and his score was 95 on the Emotional Intelligence Appraisal Test. This means that he is in touch with his EQ. But initially, Dave's scores were not so high, but whatever steps were needed to increase the score, Dave took it and he also benefited from it.

As Dave showed improvement, the people working in his office noticed a difference in him. Those who worked with him said that Dave has become more determined and hardworking than before. Whenever there was a big flaw in Dave's team, Dave would get angry, then he would start looking for a solution.

Tina is a marketing manager and has a self-awareness score of 69. People who worked with him saw that Tina could not work at all under pressure and used to get very upset. Tina used to let her emotions dominate herself and take out her irritations over others. It would be better for her if she knew her habits better and worked on them.

Self-awareness strategies:

It is difficult to tell whether the stage you are in is self-awareness or not. This line is not visible. The journey of self-awareness is a lifetime. It is about identifying yourself by looking inside yourself.

When you are not in touch with your emotions, then all these emotions come out strangely. Sometimes it even surprises you because sometimes it suddenly comes out without telling you. You get surprised when even a small "no" bothers you for several days or when someone makes a slight mess, you get very angry. That is, your feelings do not match any of your situations. This shows that you have to do something about it.

Whenever it comes to self-awareness, you have to be honest with yourself. When you start paying attention to your own things that you did not know about earlier, then understand that you are on the right path. For example, you may feel that you are venting your anger on someone else. In other situations, you may realize that you make things bigger than necessary.

Authors have told about a strategy to help you become self-aware. This is the strategy - "Observe the Ripple Effect".

Just like a stone falling in water, your emotions create ripples in other people. A ripple is born when a manager shouts at one of his employees in front of all the other employees and insults him. It seems that only the employee who was initiated has been affected, but it is not so. All those employees who were present there also felt as if they too were scolded. Everyone spends the whole day thinking that they do not know when to face the anger of the boss.

You should remember that your emotions affect not only you but also other people. Observe the ripple effect of your emotions above other people. People who have been affected by your emotions, you can also ask those people how they felt. When you are able to understand the effects of your emotions, then you will know what kind of ripple you want to make on people.

The Second Dimension of Emotional Intelligence: Self-Management

Self-management depends on your self-awareness. This is your ability to use your awareness for your emotions. Whenever there is talk of your emotions, you use it in a very flexible way. This is to show your habits in a way that has a good effect on yourself and others.
In simple language, self-management is to know how you can manage the emotional reaction associated with everything. Emotion can spoil your decision-making power, so knowing how to rid yourself of these situations is a big skill.

Self-management is also about delaying meeting the needs of some of your moments. Like, maybe now your mind is trying to abuse your colleague whom you do not like. You can delay this momentary need or stop yourself from fulfilling it because you have to get other important goals.

In such a situation you will not be angry with that colleague because you have more important goals such as completing a project. It is not easy to stop yourself, so your commitment to self-management will be tested again and again. You will get success only when you will not let these momentary needs dominate you.

In the EQ test, the self-management score of Lane, a healthcare administrator, is 93. Those who work with Lane say that even in the midst of the heated debate, Lane remains calm and understanding. Lane remains absolutely calm even when his emotions dominate the rest of the people. When a difficult task like an employee has to be removed from work, then the lane is very sensitive and does not talk about it clearly. In a Crisis situation, many people come near the lane.

Mei, a regional sales director, has a self-management score of 61. When Mei is in a bad mood, all the people in the office are affected by her mood. Negativity is seen from them. Because he is a leader, everyone is stressed because of him.

Self-management strategies:

Self-management is not just about controlling your emotions. Authors compare our emotion to a volcano. Before the lava erupts, there is a lot of stirring beneath the volcano's surface. In the same way, before anger erupts, a lot goes on inside you. You have to pay attention to these emotions. Of course, self-management cannot happen without self-awareness. Identify what you are feeling. You cannot respond to your feelings until you feel your feelings.

When you self-manage yourself, then you prepare a path of success for yourself. It also means that now you will not disappoint others, or they will not hate you. Many good things come out when you know about your own emotions (self-awareness) and you know how to respond to these emotions (self-management).

You can control your complicated problem and find your goal. Self-management also brings flexibility to you. You will react properly in the situation of any change and you will not get angry. This helps you in taking the right and productive decision.

Authors adjust a strategy - create a list of emotion versus region.
By creating a list of Emotion versus Reason, you get help in taking the right decision. Mostly the fight between your emotions and your logical mind goes on. Both sides pull you towards them. If you do not understand which side you should go to, then you have to take a paper and draw a line in the middle.

By making a list, your mind will be able to see clearly. Write in the right side column what your emotions are asking you to do. Write in the left column what the mind giving you reason is saying. After this, ask yourself a question as to where your emotion is surrounding your judgment and, where your logical mind is ignoring the signal of your emotion.

You may have experienced such a moment when you have allowed your feelings to come in your way. However, it is also not right to always be logical. With this, you feel and act like a robot. Next time, when you do not understand in which direction you should go, then you should take the help of this list. With this, you can organize your thoughts and get a better decision.

The Third Dimension of Emotional Intelligence: Social Awareness

It is like self-awareness, but this time it is about other people, when you know the emotions of other people and understands why they are feeling like this. This can be very difficult to do, especially when the feelings of Auro do not match your thoughts and feelings. If you think about the feelings of others, then it helps you to focus. It also helps you to gather the information that you did not see before.

There are two elements of social awareness - listening and watching carefully means observing. If you have to do both these things correctly, then you should stop talking and stop thinking about your next argument as well. You should let go of selfish concerns. Recognize the needs of others, listen to others and pay attention to them, then you will understand their feelings.

Alphonso is a pharmaceutical sales manager and his social -awareness score is 96. They understand the feelings of others, the office people praise them a lot. For this reason, he was able to improve his relationship with others. That is why many people are also his faithful. Alphonso is a big hit even among clients and they remain the customers of their store.

Cragg is an attorney with a social awareness score of 55. The way they treat the people who work with them, that is how their score gets revealed. Everyone says that Cragg should be a patient and thinker of others. This clearly shows that Cragg has absolutely no understanding of the feelings and thinking of others. What people are saying, Cragg gives just as much attention so that he can answer them. Actually, crags don't listen to people, which is a very disappointing thing. In front of people, Cragg's identity has become such that it shows that he does not include the input of others at all.

Social awareness strategies:

Self-awareness is to look inside yourself and know yourself. Self-awareness is to look outside and learn about people. Being socially aware will help you understand the experiences of others. Why is it so important? Because you will learn to strengthen your relationship. With this, you will get to know someone better and more.

Social awareness occurs when you know that you cannot ask for help right now because your friend's mood is not working right now. This happens when you go to a lonely student because you know he has to make friends. Social Awareness helps you to understand things not spoken by the words of people, such as understanding body language.

Here is a strategy that can make you socially aware - that is to look at body language.
Many of us say something and we mean something else. Seeing the body language of the people, understanding them makes things clear for us. Body language never lies. Seeing this, you can easily understand what the front is actually feeling. Once you understand this, then you know what you have to say or what to give a response.

To read a person, read his entire body language. Start with that person's eyes. Eyes say a lot. However, you do not have to stare too much, otherwise, people will be afraid of you. Keeping regular eye contact makes people appear to be trustworthy and honest, and those who break their eye contact may mean they are restless or cheating.

Someone's smile also says a lot. That smile is a true smile if, during the smile, the edges of the eyes become wrinkled. If not made, it may be that the smile is false. Looking at the body, understand if his posture is stressed or relaxed. Once you learn these correctly, you will start focusing not only on the things of the people but also on their body language.

The Fourth Dimension of Emotional Intelligence: Relationship Management

Relationship management requires EQ skills, which we mentioned earlier. This is EQ skills - self-awareness, self-management, and social awareness. To manage your relationship successfully, you should know your own emotions and then others too. Relationship management has many advantages. It helps you to communicate better so that you can make a better connection with others. The more you improve your relationship management, the more you will feel its impact. You will find that you are understanding others better now, and you will also understand how to treat others. If you want to change something in the treatment, then they will also be able to do it.

If you cannot connect a relationship with someone, then you will find it difficult to keep your talk in front of them. People will listen to you, for this you will have to practice relationship management. This is very difficult to do, especially in stressful situations.

A study conducted by Auther found that 70% of the participants had difficulty in handling stress. So it is not surprising that it is not easy to build a relationship, especially in a place of work where stress levels are very high. People are raging and uncontrollable. Some people do not want to talk about work or do it, then they do it without will. Some people are not active and think that the atmosphere of stress is beyond their control. Relationship management can save you from all these situations.

Gayle is a Chief Financial Officer and has a Relationship Management Score of 95. People who work with him feel that he can talk with Gail anytime. Gail understands others well and gives people a safe environment to talk sensitively. Gail has a very close and professional relationship with her workmates.

When it comes to elevating people, Gail never forgets to praise those who do good work. Even if you have made a mistake, Gail does not let you down but instead asks you to learn from that mistake.

Drew is a sales manager with a Relationship Management score of 66. Those who worked with him saw that Drew believed those people who did not agree with him. Drew used to do this only in front of everyone, which caused a ripple effect on other people. It used to be that the employee who Drew considered a threat to himself, other people also started to consider him as a threat. Because of their thinking, instead of teaching people, they create a rift between people.

Relationship Management Strategies:

It takes a lot of energy and effort to work on a relationship. There is a lot of fret in doing this, but applying it to handle it will only help. Remember that relationship management requires another EQ dimension. You have to be self-aware about your feelings. You use self-management to express your feelings to others. In the end, what the front wants and is feeling, with the help of social-awareness, they give their response on it.

The strategy that the author has given to improve his relationship management is to remain open and have a desire to know. Yes, it is not easy to know the people who work with you. You can also panic. However, maintaining your relationship with the people is a part of your job.

Opening with those who work with you is the first step for you. You tell them about yourself. If you are unconfirmed to open too much, then start with only small things. When people start getting to know about you, they will never misunderstand you.

For the exam, if someone comes late during your presentation, then the anger on your face will be visible and people will feel that you are nervous and strict. But, if you have already told everyone that you were in the army first, then they will know what time means for you.

Being open and wanting to know is like a two-way street. You should know more about people so that they do not misunderstand you. Ask people questions about them and show their interest in their answers as well. Do not ask questions that judge the people as much as possible. For the exam, if you ask someone, "Why did you study Philosophy after all?", The front will start to feel unconfirmed and defensive. Instead of asking like this, you should ask - "Wow! Philosophy. What do you like most about it?" Your tone will sound friendly and it will also treat you in a friendly way.


You learned about emotional intelligence, that is, EQ. Your EQ has a big role in getting success. Emotional intelligence is your ability to understand the emotions of yourself and others. You use this ability to improve yourself and your relationship.

Your EQ has four dimensions - self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

Self-awareness is to know what emotion you are feeling in every situation. You are able to face your feelings because you know that by doing this you can know yourself even better.
Self-management depends on your self-awareness. You know your emotional reaction, so you do not let it dominate you. By managing yourself properly, you can avoid making a decision in a hurry. With this, you can stop yourself from saying the things that you do not want to say.
Social awareness is like self-awareness, but it is about others. There are two ways to recognize and understand the feelings of others: to listen to them and to observe them. If you listen to others, it is not just because you have to talk with them. Observe their behaviour so that you know how you can approach them.

Relationship management requires all EQ skills. It takes time to build a good relationship, but it has many benefits. By using self-awareness and social awareness, you put emotions in their place. Then, you communicate by moving ahead of it. Relationship management also means solving conflicts better.

It is not easy to work on yourself and your relationship with others. Anyway, we all have different views and personalities. But, all this is important because it makes you a better person. Not only this, you open yourself up to opportunities and relationships.
You should not stop working on yourself. To build a relationship, always remember that no man can live alone like an island. You may feel that you can do everything alone but it is not possible to do so. The connection we make with others makes our life meaningful and satisfying. Improve yourself because you deserve it. Others should also look their best.

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  • Or, to date, you have only seen the dreams of others but not of yourself? 
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This book is actually a manual that takes you to step by step forward. This book will teach you how success is achieved. If you too are dreaming some big dreams, then this book will help you to start your journey and will give you directions so that you can set your goals clearly and make your dreams come true. And the most interesting thing about this book is that in every chapter of this book you will get an action plan which you can practice like an exercise. In this book, you will find the secret that successful people apply in life. If you too are a fan of success, then stay with us to know about the inner working of this book.

Importance of Attitude: Building a Positive Attitude

Of course, you must be wondering why some people, organizations or some companies are more successful than others. So the answer to this question is quality. When we talk about quality, it means Quality of People and Business Choice. There is a lot of importance in the world of success that separates the successful people from the losers. It is known that any strong building starts with a strong foundation. Every successful business starts with TQP ie Top Quality People.

These are the people that you once included in your team, these are the people who have a strong desire, to make the quality of your business the best, to take it to the top. Studies have proved that most people get jobs not because of their resume but because of their attitude. Actually, keeping a positive attitude about your business and life is the secret to your success. And our attitude depends on our environment and our experience. The person who keeps a positive outlook always cares for others before himself. A positive person is one who is always confident, patient and resourceful.

To be included in the list of top quality people, you have to be positive. And do daily practise for this so that it is included in your habit. Educate yourself. Also, if you keep yourself away from negative people and negative TV programs or such entertainment, then it will be better. We tell you how the life of an African farmer changed after meeting a wise man. Hafiz was happy with his farming and was living a happy life. But the simple words of a wise man changed his life like a miracle. The wise man told Hafiz that Diamond can make him very rich. If he has a diamond as big as a thumb, then he can buy an entire city. And if he has a diamond as big as his fist, then he can buy the entire country only.

Hearing these words of the Wise Men, Hafeez did not sleep all night. He was not happy with his condition, so he decided to sell his farm and find a diamond. After reaching here for a long time, he reached Spain. By now his condition was quite bad, he was so tired and in such a state that he had given up hope of getting diamonds in a way. Fed up with life, he jumped into the river and gave his life. But Hafeez did not know what happened after he left his house.
The man who bought his field found diamonds in the river near the fields one day. Actually, it happened that one day that man was sitting on the bank of the river and seeing the morning scene, then he saw something shining in the water. When the Wise Men came to meet the new owner of the farm, both of them saw that Hafeez was sleeping on a diamond mine, but he was unaware of it. This thing proves how important a positive attitude is in life. Had Hafeez been positive and believed in his assets, he might have been the richest person. But sadly, due to his negative attitude, he became hopeless and gave his life in vain.
"Just like a passport is a prerequisite to travel the world,
 similarity, high self-esteem is pre-requisite
 to lead a meaningful life confidently"

Success: Winning Strategies:

We know that we get success only because of our attitude. And our attitude depends on our choice. So this means that success is a matter of choice and not luck. That is, the marks are not a matter of luck but of choice. To get ahead in life, we have to find opportunity, rather we have to sit with our hands on our hands. Success is a subjective word, the name of the Journey to achieve your goals one after the other is a success, no matter how many Obstacles have to face. There will be no such success story in history, which has not come in the way.

You will remember the story of Thomas Edison, right? He had failed some 10,000 times before inventing the light bulb. For success, it is very important to have a mentality that can produce a strong desire, commitment and responsibility in you. You should also have a desire to work harder than others. Remember, success is only met by those who have patience, think about others and always carry a positive attitude. Along with this, you should be able to manage your time so that you get the best results and you do not have to retreat into any of the deficits. Most of the people reach very close to the floor and suddenly retreat.

The reason for this is that these people have lost hope, they feel that they will not work anymore. But we will tell you that you take the risk and move forward. If you want to step into the world of business, then come with full preparation. The Philosophy of Lodge of Nature will be of great use to you. Make your Mistakes your biggest lesson and thank what you have got. Once there was a young man who asked Socrates what is the secret of success? On this, Socrates asked him to meet the bank of the Next Day River.

The next day, both of them were talking on the banks of the river that suddenly Socrates grabbed the man by the neck and started immersing him in the river. The man began to wiggle his hands and feet to escape. His breath was suffocating. He tried his best to free himself, but Socrat's hold was quite strong. The man was struggling with full force. His entire face turned blue. Then suddenly Socrates loosened his grip and released him. The man came out of the water and started taking long breaths. Socrates then asked him, "What were you thinking when you were underwater?" What were you feeling most in need of at that time?

"Wind" the man replied. Socrates said, "On the day you consider success as important as the wind is for you at this time, believe me, you will surely get success on that day." Socrates had a little bit of a way to teach Socrates here, but his influence was far greater. The day you have such a strong desire, you will also be able to wash your hands behind success.

Motivation: Motivating Yourself and Others Everday

The most important question is not how to do something, but why you are not already doing that work. By the way, most people know what they need to do to become successful, but they do not know why they are not starting that thing right now and from now on. You are inspired by others, that's a good thing, but you will be fat weight only when you change your action plan. Your inner values ​​are the most Lasting Motivation Source of your life. People whose life has certain targets, some goals, those people feel more motivated than Hemsha others. Often external factors such as fear, money, or incentives make us feel motivated. But there are also some internal factors such as a sense of pride, sense of achievement, responsibility and caring for others, etc.

You can also help others to get motive, by giving them help and respect or by recognizing their work which they display. According to the need of the people, always challenge them to do some battering. There is a story of a boy who used to play soccer on his school team. The boy was always reserving because his coach did not trust him.

Whenever there was a school match, the father of that boy always came to see, although his son never got a chance to play. Then gradually the boy stopped coming into practice. But suddenly one day he came back into practice again. This time he seemed quite confident. The final match of his school was about to take place. He rushed the coach to keep him in the match, but the coach refused, saying that there is a question of the school's response and he does not want to take any chances. But upon repeated request of the boy, the coach finally had to agree. And when the match started, everyone was surprised to see the performance of that boy, he was being scored goal by goal. The boy was the star of the entire game.

When the game was over, the coach asked him "How did you do it?" Because that boy was never good at soccer but today he suddenly emerged as a star. The boy said, "I was able to perform well because my father came to watch the match". But his father was not there at all. So where has your father asked the coach? The boy said that my father was blind, he always used to come to his practice but could not see anything, but today when he is not in this world, he will be watching him playing from heaven above and will be very happy. So if you also have a strong motivation, then you too can become the star of your life, just set a clear goal, keep high expectation and keep moving forward in life.

Self-Esteem: Building a Positive Self Esteem and Image

What do you think about yourself, this thing makes a great matter. If your self-esteem changes, then your performance will also change. You will feel Motivated, Happy and Ambassies. You have to avoid people with low self-esteem because these people are neither responsible nor do they ever play their promises. Such people are often negative approaches, with whom you too will go on becoming negative and this thing is not good for your business at all.

Some people pretend like their self-esteem is very high and people believe them too. But the self-esteem is seen through our actions and not with talk. What we like, what we don't know, it shows from our Self Esteem. So there is no use to pretend while reality becomes our action through the show. How you have been raised, this thing is directly related to our Self Esteem. Your environment affects your personality to a great extent. And your education plays the same important role. Dysplasia is also very important.

People who grew up with a firm bailiff system know how important it is to love themselves, such people never run away from their responsibility. Living in the discipline is not against freedom, rather the guide guides us towards the right direction, shows us the right path. The secret of success is not that we do what we like but what we do, we should do it with our whole heart. Life is not perfect, a person should be so confident that we can handle every situation you have in life. To build positive self-esteem, you have to get rid of your painful memories, remember you're positive experience, keep moving forward by igniting your limitations, be helpful, give people compliments and accept those who praise you from the heart.

Proceeding with this kind of approach will make it even easier for you to set goals and achieve them. Wilma was quite young when she had a high fever. Due to this fever, there was paralysis in his body. Then her age was only four years and the doctor said that now she will never be able to stand on her feet in life. But Wilma had big dreams in his eyes. She wanted to become the world's fastest athlete. Despite the doctor's repeated refusal, Wilma's mother supported her. Her mother was confident that one day her daughter will show her dreams come true.

If you believe in yourself, then what can a human being do with his hard work and dedication. One day Wilma removed the braces from her feet. She was stepping on the ground for the first time today after so much time. She wanted to run, wanted to race on the track. So Wilma started racing in competitions. But she always came last at the finish line. Likewise, many years passed. Wilma did not give up. She ran race after race until she won one day. Then she went to University where she found a good coach.

When he shared his dream with the coach, he too was convinced of Wilma's positive spirit. Wilma went to the Olympics where she competed with the fastest running lady. But Wilma defeated the lady and won all three races and returned home three gold medals. Wilma did what the doctors thought was impossible. He created history. In 1960 she was the first Paralytic woman to win an Olympic race.

Interpersonal Skills: Building a Pleasing Personality

George Washington once said, "What the world needs is not product knowledge, but people knowledge." That is, the world needs people knowledge, not product knowledge. People need to be charismatic and they have to take care of others and connect with them. Building a strong connection in the business world is very important. Life is like an echo. Whatever you give to the world, the same will come back to you. If you give people love and positive vibes, then you will get the same thing in return.

So avoid situations that prevent you from building a good relationship with others. Instead of the Dishonest, Rude and Selfish approach, they were treated responsibly and lovingly with the people. And in order to develop a good personality, you have to be responsible, understand the experiences of others, complete the promissure you have done. Avoid performing as much as possible in compulsions and critiques. If someone missteps, forgive him as human behaviour and make a habit of listening more than speaking. Recognizing your mistake immediately is the hallmark of a good personality.

This is what a leader bean does. Remember this, Hamsha, that no one is perfect in this world. Therefore, it is useless to argue the mistakes of others. If you try to avoid arguments, there will be a batter, instead, do a fruitful discussion. Remember, good friends also belong to those who are good friends themselves. Let's hear a story on this, once there were two farmers who used to share things among themselves. The first one was a baker and the second one sold butter. The baker who used to give fresh bread to another farmer used to give one pound of butter in return.

One day, Baker wondered whether the weight of the second farmer who gave him the butter was really a pound or not. So to clear his doubts, he ordered a scale and weighed the butter. His suspicions turned out to be true, whatever butter he was getting till today, he was getting less than one pound of weight. He got very angry at this cheating of another farmer. He decided on another farmer to decide this matter and the matter reached the court.

The judge asked the other farmer what scales you use to weigh the butter. The second farmer said, "I don't have any scales." I use the bread loaf of this baker to weigh the butter because I always feel that it sends me a pound of bread. Now it is clear that if there is a cheater in this story, it is the former farmer. That is, what we give to others comes back to us. So always keep positivity and a good attitude. Because that is what you will get in return.

Subconscious Mind and Habit: Building a Pleasing Personality

We are all born to be successful. We all have the power that we can become great in our life. But what keeps us from moving forward is the rules and regulations of this society.

Often we feel that successful people make every work very easy. But these people are not different from us, these people have learned so much from their experience that success becomes a Habit for them. And these people go on doing everything from the subconscious mind. Social norms do not matter to them nor do they affect their nature. Because these people are so focused and determined. So get used to the good habits from now on. These habits will give you success one day. And start making yourself ready for success from today itself. That is, positive habits such as the Choice of Books that you read to date, the movies you watched, and the podcast you were listening to, a success all around you Create an atmosphere.

When you start with your Congress behaviour, your unconscious mind will follow itself. And we all know how powerful our unconscious mind is because it is internal. He does not think and does not ask any questions. It only follows the Congress mind. So focus on the action by removing fear and hegemony. By the way, the body and mind are barely controlled and the Habits are not able to change so easily. In particular, our mind does not adapt so much to any chase. But you should remain positive and always imagine the big picture.

Habits do not build overnight, for this, Discipline and Patience are required. We will tell you a 12 days formula that will teach you how to form habits. First of all, you have to focus on your self-talk. That is, quit making negative comments about yourself as we often say "I am Tired". Add more positive comments to your daily practice. The author is telling us the story of his refusal. He has two refuses who like to play tennis. Once his father was compelling how much money he had to spend because of this habit of his two sons. So the author said to him, "Playing tennis instead of sitting empty at home all day in some bed habits is a better option."
When the fathers of the children noticed this, they were also realized that playing tennis for their positive personality development inside their children would be quite affordable. This keeps them engaged so that they will not fall prey to any bad habit. Anyway, an empty mind is the house of the devil. Our life is like a vacuum. If you do not cultivate positive habits, then it will not take long for you to get negative habits. Therefore, you need to be alert whether you are becoming a victim of a bad habit. Where are your habits taking you? To success or to failure? It depends on your answer that where you see yourself in the future. So from today onwards, get serious about your habits and convert your negative into positive.

Goal Setting: Setting and Achieving Your Goals

People who do not have a clear vision about their life, they never get the destination. Such people just keep wandering from here to lifetime. There is a lot of difference between setting goals and fulfilling dreams and wishes. There is always a lack of special direction in dreams. But setting goals is very important for success. If you do not know where you want to go in life, then you will not be able to reach anywhere. It is not that everyone sets goals for themselves. Most people remain negative and scared about life.

They dote on whether they will be able to achieve anything in life or not, that is why these people remain satisfied with what they got in life. But here comes a difference. Ambition is what distinguishes the Great People from the Normal. You should know that your balls should be smart. Some such special statements like "I want to build a six-pack". Also, your pills should also be adjustable so that you can track your progress. So they should be realistic and achievable. Do not set a goal that is impossible, which is difficult for you. Finally, your pills should be bound within a time limit. For example, if you want to make a six-pack, then give yourself time for six months.

Goals can be of both short or long term type. Sometimes when people focus on a particular goal, they often become so involved in it that they forget the rest. But we have to keep in mind that there is a balance between our work and life. You also have to keep your health and family in mind. Maintaining focus is a good thing, but enjoying life is equally important. For example, we take the story of Florence Chadwick, who was a famous swimmer.

He had crossed the English Channel and now he had a bigger goal in front of it. Florence had thought that she would now cross the Catalina channel. The whole world was watching when she was going ahead by ripping cold and fog sheet. Even she is not scared of the shark fish coming in the way. She was constantly swimming but she could not see the land due to fog. Finally, she got so tired that she gave up. Even after getting very close to the floor, he gave up on the last moment. And this happened only because Florence's vision was not clear. After about two months, Florence tried again, and this time he won. He won this race for two hours in Man's World Record.

This story tells us the importance of a clear vision. If you do not see your goal clear then you will give up before you reach the floor.

Values ​​and Vision: Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason

How do we check whether our value system is right or not? How should we judge that what we are doing is doing right? But this is a bit tricky question because the values ​​are subjective. Because everyone sees this world from their perspective. So how do we disguise it? So there are two tests from which we can check our values. First, is a test which is called the Mama test. If you are doing something, then ask yourself whether your mother will feel proud of your work or not.

If she does, then you are walking on the right path, and if not, you need to bring changes in your values. The second test is the Baba test. This is also the same method, the only difference is that this time you should consider yourself as a father and think that your children will judge you. Whenever you do something, think that your imaginary children are watching you. Will he feel proud of his father? If yes then it is ok otherwise you know where to bring the changes. You can change your values ​​by practice. Your values ​​are important because it will decide who you are and what you want from life.

If you value values ​​then your life will become miserable. Because values ​​are the identity of your existence, you have to start from them. Your right values ​​will give a purpose to your life. When you know the purpose of your life, then your vision will also be clear. You will know in which direction you are going and what you will find there. A clear vision builds on good values ​​that take your life to the right path. Here we will hear the story of a king, King Midas. King Midas loved gold a lot.

The more gold came to him, the more his greed was increasing. He had collected gold everywhere. One day a stranger came to King Midas. The Strange man told him that he could fulfil one of his wishes. He will get whatever he asks for. Now because Raja loved Gold, he told Stranger to give me such power that whatever I touch, it turns into Gold. Midas wanted to convert everything in his kingdom into gold. The stranger told him that by tomorrow morning your wish will be fulfilled.

The next day, when the King woke up, he touched his bed which turned into gold. King Midas began to dance happily. He saw his daughter in the garden outside the window. She was very happy to see her daughter. He tried to read the book but it had become gold. He tried to eat, but the food had become gold, now how could he eat gold? The king was suffering from hunger. But the biggest disaster happened when the king's daughter came running to her and started sitting on her lap. As soon as King Midas touched her she turned into gold. The king was sadly crying.

He started cursing himself, he was very sorry why he asked for such a wish. That's when Stranger came back and asked "What do you want now?" The king said take back my wish and make everything right. The king now wanted his daughter back, not gold, without which he could not even live. The king's wish was cancelled and his daughter had become like before. The king was very happy to get his daughter again and he also understood what was the most important thing in life. Just like this king, if we do not check our values, then we can also waste our time by focusing on something wrong. We have to decide what is most important for us because only then we will be able to set a clear goal to achieve it.


This book does not tell you what you should do to become a winner. Rather, this book tells you what you should do that makes you a winner. Success is the product of our lessons mind. It is not according to our environment but our rate of success depends on our personality and our values. In this book, we read why it is important to have a positive attitude in life. In this, we also learned about the Motivation and Importance of High Self-Esteem which is very important for a successful life build.

Do not forget that suddenly you do not get success overnight. For this, you also have to maintain a good relationship with others. It is important to have your personality planning and inviting, remember that life is like a boomerang, you will get what you give. We also learned that we have to set such smart goals that are specialized, are measurable, are achievable, are realistic and are time-bound. And these pills are also based on the right values, it is also very important. Because we cannot live a life based on negative habits and wrong values.
So you have to focus on your vision, keep improving yourself, and share happiness in the world. Life is a win-win game. How much will you take care of others and help society, the more you will get back? So what are you thinking now? Follow the action plans of this book and bring a change in your life. If your success is waiting for you, just start today.

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Summaries World About This Book: In this book, you will learn about how effective marketing is. You will definitely want to make the best se...

Summaries World

About This Book:

In this book, you will learn about how effective marketing is. You will definitely want to make the best selling products, win the trust of the customer and want to be the leading brand in the market. There are also brands which have been made for a long time. Learn from this book how they did it. If you work in branding, marketing, advertising or sales, then this book will help you a lot.

Who should read this book

Business Students, Marketing, Branding, Advertising and Sales Professionals

About author

Philip Kotler is the author of 60 books written on marketing. He is also a marketing consultant and a very well known professor. Kevin Lane Keller is the author of Famous Textbook, Strategic Brand Management. He is also a professor and a branding consultant.

Marketing Management - Book Summary - Philip Kotler & Wang Ying Gui

Let's We Start Summary:


Do you know the most effective method of marketing? Do you want to know how a business market wins the loyalty of customers by dominating the rest? Don't you want to know how successful brands like Nike, Kimberly-Clark, Wal-Mart, Caterpillar and IKEA do their high-level marketing? In this book summary, you will read about marketing management. In this, you will tell about marketing strategies and marketing research.

In this book, you will also get to learn how marketers can give the best products and services by collecting and analyzing information. We will also tell you about Consumer Behavior and about Behavior and Factors Influencing it. Marketing is not just about making money. It teaches you how you can bring the best product or service market through planning and perfect execution. It is not about short term solutions. And in the end, we will talk about giving the best value to the customers.

Defining Marketing:

What is marketing? We can disable this broad concept in 3 words. And that is "meeting needs profitability". This means to find the needs of the people, then to make a huge profit by creating the product according to the needs of the customers. The goal of marketing is to understand the customers so well that they can make perfect products for them.

When a product completely satisfies the demand of the customers, then it is called good marketing. If the marketing planning and execution are done properly then the product will be sold on its own. Then you will not need any false tricks i.e. Gimmick Cell. And once the product is available in the market, people will come and buy it themselves. He himself will be excited to use that product. But good marketing does not just end at the product launch, it is important to continue even further.

Most successful brands are finding new ways to meet the demands of the customers and also to avoid competition. Nike is one of the world's biggest brands. And Nike's core marketing message is that it provides high-quality rubber shoes that are specially designed for athletes. And brands are running on this basis. Nike thought of the "pyramid of influence". The idea was that a small group of athletes would infuse the rest of the aspiring athletes with their shoes and sportswear.

Today, Nike has established itself as a marketing brand of high performing athletes. In 1985, Nike signed Michael Jordan as brand ambassador. Although it was the beginning of Michael Jordan in the field of support, in such a short time he gave an amazing performance. And this strategy worked because in the same year Air Jordan had collected $ 100 million.

In 1998, Nike released it's first "Just Do It" ad campaign. In this, athletes were given a clear message to chase their goals. Through these AIDS, Nike had established the image of one of its self-empowered sports in sports. "Just Do It" is Nikki's slogan even today. When Nike expanded into the European market, the company changed its approach. He felt that the "Just Do It" campaign would be a little aggressive for Europe. That's why Nike capitalized on football, which is Europe's most popular support.

Nike sponsored many local and national football teams of Europe. And above all, in 2007, Nike acquired Umbro, a British brand of football shoes, uniforms and equipment. Today, Nike alone supplies uniforms to 100 football teams all over the world. Naiki made a mark at the 2008 Asia Summer Olympics. Although the official sponsor of this event was Adidas, Naiki removed the AIDS by wearing Olympic shoes to her athletes. Similarly, the company-sponsored athletes, mostly Chinese, and 12 of the 11 American basketball team members.
The result of this marketing strategy was that Nike's sales in Asia had increased by 15% to reach $ 3.3 billion. Many experts believed that Nike's marketing strata were more effective than Adidas during this event, which was the official sponsor of the Olympics. Nike also partnered with famous athletes such as Tiger Woods and Maria Shapira. However, in 2008, when the Wimbledon match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadel was held, both champions were sponsored by Nike. From his shoes to the dress, all belonged to Nike. At that time it seemed that this is not a match, but a 5-hour commercial run of Nike.

"Designed for Athletes by Athletes" is Naik's mantra. In a way, the company has got its target market as high performing athletes. Nike created the shoes, apparel and equipment that these athletes wanted. And for this reason, today the leading brand has become the leading brand of Nike Support. "Just Do It" is the trademark of Nike, which is inspiring all the athletes of the world.

Developing Marketing Strategies:

Behind the marketing activities of any brand is its marketing strategy, which requires both display and flexibility. Disappointing in marketing strategies is very important as it should be at the core of the business. This is your commitment in a way, but it should not be rigid. The company should be flexible according to the times and should change the changing demand of the market. Keep improving the marketing strategies in other words but don't leave the core value. In earlier times, traditional marketing was dominated in business.

After creating the product, it was marketed only when it came time to sell it. But in today's modern time, this simple idea will no longer work. Because today competition is too much. And apart from this, today's customer is also smarter. Today there are many products and services in the market which compete for the best value and the best price. And due to the internet, today's customer is more informed. Today, keeping your marketing stick and making loyal customers for any business is no less than a big challenge.

So how to develop effective marketing strategies in such situations? The goal of any business is "Deliver Customer Value at a Profit". The more value you give, the more profit you will get. Marketing strategies must be a value driver. The first phase of effective marketing is STP i.e. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP or Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning). And this product is the stage even before the creation. Segmentation is the meaning of dividing the market into several parts. Targeting means targeting specific clients. And positioning is to find out what value your product will give and how it is different from the rest.

How do you decide who will use your product? It is very important to understand what type of customers you want. Because it is your goal to create a product on the demand of those special customers. Because of the customers, you have targeted, only they can give a higher price for a higher value. And the same customers would also like to recommend (recommend) your product. So STP is done before production. The second phase is to create value which is done while producing.

A business coming to this stage decides about the special features of its product and its distribution and pricing. The third phase is communicating the value. At the time of product launch and after that customers are told about the value of the product. Marketing strategies should be reflected in platforms such as the company website, social media, blogs, prints and TV commercials. Sports channel ESPN is one such company with effective marketing strategies. ESPN's Meaning is Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.

This company was established in 1978. In those days, ESPN started showing regional sports news with the help of a single satellite in Connecticut. In the 1990s, ESPN started marketing as a sports authority whether it was television or print media. Within a few years, ESPN had expanded its business into many categories. Today, ESPN operates several cable channels, a magazine, a website and several local radio stations. ESPN has not only made its original TV and movie series but has also created sports merchandise.

The company annually earns $ 5 billion. In 1996, the Walt Disney Company purchased ESPN. ESPN created its marketing slogan "Surviving Sports Fence, Anytime, Anywhere" and since then the company has carried on this branding. ESPN's brand message was so powerful that once a sports fan said "If ESPN had been a woman, I would have married her". From fantasy league to online gaming and social media as well as making mobile apps, ESPN is playing its commitment to serve sports fences. ESPN always remembered its core marketing but it was always flexible with current trends. The company has made its mark as a sports authority not only in America but also in many other countries.

Collecting Information and Forecasting Demand:

Information is very important in marketing. The business that collects superior information can understand the customer in the same manner as the battery, accordingly, he will develop the battery products and will be able to execute the battery marketing plan. It is very important to have a continuous flow of information in the business so that the marketing manager can make the right decision.

Every company has an MIS i.e. marketing information system in which analytics data is collected with the help of people, tools and procedures. And it is the job of MIS to distribute this information to marketing managers in time and accurate way. Successful brands invest in MIS and they also get a lot of benefit from it. Marketing information is the 3rd part of the system. The first one is internal company records. The second is marketing intelligence activity and the third one is marketing research. Internal company records contain collected data of order forms, sales invoices, inventory lists and daily transactions.

Sales reports in Wal-Mart type companies do a lot of monitoring so that records of millions of customers' demand can be kept. Wal-Mart has an efficient sales and inventory system that collects data from "every customer, every store and every day". And these systems are updated after every hour. Due to the increasing use of the Internet, companies have the advantage of "cookies" that keep a record of the online behaviour of individual customers.
Cookies are a very helpful tool for business-targeted marketing. Customers also get their right product or services, so it is an advantage for them too.

Whether a business is online or offline, it is necessary to have its own database. It should also contain the data of the customer's demographics, where he is from, how much he belongs to, etc. and psychographics i.e. how he behaves. This means that the business should have an idea not only of the edge, gender and location of its customers but also of more targeted information such as hobbies, opinion and lifestyle. A reliable database will enable marketers to create target advertisements and sales letters that will directly appeal to the right customers, and improve the company's sales.

Consumer electronics company Best Buy has a database of more than 15 terabytes. And this information is collected by them in 7 years time. Best Buy collected such a huge amount of information from all phone call records, emails, sales invoices and other sources. After database collection, the company runs its intelligent algorithms. Best Buy has classified 100 million individual categories.

There are some customers who are called "Buzz", and those who are young technology buffs, that is, they have a lot of knowledge about technology. Then there are some customers who are called "Jill" which mothers hai. "Barry" speaks to the customers who are ameer professionals. And some "Ray" fall into the category of customers who are typically family men. Each category has its own needs and choices. And because Best Buy understands its customers so well, its marketing is so precise. That is why the customer feels that the product of their choice has been made only for them.

This is the secret that customers are so loyal to this brand. And every time they come to get the product from Best Buy. So now you must know why Precise Marketing guarantees sales increments and long term success.

Conducting Marketing Research:

So how can companies do precise marketing other than internal records? So the answer is marketing research. In this process, companies collect facts about customers and then analyze them. Effective marketing research helps to create the perfect product that customers want. There are 6 steps of marketing research.

Step 1 is to define the problem. Step 2 is to develop a plan. Information is collected in step 3. In step 4, that information is analyzed. The results are presented in step 5 and the decision is taken in step 6 in the last. In Step 1, the marketing manager must have a special approach to understand the problem. For example, American Airlines wanted to provide internet for its first-class passengers.

So if he defines the problem in such a way that "know everything about the needs of your first-class passengers") then it would have been much broader because it will also collect the unessential data. And if those problems were to define that "find out how many passengers who took a Flight B747 from Chicago to Tokyo are willing to pay $ 25 for an Internet connection", then it would have been a bit more narrow. So he approached a specific and simple approach. American Airlines may ask for step 1 "Internet service for first-class passengers is significantly more important than other services such as power plugs or enhanced entertainment." Or "How many first-class passengers can choose American Airlines because of Internet service?"

For this special problem, marketers can plan Step 2. What data sources or research instruments they will have to use and how much cost they will have, they will have to find out all these things. Will the survey be more effective or a focus group? Will the product be sampling or distributing questions? Step 3 is to collect information. If marketers want to survey, then it can be through social media or phone calls. Or talking to customers face to face, such as in shopping malls or in a party's house.

In step 4, tabulating and collecting data is done using statistic use. In step 5, marketers present the collected data in recommendations form or invaluable insights. And then it is the turn of step 6, in which the market evaluates the results of the research. One of the best examples of effective research marketing is the diaper brand Huggies by Kimberly-Clark. Kimberly-Clark is the same company that manufactures Cotex Sanitary Napkins and Kleenex Facial Tissues.

For the Haggis, marketers researched for 3 years, then they were able to create a new product. The plan was that a home interview of the mothers with different ethics and background be taken in the entire country. Marketers also fitted small cameras so that the response to the diaper changing routine could be monitored. This led him to discover that New Moms often had to struggle to change diapers because the babies kept on shaking their feet constantly. So the diaper should be in perfect shape according to the body of the baby. Mothers were also in demand that their babies should feel more comfortable, they do not know that they are wearing diapers. The result of this research was that the company made its new diaper quite slim and body fit.

This new diaper was 16% less wide and its back waistband was more stretchable. Mothers also said that she often uses cartoon designed diapers so that the baby is happy while wearing them. And that was the reason Haggis had secured the license of Disney character Winnie the Pooh. The result of this market research was that Huggies Supreme Natural Fit became a highly successful product and the company's sales reached the top. Not only this, there was a lot of increase in the market share of Haggis as well. Kimberly-Clarke sold diapers worth $ 4 billion in 2007.

Creating Long-Term Loyalty Relationships:

Today many brands are in the market that is competing for the same product. But the thing that differentiates one brand from the rest is the level of value that is given to the customers. Many Decades ago the goal of marketing was to sell only the product. It only lasts until it is sold and bought. But modern marketing is more holistic. Because competition is very high, marketing careful planning is done. The most important thing is that its goal should be to build a relationship with customers. In addition to product engineering, today's business needs market engineering as well. If spoken in simple terms, it should be the core of the business that customers can be given more value.

As marketing experts say, "Business Secured by Getting, Keeping and Growing Customers". Customers are the reason for which you build factories, hire employees, schedule meetings or engage in any business activity. You have no business without customers. Today's modern companies have also learned what is the importance of being customer-centric. Traditional organizers used to keep senior managers at the top, but this model has now become outdated. And the businesses which still follow it will never be able to run. Modern Organizers is customer-oriented. They invert their business models. Customers should be on top of the business model. They should be given top priority, highest import and great value.

There are frontline people under the customers. Which are the staff, cashiers and salespersons who interact directly with the customers. This is the only person who serves and satisfies customers. Next comes the middle managers who support the frontline logo. Senior managers come at the bottom. But this does not mean that only the frontline logo should deal with the customers. It is very important that every level should be personally included in knowing and serving customers and meeting customers.

Adam Smith once said "The real price of anything is the toilet and trouble of acquiring it" (The real price of anything is the toil and trouble of acquiring it. ") Customers not only see the monetary cost of the product at the time cost. , Also sees energy cost and stress cost. He sees that buying the product is not more time consuming or energy-consuming? Not very stressful? If the price is low but the distribution of the product is not done properly, the customer will not buy it. So marketers use two methods to increase product value. And that is to increase the total customer benefit or decry the total customer cost.

When a customer takes a product or service, he is not only convincing the item, but he also keeps his interaction and brand image with the frontline logo. All the benefits or cost required in taking a product are called CPV or Customer Perceived Value. And the higher CPV the brand has, the more profitable, popular and successful it will be. It will be the biggest market share, and that brand will be ahead in competition due to the loyalty of its customers. One example of this is the construction equipment company Caterpillar.

There is a reason behind why people trust Caterpillar Company more than Hitachi, Volvo or Komatsu. The first and most important reason is that the caterpillar makes the most reliable and durable heavy equipment. And the most important thing is that the caterpillar gives the highest total percentage value. The company has a large range of full-line construction equipment. The company provides everything that is needed in a construction business. And apart from this, they also have better payment plans and options. Time cost, energy cost and stress cost are quite low to buy equipment.

Caterpillar has many dealers that are spread all over America. Every dealer works at the independent level and keeps all the products. Not only this, their dealers are well trended and quite reliable too, which assist the customers in the right way. Caterpillar provides the best parts and best service system not only in America but also in many other countries, due to its best value, it sells products at 10% or 20% more price than its competitors. Komatsu and other companies will still need to do a lot of marketing improvement to compete with this giant.

Analyzing Consumer Markets:

What triggers customers to buy? What influences them to choose brands or products? This concept is called Customer Behavior in which it is studied how the customer selects, buys and uses the product according to his needs. There can be many different factors influencing consumer behaviour such as cultural, social or personal factors. IKEA is an example of one such company which is very good at analyzing consumer behaviour.

IKEA is a Swedish company that has successfully entered various international and domestic markets. So how did IKEA achieve all this? How did it become a leading brand in home furnishing? A 17-year-old Swedish boy, Ingvar Kamprad started a small business in his hometown. Today, after 70 years, IKEA has become a very large company that operates in 50 countries and has more than 500 stores all over the world. The mission of IKEA is to create great value for customers by giving them great value.

And as founder Ingvar Kamprad once said, "People's wallets are very thin, so we should take care of their interest." The company knew how important the cultural factor is in consumer behaviour. In China, IKEA sold roster theme placemats to celebrate the Year of the Rooster. In the US, marketers objected that people buy vases and use them as a drinking glass. Because Americans used to find a regular glass of IKEA quite small.

And that's why the company took over the U.S. To serve the market, we started making large size glasses. IKEA marketers often go to their homes to try and find out where their product needs improvement. When he visited the houses of Europe and the US, he saw that there is a difference in the way people use the cabinet. Europeans hang their clothes in it, while Americans prefer to keep it folded. Therefore, IKEA designed cabinets with deeper drawers for the American market.

IKEA marketers also visited the California Hispanic Community logo. He noticed that these people are very influential with Hispanic culture and prefer to design their own dining area in the same manner. And IKEA started offering furnishings with a bright colour palette in its California branch, keeping this cultural factor in mind. He also added some more chairs design and large size tables so that the Hispanic community's people get more dining space and their walls have more picture frame hangs.


You learned about this book through marketing. We told you about marketing strategies, market research and consumer behaviour. You also learned in this that only the customer stays in the centre of any marketing activity. Merely making chip products is not enough. A business will also have to conserve things like service efficiency and customers' convenience. Marketing management takes a lot of time, efforts and money. Therefore, only after the battery planning, a product should be launched. So next time when you go to a department store, study the marketing strategies of your favourite brand. Do you know something that will give you a batter's choice and help in improving your lifestyle?

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Summaries World About This Book: Hello friends, You are very welcome on the Summaries World. We have brought for you a project that we are e...

Summaries World

About This Book:

Hello friends,

You are very welcome on the Summaries World. We have brought for you a project that we are excited to do. But we know that you too are desperate to hear it.

Yes, this is the Srimad Bhagavad-gītā. But before we start this, there are some things that we consider important to share with you.

It is known to all of us that God i.e. God is the same, but because of not recognizing him or not knowing it, we do not believe it. There are many reasons for not knowing God. The first of which is that it is not visible. Think when the soul cannot be seen with the eyes, then how can we see the supreme soul.

Supreme means Supreme - Ala or Allah. Nobody is higher than them.
He is an author and everything else is his creation.

Just as a soul has to take a human body to say its own thing and we are called humans or human beings, in the same way, say science or spiritual science. The supreme soul also has to take the base of the human body.
  1. Spirituality means soul - the study of this world drama wheel.
  2. Religion means the rules that were made for humans.
There are about 12 main religions in the world and all of them have said the same thing for the nature of God. That is why God is also called omniscient.

Just like God is a Noor and there is only one, the first messenger who introduced the man to this principle was Hazrat Ibrahim. Hazrat Ibrahim is said to be the main founder of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In all three religions, God has been called Light ie Noor, Light form. Hazrat Moses i.e. Moses / Light was also interviewed and he gave 10 commandments as a principle for the human community.

The founder of Zoroastrianism i.e. Zoroastrianism, Juruastra also experienced God in fire, light and form. Jesus Christie Hazrat Isa also spoke of the attributes of that one divine being called God is Light and Christ's teachings were scripted and stored in the Bible by his disciples.

Hazrat Mohammad Prophet Sahib handed over the holy book Quran to the followers of Islam, based on the teachings received by Hazrat Ibrahim, Hazrat Musa, and interviews with the Supreme God. For any person living on the earth, that is, of human beings, who do not have the courage to tamper with this book, containing the higher teachings, it was given the responsibility of safeguarding it by calling it a book from the house of Allah.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has praised one Omkar i.e. one God and then his disciples scripted his words and teachings and kept Guru-Granth Sahib for all the other followers.

Books of Hinduism are divided on the basis of Shruti and Smriti. Shruti means the sacred books listened to are the Vedas and Upanishads. The holy books based on Smriti i.e. interview and remembrance are Puranas and Ramayana and Mahabharata epics. The most read and followed book by the general public is Ramayana. After this, Gita - Gyan is the most heard and read.

During the war of Mahabharata, the precious knowledge given about the religion of the soul i.e. spirituality is called Gita. Which was later scripted and presented as Srimad Bhagavad Purana.

According to the ancient knowledge described in the Srimad Bhagavad Purana, the formless Shiva God gave the divine true knowledge of the Gita first - first to Brahma. On the basis of this divine knowledge, the creation and ages of creation were created by Brahma Ji, which were divided on the basis of the day of Brahma and the night of Brahma. Satyuga and Treta Yuga are called the days of Brahma and Dwapara and Kaliyuga are called the nights of Brahma. Adi Sanatan Dharma was established on the basis of this knowledge.

The good thing is that there are about 12 main religions in all the above-mentioned religions and the world and in all these, the nature of God is told as the formless/light form / God is Light.

Here the feeling behind sharing all these things is that none of the prophets of religion promoters or message bearers declared themselves to be God. Even in the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, it was said through Shri Krishna Ji that God never takes birth. He is formless beyond birth and death, is bodiless. According to the words of the Gita, whoever considers God as a bodily being does not know God.

Arjuna has also been given a clear direction i.e. clear direction to meditate on the divine form by staying in its true form i.e. self-realization.

Then the question arises that when the nature of God is one, their attributes are the same, then how did so many religions become? And why should all live together?

The answer is not to understand your religious texts properly. Yes. This smallmouth may seem like a big deal, but it is true.

This can be understood through this example. Both Gandhiji and Godse used to recite Srimad Bhagavad-gītā every day. Every day he used to read some chapter of Gita.
But one read the Gita and embraced truth, non-violence, and celibacy and fought against the weaknesses within, and the other took the path of violence.

We all know God as much as we ourselves. We recognize the demigods i.e. gods and goddesses, we recognize the deities, we recognize saints and souls. Great souls and human beings recognize souls. But we have not been able to recognize that one supreme soul. Perhaps that's why we have been fighting each other till now in the name of religion. But true knowledge will never be distributed, it will unite everyone. will unite, and that is called spirituality.

There is no doubt that the message of God is that protecting religion protects you, but it is also a matter of realization that God says to protect the soul's spirituality (spirituality). Which are peace and purity. The religion of the body is left only with death, but peace and purity are required by the soul even after leaving the body. And no matter who is born in any religion, everyone seeks peace and peace.

However, we all know that many scholars have commented on Srimad Bhagavad Gita in their own way. They have also removed their own versions. We have no such intention here. We all also know that in the last period of history, Indian books and religious texts have been destroyed many times, so it is not possible to get a complete truth. But whatever truth we get from it, we sincerely thank the Gita, who is called Shiromani, and all those who preserve its form, for this.

Our aim is to make the best ideas available to the gigglers. It is said that the father of the Sanskrit language is Adi Guru Shankaracharya. Those whose birth is said to be of the 17th century. Therefore, we understand that the knowledge of the Gita must have been spoken in the Dev-Nagari which the people of that time used to speak and explain. We have not even tried to tie this precious knowledge of Gita into languages ​​with the same purpose. We chose a simple language style so that all Hindi speaking belt gigglers could understand it easily.
Yes, one more thing - if we really want the knowledge of the song to be understood by us, then we should consider listening to these chapters considering ourselves Arjuna, that is, a soul who is acquiring knowledge.
  • Kurukshetra means Karma Kshetra
  • Crusade means the war of good and evil within us
  • Yoga means the way to meet the divine soul
Have you heard about the war in Kurukshetra? It is said that in that war fought for the establishment of religion, so many people lost their lives that the soil there had become red with blood. Do you know what Shri Krishna said to Prince Arjuna when he was surrounded by sorrow and fascination thinking about the destruction caused by the war? After all, why was that war fought, what was its purpose?

"Bhagavad Geeta" means the song sung by God. It is not so easy to understand the depth of this holy book. Many learned people say that even though this war was fought on the land of Kurukshetra with weapons, but the purpose of the message given in this is to convince us that our mind is also a battlefield like Kurukshetra where greed, fascination, anger, lust etc. Kauravas. Like 100 demerits, which we have to overcome by defeating our five senses, which are the symbols of the five Pandavas, only then we can live a happy life and get liberation.

Shri Krishna is a symbol of our mind's voice or soul or consciousness, who helps us by answering questions at the time of dilemma. Every human is a symbol of Arjuna, who is surrounded by a dilemma.

Srimad Bhagavad Gita does not preach but teaches man the right way to live life. The knowledge of this nectar is not limited to any one religion. In this, Shri Krishna has told many precious things for the whole creation, if we are introduced in our life, then we can avoid countless problems.

In this holy book, you will learn about the mysteries of the universe, about which questions often arise in our mind. During the Kurukshetra war, Lord Krishna has given answers to many unresolved questions related to life.
Through this book, you will start to see spirituality from a different perspective.

The things mentioned in it still fit perfectly because the human mind is still struggling with the same disorders and dilemmas as it was battling thousands of years ago and the reason is ignorance. The things mentioned in it ignite ignorance and light a lamp of knowledge in the mind, so that a person begins to understand everything clearly and his restless mind becomes calm. You can examine these things in every aspect of your life. If seen, life's journey is like a sea, in which we have to reach from one shore to another, storms and waves are the challenges that we have to face during this journey and this holy book, which is from time and time cycle Beyond is the boat that shows us the right path, prevents us from sinking into despair and darkness.

BHAGWAD GEETA - Chapter 1 - Book Summary

Chapter 1: Nostalgia Yoga

The forces were standing ready on both sides in the field of Kurukshetra, due to the tension there was a strange heaviness in the air. On one side were five Pandava brothers, whose army included many knights. On the other hand, there were hundred Kaurava brothers whose army was adorned with many maharishis and the Narayani army of Shri Krishna increased their strength even more. Dwarkadhish Srikrishna swore that he would not take up arms in this war, so he asked Arjuna and Duryodhana to elect one of them and his Narayani army. Arjuna chose Shri Krishna. Because Arjuna was his supreme friend, Shri Krishna became his charioteer to guide him.

It was time for the war to begin, Pandu's son Arjun's eyes went towards the standing army. There he saw his brother, his children, Gurujan and Bhishma Pitamah. This war was not like a normal war where two kings were fighting for their supremacy or kingdom. This war, known as the Dharma war, is the story of a struggle between people of the same family, who were born of greed and arrogance.

Both sides were watching their enemy carefully, they were seen everywhere. He was a cousin to say, but in the greed of power, the eyes of the Kauravas were covered.

Dhritarashtra and Pandu were two brothers. Dhritarashtra had a hundred sons, of which Duryodhana was the eldest. It was filled with arrogance and greed. It is said that he was so wicked and unrighteous that at the time of his birth, nature too became depressed. Pandu had five sons, the Pandavas, who were the people walking the path of religion. Duryodhana was obsessed with becoming the emperor. In any case, he wanted his victory by defeating the Pandavas in this war. Neither did he care about the lives of innocents, nor was he sad to lose his brothers. He was sure that his victory was sure to be with the nobles like Bhishma Pitamah, Angraj Karna, Ashwathama and Guru Dronacharya. But contrary to his belief, the victory was to be won by the Pandavas because Shri Krishna was on their side. Shri Krishna was in favour of religion.

The Pandavas were very knowledgeable as well as powerful warriors, they did not want this war. He only wanted the right of five villages so that all the happiness could live in peace. But when Duryodhana refused to give even a piece of land to the Pandavas, there was no other way but war. In the Bhagavad-gītā, knowledge means understanding the elements of this body, soul and the divine.

On behalf of the Kauravas, Bhishma Pitamah roared like a lion and blew a conch. After this, the conch, the drums, the drums all rang together, and the sound of which roared fiercely. On the other hand, Sri Krishna and Arjuna seated on a supernatural and divine chariot adorned with white horses. The rest of the brothers in his favour played different divine conch shells. The earth and sky shook with the echoes of all their conch shells.

As the chariot started moving, Arjun's heart was filled with deep sorrow after seeing his people in front. When he could not find any answer to his dilemma, he told Shri Krishna the anguish of his mind. According to the belief, it is said that Shri Krishna Ji had stopped the time and this divine dialogue of Gita took place between Shri Krishna and Arjuna. At the same time, Maharishi Vyas gave divine vision to Sanjay, through which he could see, hear and hear every incident happening from Hastinapur to Kurukshetra. He saw this dialogue and war between Sri Krishna and Arjun and told Dhritarashtra. Sri Krishna answered every question of Arjun to calm his restless mind and then this great book came into existence.

Verse 1:

Arjun said, "O Keshav, place my chariot between the two armies. I want to see these warriors who are desirous of fighting in the war zone, with whom I will have to fight in this battle. ”
In this verse, it has been told that Arjun was weak in seeing his own people. His mind was getting restless and before starting the war he wanted to see which of the warriors he had to face as an enemy.
A truly knowledgeable and compassionate person can never cause trouble and sorrow to anyone. Arjuna was a great warrior as well as very knowledgeable. He was a true devotee of God and very kind. He had no desire to fight his brother and family. He did not believe in killing anyone. Therefore, thinking about the outcome of the war, his mind was filled with grief.
Similarly, when we face a difficult situation in the struggle of life, we get nervous, we get scared. At that time, we should also stop and look closely at that problem or situation and understand what kind of challenges we are going to face. By doing this, we will be able to prepare ourselves to fight it.

Verse 2:

Arjuna said - "O Krishna, everyone here is my own, how should I shed their blood?" No Madhav, it will not happen to me. Looking at my loved ones, my mind is getting weak, my mouth is being drained and my body is shivering. My Gandeev Dhanush is missing from my hand. Maybe I am not even able to stand up now. I keep forgetting myself, my mind is getting confused. "
Arjun was feeling physical pain because his idea of ​​war was against the stream. Due to the love of their loved ones, there was a curtain of confusion on their mind and the mind was starting to weaken. He felt so deeply sad that his tears spilt. In the battle of good and bad thoughts, people who have good thoughts more in their minds, do not have the attachment to wealth, power, throne. Instead of these things, they consider the life of every human being precious. Here, his physical symptoms do not show his weakness but his tenderness and kindness of heart.

The same thing happens in life when something is contrary to our mind, then it seems very difficult to accept it. When a person is surrounded by sorrow and despair, many questions arise in his mind. Seeing the blockages in front, his mind starts to weaken. When faced with a hopeless and crisis-ridden situation, we panic and give up. Our intelligence gets confused due to ignorance.

Verse 3:

"Hey, Keshav! I am seeing the bad results of the war. How can we get welfare by killing our loved ones in war? In this way, I neither want to win nor the state and the happiness of the world. Even if all three worlds are given to me, I will not want to kill anyone, then what is the cost of this small kingdom on earth in front of heaven? ”
Meaning :
Staying in Arjun's mind, I was thinking that what will I gain from this war and what will I lose. Can a victory achieved by killing someone please? Can a person be happy by grieving someone?

Whether you believe in the existence of God or not, but the absolute truth is that every action has a reaction. Whatever action you do, there will definitely be some result in front of you. Even after knowing this principle of action-reaction, if we do something wrong intentionally, then we cannot experience peace. Arjun was also getting upset thinking about the result of his karma.

Verse 4:

Arjun said, "O Keshav! How will we be happy by killing our own family? It is true that they have become corrupt due to unrighteous greed but by killing them I will not be relieved, by killing them, we will only commit sin. Shouldn't we think of avoiding this sin? "
It has been told here that when a person becomes obsessed with getting something, then he does not fail to take the path of wrongdoing. Killing her own brothers, as Duryodhana was planning to do, tells of a man who does not listen to his conscience. Arjun never left the religion and policy. But people like Duryodhana do not hesitate to change their policy for their selfishness. Arjun was thinking how can someone be so impatient to do such a disgusting thing as killing someone. This is a great sin. Has greed blinded them so much that they have become thirsty for the blood of their own people? Arjun was thinking in his mind that it is more appropriate to forgive the Kauravas than to kill them in order to get the kingdom.
It is told in this verse that there is no end to human desires and often he adopts wrong paths to fulfil his desire like Duryodhana did. That is why we need to keep our desires and feelings under control, otherwise, it can have terrible consequences. To give happiness to this body, it is not right to do bad things to anyone.

Verse 5:

"Hey, Madhav! Destruction of the family will be destroyed, due to which sin will increase and future generations will also be ruined. Whose religion is destroyed becomes a partner of sin? We, being intelligent, are eager to kill our loved ones for greed and pleasure. It would be better if I lay down my arms and the sons of Dhritarashtra kill me, that death will also be more beneficial and beneficial for me. "
Arjun wants to say here that when the elders of the house passed away, the foundation of the house is shaken and the family starts to disintegrate, then the family is destroyed, which has to bear the consequences for the next generation. On the destruction of the clan, the old religion is destroyed, due to which iniquity and sin spread in the whole family. For a small piece of land, he did not want to put so much at stake. To prevent this destruction, he was ready to die. But the battlefield was decorated and they knew that in the end, they would have to fight. Restless with this sorrow, Arjun gave up his bow and went to sit in the chariot.
Arjun was intelligent but he forgot that when the old religion is misused, then it is necessary to destroy it. Only after its destruction can the foundation of new construction be laid. Change is the law of nature, so we should not panic.

Here the state of mind of the human is shown that when he sees the elections standing in front of him, he gets nervous and after giving absurd arguments and wants to run away. If nothing else, he starts to give all the baseless arguments as to why it is the right decision to retreat. The power to understand his thinking is lost and he is unable to take the right steps. In such a situation, it is important to calm your restless mind, boost your morale and face it steadily instead of running away from your karma.


Every chapter of Gita teaches us something. Actually, it works to connect our mind land with the battlefield of life. Here through Arjuna, the dilemma and state of mind of every human being are shown that when he is faced with a challenge in life struggle, how does his mind get surrounded by questions and he tries to run away with different excuses is.

When we face a challenge, many questions arise in our mind. These questions give rise to anxiety and fear which weaken our mind. The only way to avoid this is to gain knowledge and information. Knowledge answers our questions and only after getting the answers do the mind calm down and a calm mind can think clearly and make the right decision.

The war of life can be won only when we have knowledge. After that, no matter how big and difficult a challenge, thoughts become clear through knowledge and we know what to do and what steps to take.

The message of the first chapter of Gita is: The root cause of all the sorrows and sufferings in this world is our weakness in not being able to face the struggle.

Try to understand whatever challenge is in front of you, only then you will be able to prepare yourself to face it.

 In our heartland, there is a constant struggle between positive and negative thoughts, in which you do not have to let negative thoughts dominate you.

Whenever your mind starts to get weak after seeing the problems of life, then increase your own morale and face the difficulties firmly. Do not make excuses and try to run away from it. Do your work with full vigour.

 Always remember one thing that not taking any action is also an action and its reaction will definitely come in front of you, so there is more hope of getting success from thoughtful action. You have to renounce the weakness of your mind, not your karma.

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