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 summaries world About Book: The world needs creative confidence. We need such brilliant ideas that we can bring down in reality. We need ne...

About Book:

The world needs creative confidence. We need such brilliant ideas that we can bring down in reality. We need new products and systems that can improve the lives of people. In this book, you will read about human sentinel design. This book will inspire you to think out of the box and help you to get out of a dumb situation. Believe it or not, there is also a creative side inside you, which can help you in getting this book out.

Who should get this title? Who will learn from this summary?

• Students Students
• People from all occupations of any field or business
• Everyone who thinks they are creative. Anyone who thinks that they are not creative

About the Author:

David and Tom Callie are two brothers who live in Ohio. David is a professor and entrepreneur. He is the founder of IDEO, a global design company, and the Design Institute D. School of Standford University. Tom has written the best seller book "The Art of Innovation and The Ten Faces of Innovation". He is also a partner in IDEO.

CREATIVE CONFIDENCE: Unleashing The Creative Potential Within Us All - Book Summary - Tom Kelley & David Kelley

Let's We Start Summaries:


Suppose you have a piece of paper. Now draw 30 circles of bean size in it. But you have to draw circles in such a way that an object can be created from it. Any object can be such as a clock, ball, fish tank, or any sign of a stop. If you want, you can transform as many circles as you want in 3 minutes.

If you are not able to finish all 30 circles, then it is fine. Most people are not able to do it. But what made you image from these circles? Any normal things like a basketball, a Ballard ball, or a soccer ball? Or a funny cheese like Planet, Cookie, Pizza, or Happy Face?

Have you ever broken rules? Or thought about it? With these 30 circles, you can create a big image like snowmen or traffic lights. You can make anything, there is no rule fix. Make whatever you want from these 30 circles.

There are some similar experiences in D. School where you are given tasks of this type. David Kelly had laid the foundation of this institute at Standford University. If B is a school for business, then a design is a D school for thinking. People from different fields come here who are taught creative confidence.

When you hear the word creativity, what comes to your mind? You might say that artists, painters, musicians, and animators are creative people. You might also find web designers and archives as creative, whereas lawyers, scientists, and CEOs do not. Or maybe you will say that you are not the creative type.

But David and Tom Callie believe that everyone can be creative. No matter which field you are in, whatever job you are in, any position, you can make your task creative. When you bring a new idea or solution to your job that benefits people, then this is also your creativity. Now, suppose you have created a tool or system that is easier to use, affordable, and productive, then it will be considered your creativity.

Creative confidence is the ability to create and implement new ideas in us. Most of us are busy with our routine jobs. Therefore, whatever strategy or system is there, we will expose it. But is it not good if you get a better solution? If someone gets a brilliant idea that benefits everyone?

Flip flip:

Doug Dietz has been working at Journal Electric for 24 years. Nowadays he has got an assignment to develop imaging systems for GE Health Care. This is an $ 18 billion division of the company. It took Doug two and a half years to finish the new high-tech MRI machine. Each unit costs millions of dollars.

Doug went to visit the hospital where First Units was installed. He met MII Technicians and asked him how did you like this machine. Doug also told him Proudly that this machine has been nominated for the International Design Excellence Award. These awards are considered Oscars of Design Awards. But after listening to Doug, the technician simply said that to get a little side.

Then a patient came there who was to be scanned. It was a thin skinny girl who held her parents' hands. She was nervous. He got very scared while scanning it. The machine was quite large and made of the mantle. Had to go inside the machine for scanning. When that girl was taken to MRI, she started crying.

Despite the fact that his parents were giving him courage, the girl was afraid. In the meantime, the anesthesiologist was called. Doug finds out that young children are very scared to see the machine, so they are ceded before sending them inside the MRI machine.

And at that moment Doug felt that his design had failed. Although he was proud of his design, the patients who had to use this project in real, if they do not like this project, then what is the benefit? Doug became very disappointed with the fact that his machine was scaring young children.

If there was someone else, he might not have taken much tension and would have engaged in his remaining project. But Doug knew that he had to do something. He was advised by the boss that he would go and take a course from D. D. School, Standford. This was a one-week course called the Executive Education Course. Doug was a bit dumb about whether he would benefit from this course or not, but he agreed to his boss and went to do this course.

In D. School, Doug learned about Creative Confidence. He got to learn about the Human-Centered Design Process, in which users' need, its thoughts, and feelings are considered to be the number one priority of the design. That is, for those people for whom you are making a product, you should have empathy in actuality.

Doug also learned that human-centered design is very important in any industry. Because this is the factor that can change the life of people. Doug dissuaded that he will now make such a machine so that young children do not get scared at all.

But Doug also knew that he could not get more funding to build another new MRI machine. So he focused on re-creating the experience. And named it Adventure Series.

Doug did not make any changes inside the scanner. Rather, he thought of transforming from outside it. Instead of just white and metal, Dug got MRI machines painted in the design of pirate ships or spaceships. He also got the walls and ceiling of the room decorated. Decorated the metal bed on which patients had to lie. All this equipment became part of the theme.

Now the new scanner machine was ready to be made and it was fun He felt as if he was going for an amusement park ride, not for a scary medical procedure. After this experiment, nine different adventures have been installed in children's hospitals within the US. When a child enters the scanner, the MRI machine expresses that he is lying quietly because he is about to go on a sea journey or his spaceship is about to take off. Therefore, children do not need to be sedated for scanning, nor do they have to call an anesthesiologist because most of the children go happily inside the machine.

Now more and more children become ready for this process by themselves. And this is nothing less than a win-win situation for the children as well as their parents, hospital, and GE Healthcare. Doug's happiest moment was when he heard that a little girl was asking, "Can I have an MRI scan one more time"? At that time, Doug experienced 100% satisfaction. And from that day onwards, Dug applies Creative Confidence and Human-Centered Design in every project.

It is often the case that human touch is left while designing the product. We focus only on the technical and business sides. Now think of a Venn diagram that has three overlapping circles. It is for First Practical Technology, Second for Sustainable Business and Empathy with Third Logo.

Organizations should create a balance between these three factories in design making. It is on a common spot where all the circles are overlapping. Because this is the secret of a successful project.

Dare dare:

From Fear To Courage From Fear To Courage
Are you afraid of snakes? Albert Bandura, Professor Emeritus of Standford University, says that to get rid of your phobias, you have to touch the snake once. And Bandura claims that this treatment will remove your snake fear forever in a day.

As a psychologist, Bandura has more than 50 years of experience in this field. He is now 87 but still likes to work in his Standford office. Most of the people whom they treat, most of them have lived their whole life with this phobia and got rid of it, but new courage has come in them.
This technique has to be done step by step. Imagine you are in Bandura's office and you are most afraid of snakes. So first Bandura will tell you that there is a boa constrictor in the accompanying room and you have to go to that room. Of course, you will say "What! No, never, no matter what happens".

Now after that you will get some Challenges that will take you near the snake. There is a one-way mirror through which you can see that a man is standing with a boa constrictor wrapped around his neck. Bandura will ask you what will happen next. So you will say "The snake will choke this man's throat and kill it."

But nothing happens to that man. The boa constrictor remains in the neck of the man like this. Its long and thick body moves slowly. Now Bandura will ask you to stand at the door of the room where the snake is. You just have to see from a distance. Bandura stands with you to increase your courage.

So far, you have already come close to some snake steps. Now you are just a few feet away from the snake. And till the end of the session, you will be asked to go near the final snake and touch it. You touch the snake hesitantly. You extend your hand and touch his body. And finally, you have done what you were most afraid of. After this experiment, the phobia of most of the patients of Bandura has been removed. After a few months, when they meet the patients again, the patients tell that now they are not afraid of snakes. A woman also had a dream that the boa constrictor is helping her to wash the dishes. He no longer has scary dreams of snakes.

So what happens in this treatment? Bandura calls it "Guided Mastery". Its secret is to give the patient a task that he can handle easily, then the second and then the third until he achieves his goal. That is one small step at a time.

After this treatment, the patients told that not only their phobia has been removed, but they have also discovered new things about themselves. Now he has got more courage to try new experiences like horse riding, public speaking, or new responses in jobs. When he touched the snake, he felt that now he can do everything.

Similarly, the concept of one step at a time can also be applied in creative confidence. What is your biggest fear that is preventing you from becoming creative? Are you afraid of trying something new? It can also be called Fear of Failure. Just like a snake, this fear will only go away until you experience it yourself.

In fact, creative geniuses such as Mozart and Darwin often failed. But these people became successful because they did not stop trying for fear of failing. He kept hitting more shots towards his goal. Creative geniuses fail, but do not stop trying.

The secret is that you learn from your mistake. Think of Fellers as a learning opportunity. Whenever Thomas Edison failed, he used to say that at least I came to know that this method will not work. He used to do as many experiments as possible throughout the day. This is what makes the learning process fast and more effective.


From Blank Page to Insight
Linus Ling (Linus Liang,) Jane Chen, Rahul Panikkar, and Naganand Murthy have taken admission in D. School's Design for Extreme Affordable Course. It is called Extreme in short. Here participants have to develop solutions for real-world problems.

At this time, he got the project to design a low-cost incubator for developing countries. Now there was no health expert in the team. Two people were MBA students, one was an electrical engineer and the other was a computer scientist.

So Linus, Jane, Rahul, and Naganand first searched Google to find out the infant mortality rate. He came to know that every year 15 million children are born pre matured and low weight. And one million of them die within 24 hours of being born.

The biggest reason for his death is hypothermia, ie death due to excessive cold. These children are born weak and small and their body is not so fat that their body temperature can be regulated. Normal room temperature is also as cold as freezing cold water for them. This is the reason that premature babies need to be kept in an incubator.

Death due to hypothermia can be prevented by the incubator's help, but the cost of incubators is about $ 20,000 per unit.

By reducing some parts of the incubator and using cheaper materials, the team could create a low-cost incubator, but they kept in mind the human-centered design. He had the full attention of the Mothers and their New Born Babies.

Linus went to a city hospital in Nepal. But he was surprised to see that most of the incubators there were keeping unused. The doctor said that the children who need incubators in real, they are mostly born in small villages of far-flung areas. Traveling so far with their mothers New Born Baby cannot come to the hospital.

So the team thought up a solution for the mothers and children living in the remote area. Instead of a cheap incubator, he thought of a new idea. If the team creates a device that the mothers can use in their homes?

The team brainwashed and created a prototype until they found Ambras. It is like a small sleeping bag for the baby. Inside it is a pouch made of paraffin. The mother has to take it out and heat it to 37 ° C. It can keep the baby warm for four whole hours.

The device was already built, now was the time to test it. The team came to India and tried Ambras on some of the mothers. In Maharashtra, he came to know about an important factor about improving the device.

Ambras has an LCD thermometer that guides the mothers in heating the paraffin pouches. Rahul announced that he would have to heat it to 37 degrees Celsius. Mothers were surprised to hear. He used to think that Western medicine is very strong. If the doctor asks for a teaspoon of medicine, then the mother gives only half a teaspoon to her babies.

So, if the pouch was asked to heat up to 37 degrees, then the mother was heating only up to 30 degrees. This was like an eye-opener for the team. He thought that instead of displaying the numbers, the thermometer would indicate "OK" so that the paraffin pouch was ready for use.

So this is how the extreme course ended. The team had made the prototype, so their work was now complete. But this product is very important for New Born Babies, so Rahul said that he cannot move on just by thinking that Ambras is now saving the lives of many children.
Even if those people are busy in their careers, the team is said that they will launch this product in the market. But it was also very challenging because those people did not know anything about making and distributing a medical device. But he took the first step and kept on doing things one after the other.

In 2010, the baby warming device was featured on ABC News. It featured a story show of Nisha, a premature baby born in Bangalore. She was a part of the clinical trial. Ambras saved his life.

Since then, this team of four people has turned into a company of 90 people. These people continued to improve the product design. This team reached the needy children of villages and towns and saved their lives. The Ambras team has also partnered with NGOs from other countries and recently signed a global distribution deal with GE Health Care.

When the Ambras team started, they had nothing, no money, nor any experience in the medical field. At the beginning of this project, the team's condition was like a blank page. But how did this spark come in them? Here are some strategies that you can apply.

Number One: Be Creative. From this, things will start changing for you. Number Two: Think Like a Traveler. Look at things from a new perspective. New ideas need to open their mind. Look for new experiences in life.

Number three: rise above mediocrity. Take time to explore, of course.
Number Four: Keep Empathy From Your Customers. Before making any product, think about placing yourself in the place of the customers. Try to see, think and feel like them. Number Five: Challenges the rules made, put the Habit to ask questions, this will help you to think deeply about the problem.


From Planning to Action
Akshay Kothari and Ankit Gupta are New Graduates of Standford. Akshay has done Electrical Engineering from Purdue while Ankit has done Computer Science from IIT. Both are geek type, shy but analytical natures.

Akshay heard about the Design Thinking Bootcamp of D School and decided that he would join the course. He started this course a little different, completely different from the college routine classes. And Ankit himself believes that when he came to first time D. School, he felt a bit strange. Colorful posts were installed everywhere, and there is no single right answer to the questions like Math.

He was asked to design a new ramen experience for his first task. Akshay gave a common solution while his classmates had better creative ideas. One of them gave the idea of ​​a big straw from which noodles and soup can be eaten together. Another classmate came up with the idea of ​​a special cup so that noodles could be eaten on the go.

Gradually, Akshay and Ankit started getting more creative ideas. He also learned about Human-Centered Design which was a completely new idea for him. And he also taught the Important of Empathy in Product Making.

Now that they were enjoying this experience, Akshay and Ankit thought of attending another class in D. School. Launchpad is a program of four months in which students have to start their own company from scratch and incorporate and launch their own product. Akshay and Ankit felt that they would not be able to do this.

The first step was to find a business idea. Now because Ipad had come into a new market on those days, Akshay and Ankit decided that they will design a daily news application for this. He had only four days to build the prototype.

Both boys lived in a university café all day. He used to sit there for 10 hours every day and discuss his idea. The idea was very good, he saw that people liked to read the news while drinking coffee. So he created a prototype and set up an iPad. Now any visitor could browse through his app through the news.

Akshay and Ankit were seen using the app and kept listening to the response of the users. He immediately saw the drawbacks of the interface. Due to this feedback, he got a lot of help in improving the product. Akshay focused on user research while Ankit coded new updates on the app.

They used to change a hundred things in a single day. By putting so much effort, he made the Daily News app even easier and more smooth. On his first day, he got some such comments "This app is useless, has made a useless app. And later the same users started asking "Is this app already on the iPad?"

The result of this hard work of Akshay and Ankit is "Pulse News", which is a brilliant newsreader which covers all major publications. After a few months, Steve Jobs himself presented Pulse News at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. And it became one of the original Fifty Apps of the Apple Store Hall of Fame. Later, Akshay and Ankit sold Pulse News Linkedin for $ 90 million.

How did he do all this? How did Akshay and Ankit transform planning into successful action? He first adopted the "Do Something" Mindset. Both of them thought ahead of the launchpad course requirement. Second, both of them created a prototype as soon as possible. Whatever he did, he fasted in the Affordable Way. Third, he took feedback from potential customers and understood their needs. Fourth, he used the time limit properly to innovate more effectively.

Both of these young made the show how to take the right action. Sometimes individuals and organelles get caught in the cycle of analysis. People waste a lot of time in the planning stage itself. They do not know the effectiveness of the plan because they do not dare to launch it.
As Newton's First Law of Motion says "A body at rest steps at rest." You have to get out of this dumbness, this steeliness. For example, if you want to become an entrepreneur or businessman, then go ahead with planning. Create and launch a prototype. Don't forget to get valuable feedback from your customers. And as the product goes on, keep upgrading it.


In this book, you read about Creative Confidence. Creative confidences are called when we come up with a new solution or idea for something and apply that idea in real so that it can become a life better for us and others. Think if Doug had not redesigned the MRI machine? What if Embrace did not launch its device in Team Market? And if Akshay and Ankit Pulse had stopped with the news prototype? stopped with the Pulse News prototype? So the world could never take advantage of these brilliant ideas.

That is why we give Importance to Creative Confidence. It does not matter who you are, where you are, or what you do, because if you want, you can put an impact on your work, bring a positive change to it. So take out the creativity inside you and improve the lives of people along with you.

You read about Empathy and Human-Centered Design in this book. Research this, interact with end-users and try to understand their situation. With this, you will be successful in making a successful product with heart.

You have to learn how to speed up the learning process by avoiding the fear of failure. Take only one step at a time. Every disciple of your path will boost your confidence and you will come closer to your goal. The sooner you fail, the sooner you will be able to learn. That is, the only secret of success is that the more times you try and the more you fail, the more you will learn.

You learned in this book how to bring that spark in you which can give you some innovative ideas. Think and explore a different way of looking at things. Always ask questions. Learn to chalk up ready-made rules.

You have to learn how to turn plans into action. Don't just hang out in the planning stage. Create a prototype, get candid feedback on it, and make the necessary improvements.

Hopefully, this book will make you feel more creative. Change your mindset, fight against what scares you, think of new ideas and take action. Believe in yourself You have the ability to make this world a wonderful solution.

Summaries world About Book: A study has revealed that when you see something again and again, inadvertently that thing sits deeply in your m...

Summaries world

About Book:

A study has revealed that when you see something again and again, inadvertently that thing sits deeply in your mind. It is a famous technique to fulfil your dreams but sometimes it happens that you are not able to do your entire talent show and it is not because you are not capable or not as smart, but because you have misjudged your objective. Has chosen

1. What will we learn from this book?

You are meant to be successful. There is a winner inside every human being. We are born to be winners. There are 8 sutras in this book that will help in bringing out the inner winner in you. Read these sutras and then apply them in life. And then get ready because you are going to get the victory that till date you will never even think. You can and you will !

2. Who should read this book?

Every person who dreams of living a successful life can learn a lot from this book. This book is unique in its ideas, which will give you a chance to recognize the hidden ability inside you. We all have the ability to do something big in life, if it is late then we need to find that skill.

3. Who is the author of this book?

This highly redeemable book has been written by American author Joel Scott Osteen, who was born on 5 March 1965. He is a pastor, televangelist, and writer. Osteen has written 10 books so far and he appears in the list of New York Times Best Sellers. More than 20 million people see his Telewise Sarmnas in more than 100 countries. Osteen has been included by Barbara Walters in the ten Most Facing People of the World.

YOU CAN, YOU WILL - Book Summary - Joel Osteen

Let's We Start Summary:

(Short Summary) Brief Summary:

You are meant to be successful. There is a winner in every human being. We are meant to be winners. There are 8 sutras in this book which will help in bringing out your inner winner. Read these formulas and then use them in your life. And then get ready because you are going to get the victory that till date you will never even think. You can, you will!

Set your goal:

It has been revealed in studies that when you see something, again and again, that thing is deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind. This is a well-known technique to reach your dreams, but sometimes it happens that you are unable to show your full potential.

It is not because you are not capable or not as smart, but because you have put the wrong thing in front of your eyes. Choose something that matches your dream, for example, if you are a medical student, put a plastic skull on your desk and whenever you sit to read, you will have that plastic skull in front of you. Will keep reminding you of the goal and you will remember what you have to achieve in life.

This will have a positive effect on your studies as it will always inspire you to move forward.
Suppose you want to get married, then fill your house with empty pictures. Now, wherever you go, as soon as you see those empty pictures, your intention of getting married will become even stronger. And if someone asks you "what is this empty picture for? So say "for the wife that is going to come in my life"

If you are thinking that you are dreaming small dreams and not big ones, because you do not want to hurt God so that the above is easy to fulfill your small dreams. So believe me this is not true, but it is quite the opposite. When you dream big, the latter is happy. Break all the bonds and say, "I don't know now how it will happen, God, but I know that it will happen with your help whenever it happens" Only by having unlimited faith in God, you can please him.

No matter how strange the situation may be, convince yourself that everything is fine.
Because the power of God is infinite. Our means, circumstances or education does not matter when God wants to fulfill our will. God gives us more than what we ask if we have strong faith in him. And never forget your dreams, never give up.

God's blessings will always be with you, if you cannot even imagine this, do not do it. If you will not keep your goal in front of you and do not believe it with full vigor then you can never achieve it.

Founder Connard Hilton of Hilton Hotels was reading an article one day about the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. He was very impressed by how big and luxurious the hotel was. How beautiful that hotel is, they started dreaming of owning that hotel one day. It would have been impossible to achieve this if they had thought it straight away, but they thought of it in a different way, they thought of the above. He cut the hotel pictures from that article and put them in front of him. He kept looking at those pictures again and again until his dream was fulfilled and his company did not buy about 250,000 shares of that hotel.

Never let negative thoughts dominate you. Maybe someday you see a very well-to-do person and say to yourself, "I can never be that way" or you see a great house and say to yourself, "I can never buy anything like this". These negative thoughts have a profound effect on your success because it prevents you from moving forward, limiting your perspective, so you have to change your perspective.

Once there was a man who always dreamed of becoming an artist, but he was broken from inside and was unimpressed. His family was so poor that they were living in vans. One day he was so disappointed that he reached the top of a mountain with his old car and looked down. He did something he had never thought of, he got off the car and wrote a ten million dollar check for himself, for his "acting service". Twelve years later, the young man, Jim Carrey, was earning around fifteen to twenty-five million dollars for each of his films.

Run your own race:

There will be many people in your daily life who try to control your life. Their intention may be noble, but you should be the only one who controls your life. You will have to run your race on your own. If you do not write your success story then someone else will write and then nothing will be left for you. It is impossible to keep everyone happy, no matter what you do, you cannot keep everyone happy.

In this effort, you will find yourself doing the work that you do not want to do or you should not do. If every time someone or someone starts doing so much criticism in your work that you stop doing that work then you will never be able to do anything. Because everyone will try to keep you in their place, but you stay in your place because even if you start walking according to them, those people will still find something or the other.

Someone once said that when you are 20, you are worried about what everyone thinks about you, but in 40 you stop caring about it and in 60 you know that someone is about you Was not thinking So keep yourself free from the opinion of the people, only then you will be able to be completely free in the right ways.

Always have a goal in your life. Be prepared for the fact that even if some people do not support you in the journey of accomplishing this goal, do not even care if you get away from you. God has already set the path for you which you have chosen. You need the approval of the above more than the people because the opinion of the people will always confuse you and you will never be able to think clearly. So on the unsolicited opinion of Auro, you will have to learn to say "Thank you, but I do not need it"

“Those who have to be happy again and again, keep avoiding such people because these are the people for whom no matter what is done, you can never satisfy them. Every time, they will continue to make some shortfall. You have not been a bit like that such people start trying to take the reins of your life in their hands. It is almost impossible to please these people because they never make you happy nor do they ever say two words of praise. If a friend of yours is only playing friendship for his own purpose, then it would be better to stay away from such people. If they leave your life, then they go away.

There is a very old story, of a grandfather and grandson. Once a grandfather was taking his grandson on his donkey somewhere. People see them when they go some distance, then they say, "Look! How selfish is this grandson, himself sitting on the donkey and forcing his old grandfather to walk? Dad gets upset after hearing the words of people. He now takes the grandson off and starts riding the donkey himself. But after going a little further, some people again look at them and say, Hey! Dada is a very mean person who is riding the donkey alone and walking the poor grandson.

Troubled by the things of the people, this time the grandfather also takes the grandson sitting on the donkey with him. But this time also people start speaking bad words to both of them about how ruthless the grand-grandson is, who is sitting on that donkey and putting all his burden on him.

The essence of this story is that no matter what you do, you cannot keep everyone happy together. Some people will still criticize you. So instead of taking care of everyone, choose one of your goals yourself and stick to it till success is achieved.

Expect good things in your life:

It is a rule that when you hope for better things for yourself, then you get those better things by yourself. But what will happen when you think of hopeless things again and again? Obviously, the same disappointment will come in your life. Because what you think happens to you. God always gives you what remains in your heart.

Wake up every morning thinking that 'today is going to be a wonderful day. If we start the day with this thinking, you will find that you are getting what you thought. If you are going for an exam, then hope that you are going to do very well in it. Thinking like this will not only boost your spirits but will also instill a new enthusiasm in you which was never there before today. Some people are always surrounded by despair.

They never think anything good about themselves.
"I can never lose weight, no one will like me in that party, I can never find true love of anyone". Such people think that their thinking will make the work easier because if nothing good happens to them If it happens, they will say, "I have already seen it" and if something good happens, they will be very surprised that how it happened to them. However, nothing good ever happens to pessimistic people. Now if you did not do what you wanted despite hope, then do not be disappointed. Try again and keep doing till success reaches your hands. If necessary, just remove every obstacle that is preventing you from reaching your destination.
Several studies (Studies) have revealed that both optimistic and pessimistic thoughts are the product of two different parts of our brain. Pessimistic thoughts take longer to process than optimistic thoughts and perhaps this is the reason why pessimistic thoughts stay in our mind for a long time.

For example, you will never forget that you failed the exam rather than that you must have passed. In this way, negative thoughts have a profound effect on our minds.
Someone did something for you that made your heart very happy. You suddenly miss this thing during your work one day. After remembering that incident, you smile and once again start picturing the whole incident in your mind. You get filled in your work with double enthusiasm because your mood has changed.

So you saw how these optimistic thoughts inspire you to do even better. And it is also possible that the memory of the past may make you even sadder. And then it will happen that it will affect your ability and ability.

Think of your mind like a TV set that has many channels. Some channels are associated with your sweet memories and some with Kadavi memories. Now keep the remote of this TV in your hand. The memories that fill you with happiness and enthusiasm, let only those memories channels run in your mind. Remember these sweet memories again and again. Just like you sit in the cinema hall for fun and watch your favorite movie with popcorn and soda.
Remember the time when you felt that everything was going wrong with you and then after a few days or months or after a year, suddenly your situation started improving. You get surprised thinking how the above has found a way for you even in a difficult situation.

Remember many such frustrating moments when you say to yourself "I will never be able to get out of this trouble". You just live in this sorrow and then you overcome that difficult situation as if it was not a big deal at all.

A woman named Rachael Smith, with an attractive personality was devoted to work that was concerned with the well-being of children of developing countries. It was in the year 2007 when she participated in the Miss Universe competition.

During the competition, her balance on the stage deteriorated and she fell on her back. This was a very embarrassing moment in his life. The crowd of people presents there started laughing at them and started mocking the fall. However, she immediately got up and stood up, and also completed her ramp walk. He chose a slip for himself from the box of questions kept there, on which he wrote, "If you get your favorite moment to live again, what will it be?"
Without any hesitation, she replied that she would like to re-live those lives spent in South Africa when her efforts brought a smile to the face of needy children. She would like to go back in time to see that smile again, instead of completing the speech once again without falling on the stage. He immediately forgot that bitter memory from his mind and remembered those moments which gave him happiness.

Always have a positive mindset:

The greatest quality of a winner is his positive thinking. When such people wake up in the morning, they imagine a happy day filled with hope. Such people do not forget to thank the aforesaid behind all their successful work. And this same optimistic attitude makes their every day better.

Now imagine that you are driving a vehicle, which has all the control in your hands. If you want to take it forward or backward, the strength will be equal for it. Is not it? In the same way the vehicle of our life also runs. Now it is in your hands that you move it forward with your positive thoughts or fill it with negative thoughts and be left far behind in the race for success.
There are many of us who blame all our failure on the circumstances. You can often hear them saying, "My childhood was spent in many deprivations so I could not do it" or "His illness has made him irritable".

But these are all excuses for not achieving success. You will find examples of many people who, despite being born in poverty and scarcity, have raised the flags of their success.
Take two groups of people. One of those groups is optimistic and the other group is of pessimistic people. Now, whatever the situation, both of them should have similar challenges in front of the people of the group. Now when you see the result, you will be surprised. The group of optimists may have found a way to deal with those challenges, but the pessimists may have been sitting hand to hand as per their nature. So obviously all these things are the result of your predetermined thinking.

Will you be happy or sad, it depends on your thinking of dealing with the situation. Circumstances are never the main reason, our own thoughts are formed.
It is up to you how you want to start your day. A person wakes up in the morning and says, "Good morning, thank God for today's day". its morning". Now you choose yourself which one of these people you want to become. Never let things that are out of your control be the cause of your happiness or unhappiness, nor consider the matter of how people treat you, or even the minor things like traffic on the road.

Learn to accept the things which are not under your control. Some things, circumstances never change ... better be left worried about them. It is better that you think in advance that today your day is going to be very good.

Winning is included in your blood because the above made you to win and not to live a modest life. If God already shows you the way to your victory or opens the opportunity in front of you which leads you to success, then obviously you will be fully confident of your victory and will spend every moment with enthusiasm. But where does this happen in real life? No one knows what is going to happen in the future.

But even then, we believe that the above person must have thought something better for you. Now, even if for some reason you are not able to get what you want, do not get discouraged and do not start saying that "I knew for the first time that success is not in my destiny", instead you say "Maybe something of God And wish, maybe he thought something better for me ”.
Always pay attention to your thoughts on which way they are going. Thinking about defeat and failure will only show you the face of defeat. It is possible that your pessimistic thinking is not allowing true love to come into your life.

Negative thoughts reduce your enthusiasm and your ability to fight diseases gradually decreases, due to which many diseases surround you. A very important part in the treatment of cancer patients is their attitude towards treatment. The spirit of fighting this dangerous disease also helps in increasing their immunity.

The chances of living of such people are increased, who dream of living a healthy life after defeating the fatal disease of cancer. If a cancer patient is scared of his illness and gives up hope of living, then it definitely has an effect on his treatment as well. Admitting defeat before life is not the solution to the problem.

For a scientific experiment, the doctors divided the patients into two groups.
The knees of patients of both the groups had responded and needed surgery. The doctors did the surgery only on the first group and after unconsciousing the people of the second group, they put some such cut marks on their knees that they are sure to get surgery. Nearly two years later, it came as a shocking fact that like the patients of the first group, the patients of the second group also gave information about getting relief from the pain of their knees. However, there was never any surgery for his knees.

And beyond that it was surprising that upon investigation, his knees were found in a better position than before. And all this happened because he was confident of his recovery.

Instead of living as an average person, try to be the best. Forget living as a common man. You are not born to live a normal life. Always try to give your best. It is not necessary that every time you are successful in your cause, yet you will be satisfied that you tried to do the best. If you have to go a mile away, walk two miles.

Do more than what is expected of you. For this, you can put your goal in front of you and then believe your victory with a positive attitude. But this will be your first step towards victory. Your real motive will start after that. Implement those things which will help you reach the destination. Try to get up 10 minutes before your daily time, reach 5 minutes before work. Do not get tired from work after working 30 minutes.

This is the only way to achieve success and progress in work. In the era we are living in today, the competition is so high that if we do not work hard, do not learn new things, do not improve ourselves, then we will be left far behind in this race of success. Remember your entire day before going to bed every day. Ask yourself "am I ordinary or trying to do something better"
In some places where drinking water is not available at all, people have kept that place clean and tidy. Why so ? Because no matter what the situation may be, they are paying full respect to what God has given them. Appreciate everything given above even if it is your old house because if you don't do it then how can you expect more from it? It is not necessary to spend crores of rupees in his old house or on himself. Even if it is less, but take care of it.

Whatever you do, do it wholeheartedly, so that you can have a different identity in the crowd. No matter how many capable people are around you, instead of becoming like them, create a different image of yourself. Never think that "If he does not know how it will come to me". Work so hard that success only kisses your steps.

Make a habit of yourself that whatever work you take in hand, try to do it best, no matter how small it may be.

Suppose something in a store accidentally falls down on you, then you should clean it yourself, do not expect that someone else will come and clean it. Pick the one who has dropped from you and put it back in its place.

Every morning when you wake up, after bathing, wear clean and clean clothes. Grooming your hair This is also a way to please God because by doing this you express gratitude to your creator. Then whether you are poor or rich it does not matter. You can try to look as good as you can.

When you do some noble work, do not think that it is your compulsion to do so or else someone is watching you, rather do it from the heart. Do some such things which you have to do without your wish, thinking that you are doing them in the name of God. Believe that one day God will definitely give you this prize.

Joel, the author of this book, formerly used to be a pastor in a church. One day while he was parking his car in the parking lot, while opening the door of the car, the box of garbage kept in it fell down. He picked up the box, but due to the wind, all the garbage was scattered in the parking lot here and there. Now Jol thought, since garbage is not their job and if they were getting late, then let it be like this. But then he got the attention of the upstairs and decided that he would pick up all the garbage and put it back in the box.

When his work was finished, he saw a couple sitting in the car looking at Zol. He opened the car window and told Zol that he had seen Zol in the church and today he wanted to know Zol in this state and know what he was doing. Needless to say that Zol thanked God, which saved him from being ashamed. So in this way God gave them the fruit of their righteousness.

Keep going on your way:

No matter how expert and experienced you are, never leave learning. Because there is no end to learning. There is so much to learn in life that even if you learn throughout your life, there is less. Many people think that once they have completed school or college, they do not need to learn anything else, there is no need to study anything new. So what you learn is limited to school only?

No ! No way. Because learning never ends. There will be many things that you have not learned yet. If you have any skill then refine it further by practice. Because when you stop learning, you start losing your skills, which God has given you as a blessing. Everything in life is learned through practice. Practice again and again but do not wait.

If you stop practicing then next year, where you are today, you will remain the same.
If not you or someone else will overtake you and will beat you for a whole year. Whatever you are, be it a teacher, doctor, engineer, or even a minor worker or a student, never stop yourself from moving forward. Because your responsibility is a responsibility not only to yourself and your family, but also to the person above. The world is changing fast and you have to walk with it. When God chose his prisoners, he put a tough challenge in front of him.

It was a challenge to learn, to acquire knowledge. Not to sit empty like this. The same applies to us that we keep learning something in life, we innovate. And this is the principle of life too. You do not always become a baby, you grow up, your body shape changes and gradually your brain capacity also increases with time.

If you are not happy with your work thinking that you will not get to learn anything from it. If you are thinking of leaving that job but you are unable to do it then believe me you can never move forward in life. You will remain the same. And if you cannot leave the job then do not leave, but together you do what you want to do. Improve your ability.

Keep doing better than better. Go through new experiences in life, if you want to lose weight, do it. Do anything but don't stop trying. Your ability knows the above, so he will also pose new challenges in front of you and will also open new doors of progress.

Never think that you are wasting your time or just spending time. Just do whatever you do with all your heart. And if you are compelled to do that, then also make it better. Because you can never know when the above gives you a better chance. Take just 2 hours out of 24 hours of the day for yourself. In this time, you should learn new things, enhance your skills.

Suppose you are a doctor, then read the articles related to your profession. Practice different methods of treatment. Don't be afraid to take risks because you have only fear to lose and if you succeed, success will be with you. Remember that the person who takes the risk can only improve himself.

Now suppose you are an employee of an office and you go on a long leave. Now, even if you are not there, the work of the office is going smoothly, then this thing is certainly good for the office but it will not be good at all for you. This is a kind of danger bell for you. Because even if your work is going on without you, they will never hesitate to remove you from your job.

When the world does not matter if you are not there, then you do not have any ability. You are not doing anything that affects people. Now ask yourself what are you? Problem solvers or problem solvers. Do you go to your boss and tell them your problems? Or do you go and tell them a problem and also suggest a solution? Remember, instead of crying about the problem, always try to find a solution to it. Whatever you do, keep a plan in mind.

It is good to dream, but that is not enough, work hard for that too. Suppose you want to be slim and you also imagine to see yourself 10 kg less. I will eat nutritious food, I will go to the gym three days a week, not just think, but start going to that gym, start eating nutritious, and keep looking healthy and healthy in my imagination everyday. The above keeps an example of such successful people in front of us, from whom we can learn something, then do not let those golden opportunities go by hand, grab them. If you do not understand, ask how it happens. Make successful people the hero of your life, increase friendship with them.

Pablo Casals was one of the great chelists. From the age of 12, he started playing chelo and became an expert in this art but still he did not stop learning it till the age of 85, he used to practice it everyday.


If you are unhappy, try something different. We are unhappy only when all our attention is on ourselves and our needs. Instead of focusing only on yourself, one should also think about the needs of others. We are made not only to take but also to give. Sometimes it happens that someone you know who has not talked to you for years, suddenly one day asks you for help on the phone.

"You miss me only when necessary" Instead of saying so, please help your friend with happiness. Understand this on the will of the above, that you are working for others. Now, even if you don't get anything in return, don't be disappointed if not even a "thank you". You must have heard that saying "Do righteousness and put it in the river".

Have you ever felt that you went to do something for someone, in which you faced a lot of problems, work was very difficult but after that instead of getting tired very badly, you felt yourself full of enthusiasm. As if a beam of strength and enthusiasm has seeped into you from somewhere. This is the effect of serving others. It is your favorable nature that you are made to serve others. Getting something for yourself is not a bad thing.

Buy a big house for yourself, Esho, but also help others by becoming serviceable.
If you are tired or sad, then tell others something that they like, inspire them. Tell them that "they look very good or what they did was very impressive". Appreciate them, they will like it but at the same time it will affect your soul in a deeper way.

By doing service, it is not just your friends or associates, but all those people who are involved in your life. For example, help your wife clean the house, clean the utensils for her, wash clothes and dry them, fill the bill, clean the lawn. Because she is your wife, it is your duty to support her. If you think that the wife will do the housework only and that is why the marriage is done, then you need a maid, not a wife.

You can keep money for work by giving money to anyone, but to share the happiness of your life, you need a life partner. Someday, get up before her in the morning and make breakfast for her, praise her for how hard she works, tell her how much you love her. Believe it she will be happy and will give you a lot of happiness in return.

People who help the poor and destitute are very dear to God. When you give food to an orphan, you can never forget the face of his face. If you start your day with the help of people, then your whole day will be relaxed. You make others happy and forget your own problems. What to say about the comfort that the heart gets from helping someone!

An old couple is always ready to help others. Once, after doing one such noble work, the couple were returning from South Africa. The ship they were traveling in also included President Teddy Roosevelt, who was returning from his hunting tour in Africa. When the ship halted in the harbor, a crowd of people stood there to welcome President Roosevelt. Everyone was shouting slogans for them. These elderly couple felt very bad about this.

They started thinking that even after doing good to people, no one was praising them, they were not welcomed. People will forget their noble deeds and them. But the truth is that even if people have forgotten them, they will never be forgotten in the court of God. He will surely reward them for their righteousness in the heavens above.

Stay Passionate:

Ask yourself a question, "Am I alive?" This is not just about being alive and eating food. Think deeply about this. What is your goal What have you achieved so far? What is your attitude towards life? Because all these things will determine what is the meaning of life in the true sense?

After all, God has sent us to this earth thinking that we should do something meaningful in our life and move forward in the path of progress.

Studies have shown that zealous people always do better work, their progress is also quicker than others and most of them live a happy life. You need a passion in your life which is very important to move forward. If you do not have a lot, then live every moment with enthusiasm while thanking the above.

You are alive, without trouble you are breathing, you can walk, see, think and be healthy, is it not enough to thank the above? Suppose you ever fall victim to a road accident. Your car became badly junk but you survived. You just got a minor injury. So thank you that you were kind to the person above, who survived you narrowly.

The vehicle was lost but life was saved. Honor everything given by God, appreciate it. When God gave you a wife, you were happy that God was pleased with you. So now respect that wife, take care of her because she is a gift given to you by God. If you do not like anything about the wife, then do not think that why God gave me such a wife, but rather thank that your wife does so much for you.

Your happiness accompanies in sorrow. He serves you when you fall ill. Whatever you do, do it with 100% heart. Instead of finding flaws, stick to your intentions. What you do not like to do, such as washing clothes or any other work, do not do it with a sad heart, but do it with all your heart for the sake of God. I once saw a police officer who was controlling traffic at the city's busiest intersection. I saw his hands waving in the air and he was dancing in a way while giving directions to the vehicles. His manner of working was so unique that some carriers stopped him on the side of the road and started looking at him. He had created an atmosphere of entertainment in a way.

He was also doing boring work like traffic control in an interesting way.
Do not ever think of becoming like another. Improve what you are Believe that God has made you infrequent. Maybe you have a specialty that people yearn for. And the biggest thing .. Make it meaningful, be useful. Because doing something that has some use will keep you energized. After all, everyone has to leave this world one day. But those who do not know how to use their lives, they live and die.

Neither do they do well and neither can they help others. Forget the opportunities you have lost. Life will give you many more opportunities. If you cannot drive a car after looking back, you cannot move ahead by remembering the past. We all go through a phase of regret and failure at some point in our lives. But look at those past things by putting dust on them.
A 40-year-old woman underwent open heart surgery. It is a very complicated process, yet every year more than 230,000 open heart surgeries take place. After the surgery, the woman's heart did not burst. Even special medicines were not affected. The surgeon tried everything possible but he failed to beat the heart again. Considering this as the fate of the patient, he was about to give up that he tried one last time.

He whispered in the ears of the woman "I have done everything that was in my hand for you." Now I want you to tell me to beat your heart ”. Suddenly a miracle happened as soon as the surgeon said so. The woman's heart started beating. This was the power of faith of the woman who gave her life again.

Summaries World About Book: In this world, some people have a sharp focus on their goals like a laser. Such people are the most successful p...

Summaries World

About Book:

In this world, some people have a sharp focus on their goals like a laser. Such people are the most successful people in the world. This book is the treasure that will teach you how to save money, be more confident, set your goals and become a great leader. This book has the power to make you a Millionaire in 6 months.

Who should read this summary?

• Whoever has an amazing idea
• Whoever dreams of getting extraordinary success
• Those who want to change their life completely

About author:

Napoleon Hill is one of the well-known self-help authorities. He is known for his best work such as "Think and Grow Rich", which is included in the list of 10 best-selling books to date. Most of his books have been focused on achieving theme success. Napoleon Hill believed that when your expectations are very high, then your life is also big and magnificent.

Laws Of Success - Book Summary - Napoleon Hill

Let's We Start Summary:


Do you want to be a Millionaire? Now you will say who does not want to be a brother. It is absolutely right. Nowadays, someone is considered successful only when he is a millionaire. But earlier, the success of successful people was not judged by money. But today the time has changed. Now so many people have come to the Millionaire's count that they cannot be counted on fingers. Oh don't you be sad, you are not different from them, you too can achieve all that they have done. All you need to know about the Laws of Success.

This book is a very practical book for earning both success and money. The lessons you will learn in it have been tried in real life, so rest assured that it works perfectly. Thousands of Millionaires around the world use it.

This book will take you on an exciting journey of self-discovery. You will start to understand how to find your passion in life and how to set a goal. Not only this, but you will also learn to use the importance of focusing and the Law of Attraction, with the help of which your paths will become easier.

Once you have an action plan ready, then you will learn lessons that will help you become more confident and it will also teach you how to become a leader. In life, if you do not take the initiative by yourself, then success will never open your door for you.
We all know that if the extra ordinal success comes from a wonderful and different idea or thought, then we will also understand the import of the new ideas that are born from creative thinking.

You can rest assured of the power of this book because this book has made almost 3,000 people a Millionaire within just 6 months. Many of them did not even have a business but they showed the passion to start something new.

So if you don't have any business then start it now. If there is no purpose in your life, then follow the learning from this book and you will learn how to make your place among the successful people of the world.

If they can do it, then you can do it too!
Introduction to the Master Mind
A mastermind is a mind formed by two or more people thinking creatively or working together. Often two people work together to achieve a common goal.

Like everything, the mind also has its own energy. The energy of the mind of two people can be different. This is the reason that often some people get love at first sight, so why not know why two people do not like each other at all.

When two minds are attracted by the same energy, they start working together. Now, this mind is very powerful and one can think in a much more creative way than the mind of a human being. Imagine that if 4-5 people gather around the same energy, then their goal will also be the same and they will follow the same principles. If this group added its resources and started working together, they would achieve the success which no one could match.

Let us understand this power of mastermind through three powerful people. Ford, Edison and Firestone are veterans who do not know. It is not hidden from anyone that Ford is included in the list of the powerful people of this world. If ever they need even a billion dollars, then they can arrange it in a pinch and for this, they will need to make more than just a few phone calls.

When he started his automobile business, Ford received $ 225 million in payments for vehicles that had not yet been delivered. It is seldom heard that when a product is sold with so much grace even before it comes in the market. All this happened due to the power of trust that Ford's customers used to have in them.

So now Thomas Edison is another well-known person. People say that he was very religious. Like ordinary people, they did not believe in the book of religion written by human beings, rather they believed in what Nature taught them. He always felt very attached to nature.
This amazing connection with Nature led to Edison inventing the first voice recording phonograph. Even those storms managed to bring electricity to the earth so that humans could use it for all kinds of work. Their countless inventions are nothing less than a gift to the world and their contribution is still alive in people's minds.

The third stalwart in this list is Harvey Firestone. He was the brain behind the Firestone tire industry. Like Ford and Edison, he started his success story with no money and no education. If Ford had something, it was his firm intention and a genius mind that was made to gain success.

Most people do not know that a strong friendship kept these three celebrities together. Every year he used to spend time together in some jungle to enjoy hunting. He used this time to relax and recharge his energy.

There is one more interesting thing that even those three might not know that this strong connection of theirs was helping them to become even more great. We were talking about exactly this connection which we call Master Mind.

Some people can rebut this claim, but the similarities of the three great people prove that their energy had an effect on each other. All three started from the bottom, they did not have any wide degree and most importantly they had no support other than themselves.
The fact that his name became immortalized in the pages of history proves that his connection created such a powerful tool that we call Master Mind.

A Definite Chief Aim:

Every human should have a goal in life. There are two reasons for this. First of all, when you set a defined goal, you start to program yourself to work according to that goal. It has been proven psychologically that when we focus our thoughts on one thing, We automatically perform according to that goal. Another advantage is that it helps you prepare a working plan that can bring you immense wealth.

We all want to become successful and rich. But this can only happen when we focus our power and energy on the same path. Because power is an organized effort, having a defined round makes it attract people in your life whose mindset is exactly like you. When you combine your energy with such people, you become such a powerful mastermind. You can guarantee extra-ordinal success. Let's learn from a man who had seven sons.

There was an old man who had seven sons. His sons were always fighting among themselves. Neither did they ever work together and neither agreed on any one thing. So one day that old man decided to teach them a lesson. He called everyone to his room. Then took seven thin wooden sticks and folded them into a strong bundle. Now he asked his sons to break the bundle.

Each of his sons tried but no one could break that bundle. Now that old man started smiling. When he opened the rope tied on that bundle, the wood fell apart. Now he gave each son a wood and asked him to break it. This time they all broke the girl very easily.

Then she explained to her sons that the lesson these woodmen have taught is very precious and valuable. When the wood is tied together, they are strong and it cannot be broken easily. But when they break apart when the bundles open, they are weak and anyone can break them easily. Then he said that if they all work together then no one will be able to harm them or obstruct their way of success. But if they keep quarrelling like this, live their life differently just then they will always remain weak and people will easily take advantage of them.

Organized Effort is a very powerful weapon for success. Never underestimate the people around you. To make life Meaningful, you must have a motive, then focus on it and find such people who can walk step by step with you to achieve it.


Do you know who stands between you and your desire to get success? That is your fear. Fear is the biggest cause of all our shortcomings. We are afraid of many things not knowing from poverty, from Criticism, from getting old, from getting sick, even knowing that what is born has to die one day or the other, we are afraid of dying anyway. We have grown up with this fear mentality and it has sat in our subconscious mind.

Therefore, to overcome our fears, we need to be confident and use autosuggestion. Keep yourself confident and always keep positive thinking and let the law of auto science do its wonders. When you focus all your attention on a goal, then you start attracting everything in your life that keeps on making your way easier.

If you feel that your dreams are very big, then self-confidence is your best friend. Let's learn it from one of the best salesmen in the world.
Charlie was always a nervous coward. Everyone knew that he was submissive and easily accepted the matter. Charlie believed that in order to live in peace and peace, you should live quietly and in hiding so that no one cares about you.

One day, Charlie overhears a lecture on self-confidence. The words said in that lecture had such an impact on him that he decided to change himself immediately.
The next day, Charlie goes to his boss and asks him to change his position in the newspaper company. He said that he wanted to work in the advertising department. The manager obeyed him and Charlie started his new job on the same day.

Now everyone was betting that Charlie would fail, but Charlie had decided that he would be successful and answer the people. He went to his office and made a list of people whom he wanted to sell his product. But it was not such a list, it was very different. Charlie had not chosen the names of those whom it was easy to sell the product, rather he had chosen such names that other Salesmen were reluctant to deal.

Charlie was a confidant this time but still shy from nature. To overcome this deficiency, he decided to go to the park. He also took that list with him and started repeating the names of those people again and again. He kept telling himself that by the end of this month, all the people on this list will definitely buy products from him.

During the first week of his new post, Charlie managed to sell the product to three people included in that list. He also advertised this thing in his paper. The surprising thing was that no one could sell the product, Charlie convinced all those people to buy the product. There was only one person who rejected his offer over and over again.

How do you think Charlie removed that one man from the list? Not at all, where was he going to believe now. The next month started, but Charlie did not create a new list of people's names but remained adamant on that one name. Throughout the month, every morning he would call that client and he would refuse it every time.

At the end of the month, one day the man asked Charlie why he was wasting his time on her even though he knew well that he would not accept his offer? Charlie responded cleverly to this. He said that by calling every day, he was able to know about every excuse that a customer makes to refuse a salesman. With this, he could create such a strategy that he has a great solution for every excuse of the customer, after hearing that the customer could not refuse to buy the product under any circumstances.

The man was surprised to hear Charlie's answer. He could not live without praising Charlie's passion and his unwavering faith in himself. Seeing Charlie's tune, he finally made up his mind to buy an advertising post. The deal proved to be the most important deal of Charlie's career. This single deal made Charlie the most famous salesman in the world, and do we need to say that Charlie became a Millionaire because of this.
So one who remains in the tune of his work comes to him with success.

The Habit of Saving:

Do you know that if you do some work, again and again, it becomes our habit? Now, this habit can be good and bad too. For Exemplar, saving money is a habit of every successful man. This is a very powerful Habit which we often ignore.

To save money, you need to distribute your income in different ways in a particular way. You should save at least 10% of your earnings every month. What to say if you save 20%.
Saving money is the way to financial independence. You can start new projects with your savings, which will generate more money. In this way, it guarantees you a lot of success and even more money. Let's hear the story of a young farmer who converted his small savings into a big amount.

Sam quit working in his fields to look for better opportunities. While searching for work, he found a job in a printing plant one day. There he saw a man working with him saving $ 5 every week. He was very impressed by this and he decided to follow it himself. After three years of working in that plant, Sam managed to save $ 900.

They say that the time is never the same, then something similar happened with that printing plant too. His owners had almost gone bankrupt and were now thinking of shutting down the business. At that time, Sam had $ 900 in his account and wanted to help those owners. So he invested his money in that business and in return he was given a 50% share in the profit.

Now just think that if Sam doesn't save money, wouldn't this opportunity slip out of his hands? Despite investing money, he did not leave his job, but with his salary, he also earned a profit of $ 25,000 every year. Sam never thought that something like this would happen to him, but often in life, the opportunity knocks at our door when we have the least hope for him.

Because Sam had saved money, he was ready to welcome any good opportunity. It does not matter how much money you can save. They say that if the drops are filled with drops, then when your smallest savings become a big amount, you will not even know. And do you know that life like Sam should give you a wonderful opportunity someday too?

Yes, there is no doubt that saving 20% ​​or saving 10% in today's time is not less than a challenge. Many times, the same money is spent sitting or there are some of our friends who throw thousands of rupees just for fun and entertainment. But you have to make a little effort, make sure you focus on your goal.

Now look at this storey itself, Sam was very poor. He was passing through with great difficulty. But he was very smart. He understood the power of this wonderful habit of saving money. He immediately adopted it and the result was that he later earned a lot of money from his little saved money which made his life happy and comfortable. You can also do this, it is too late to try.

Initiative and Leadership:

Confidence is the greatest quality of a great leader. You can also call it his most special weapon because on the basis of this he is able to motivate people and excite them. You cannot become a great leader without having the desire to go through every task on your own without becoming dependent. If your boss does not need to tell you what to do then it means that you have the ability to take initiative by moving forward and you can take care of all your responsibilities.

Taking initiative, ie taking the initiative is a very important quality for success. To become a business owner who earns millions, you have to be a good and efficient leader. Leadership is not something that you will get by luck or which you can buy online while sitting at home. For this, you have to go ahead and take the right decision at the right time.

Microsoft is the best example. The business empire spread to every corner of the world started with the friendship of two boys and those two geniuses are Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Both of them loved programming very much and they had no topic to talk about other than this.

In 1974, a very interesting article was published in Popular Electronics magazine. This article created a buzz at that time because it had written about the world's first computer which was made for the use of common people. His name was Altair 8800.

When Bill and Paul read the article, they knew that if they managed to write the code for this machine, then it would not be less than a big revolution in the field of technology. So he decided that he would write his own code.

For two months, both of them started writing BASIC language code for this machine. He neither had the sense of day nor of night. The most interesting thing was that they did not even have that machine because it was not enough to just make the code, it was very important to check it by putting it in the machine. They both studied at Harvard University at that time. They met Altair there. Used a similar PDP-10 machine. If he had anything at that time, it was his confidence and passion to do something different and who does not know about his genius mind.

After the code was prepared, he contacted Ed Roberts, who had created Altair. Paul went to his head office to test the code and then what happened became history. Ed's company name was MITS. When the code was inserted into the machine and the machine started responding, it was nothing short of a miracle for those working there. Ed immediately said that he wanted to work with Bill and Paul. Then he signed the contract and a unique brand like Microsoft was born.

Bill and Paul's work was so excellent that they started progressing very fast twice a day. But he did not stop here but kept moving forward. The biggest reason for this was that he kept trying to make it even better by creating new code for Altair every time.

Bill and Paul were not only successful because of their idea, but the unwavering confidence they had in trying everything they could find useful, they have brought them up to such an extent. They are never afraid to experiment or fail. . Programming was his passion and it was so easy for him as if it was just a game for him. He constantly experimented and kept bringing new ideas and concepts. Nobody ever told him what to do, how to do it, what he did on his own and it is called leadership.


Imagination is the power with which you can create anything in your mind. Unless you have a clear picture in your mind, you cannot even have a clear goal. Or there may not be a good leader. Today we will tell you about the technique called auto-decoration.

When you start focusing on one thing, you start imagining his picture in the mind, automatically you start taking the action that is needed to achieve your goal. Because you have complete control over your imaginations, then nothing can stop you from achieving what you want. So let's understand the power of this image from the story of Clarence Saunders.
Clarence worked as a grocery clerk in a small retail store. He was an ordinary man who did a simple job and earned $ 20 a week. One day, Clarence went to a cafeteria to buy something. While he was waiting in line, thoughts like "what if" started running in his mind. He looked at the self-help or self-service principals in the cafeteria to see how he worked. He thought of applying the same principles to the grocery store.

This idea was very simple and was not even new. People were well aware of this. Now Clarence started looking for connections around him.
He was quite creative and used his imagination to use this old idea in a new environment. He started self-service Piggly Wiggly stores. This innovative thinking made Clarence a successful Millionaire from a typical boy earning $ 20 a week.

If you notice, Clarence used everything we have talked about so far. Clarence got a creative idea that made him motive to set a goal. His motive was very big and he wanted to change the world with his idea. His biggest speciality was that he was very focused. Along with his powerful thought, the Universe also had power because he was using the Law of Attraction. When you want to get something with all your heart, then this universe takes to fulfil that desire.

Once he made a plan, he started moving forward with confidence. Because the concept of self-service was new to grocery stores, he took the initiative himself and took the role of leader. Believe it without the power of Imagination it is absolutely not possible.
No imagery can be complete without the power of imagination. Always remember that Imagination is absolutely free and completely under your control. No one can stop you from creating a new idea or creating a new idea by adding old ideas. So what are you waiting for?


It is a matter of great sadness that most people never understand who and what they want to do. They live a meaningless life that has no purpose. They just keep seeing successful people becoming more successful.

In this book we learned that first of all we need to know ourselves properly, what talent is inside us, what work can we do well, etc. After understanding yourself, set a goal. This goal will keep pushing you to become confident and successful, especially if you have powerful imagery.

If you are an employee, then try to give more value to your company than the salary you get. If you are a boss, give your cooperation to your employees and try to understand them as well.

After applying the lessons mentioned in this book, your life will change completely. Success comes not only from the idea or from thinking but from taking action in the truth. Time does not stop for anyone, today the opportunity is in front of you, it will not wait for you for long, nor will it knock on your door, again and again, so stop looking here and take the initiative to move forward.

So keep your thinking clear. Set a definite goal. Always think of something new by using the power of Imagination. Your focus should be so strong that the Law of Attraction of the Universe goes into realizing your dream. Do not be afraid to experiment or fail.

Make a habit of saving money and remember, you are the leader of your own destiny. And most importantly, add some value to people's lives. This value can be anything like financial, emotional or performance value. What action will you take today, make you a Millionaire tomorrow? And I'm sure you also want to be a Millionaire, don't you?

Summaries World About Book: Why lies lie in the minds of people instead of truth? As a professional, how do you make your ideas effective? ...

Summaries World

About Book:

Why lies lie in the minds of people instead of truth? As a professional, how do you make your ideas effective? In this book, you will learn about interesting stories that will open your eyes and make your ideas more effective than before. If you are a teacher, writer, businessman or politician, then this book is for you.

Who should read this book:

Employees, teachers, campaign managers, journalists, politicians, bloggers (writing articles on the Internet)

About author:

Chip Heath and Dan Heath are brothers who are co-authors of the 3 best selling books. Chip is a professor at Stanford Business School, while Dan does research at Duke University. He has sold more than 3 million copies all over the world. His books have been translated into more than 30 languages.

Made To Stick - Book Summary - Chip Heath & Dan Heath

Let's We Start Summary:

The first thing is why should it be read?

After finishing this summary, you will get the answer to all these questions:
  1. 1) What should you do so that your customer remembers your message or your product?
  2. 2) What should you do to make your customer act on your message?
  3. 3) What should you do to get your customer attention?
So let's assume that I have a friend Dave. So once my friend Dave was going to New York for a business trip. There was still time in his flight, so he reached at one time to spend much time. Then a beautiful girl came there and offered Dave a drink. How would Dave turn down this offer of a beautiful girl? He happily expelled the happy offer. The girl ordered two drinks, one for herself and one for Dave. What happened after that Dave did not remember anything. When he regained consciousness, he saw that he was lying in a bathtub filled with ice. A slip was lying nearby which said, "Do not move, call the police at 100". When she dialled 100 numbers from a phone kept nearby, she came to know that her kidney has been removed.

Now suppose that you have news in a newspaper instead of something like this " In a broad sense, currency progress can be seen as "that the obtained by any means will be in proper salary." Progress "Increase of trade in total goods and economic sector". Now you have heard both the stories and phoned one of your friends to tell them what you have read. So can you tell which story you will remember more? Obviously, you will say that the first one because it is more interesting that will always be remembered. There is 6 principal to make a story memorable which can be remembered with the successful word. That is, make your message simple with your message from 'S', keep your message from 'U' unpeeled, make your message concrete from 'C', creditable from next 'C', keep the message emotional with 'E' and Put a story in your message with 'S'. In SUCCESS WORD ME, there is another 's', but there is no precedent for the last one with 'S'.

Chapter 1: Simple

An army may have a great plan to win on the battlefield, yet it can lose but why does this happen? That is because these plans do not work. The planners get a feel for the solvers that something has been planned, but only with this, they cannot win the battle. The reason behind this is that of course, they will have a perfect plan, but when there is a fight in the real sense, then at that time there can be something that can ruin their plan. As if some of his important assets were destroyed or the enemy did a surprise move.

Then the Soldiers will ignore the plan and act according to their instinct. By the way, in any unpredictable dangerous situation, a plan hardly works. To say that you have to keep your message simple, in other words, you should know the main message of the idea, the core message, so that whenever you know the core message, then the learning of that core message will change its plans. To find the core of, you will have to remove unnecessary ideas, which is easy ....... difficult to remove those important ideas which are not the most important. But you have to be careful that you do not remove the most important idea. Now here are two

First Step: Find the core

Success Using the SUCCESS checklist (ie simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and stories) translates to the core, taking an example: -South West Airline is a successful company, how did they become so successful? He reached the core of his idea which was "The Low Fair airline, the cheapest airline, he got 124,000 applications for 5,444 openings in 1996, now the question is why would anyone want to work in a company whose main idea is Coast Reduce. What to do? The answer is that his main idea is to read the Coast but his second idea is to make his employees laugh,

Employees have complete freedom to follow their instincts as if they had a little laugh at a flight attendant on their birthday day. Because the image of this most low-fare airline of the company is not going to matter. So is it okay to throw some coloured papers on it? Absolutely not, because it will waste extra time in cleaning which will mean higher fares and it does not match their core message as their core message is “Cheapest airline. So my friend such as South West got his core idea.

With more complexity, people choose the useless things and make them their priority except for the critical things. The second step will be to translate the core using the checklist of success. Check any paragraph that you have written and make a checklist about the 6 principles that we talked about earlier. Read the paragraph again, evaluate it and if you feel that you have given a prescriptive end, then the paragraph again. Write from

Chapter 2: Unexpected

"Look at me, Daniel"! Father said to his child, parents do the same to get the attention of the children. Attention is never sought, however. Attention is such a precious thing that you cannot ask for, you get it yourself. And one has to work hard to get it. But do not always try to get attention, there should be some fun in it, it should be both entertaining and attention-grabbing. Suppose as you are trying to make a presentation in your class, you stand on a backflip. Let's do it and start giving our presentation. Of course, everyone is giving you attention but for how long? If Your Presentation Attention Doesn't Grab? Or if your presentation is not so interesting? People will get bored and take out their phones and forget your presentation.

Here we will focus on two simple questions, first is how I have to take the attention of the people and second how to maintain that attention. Surprise and interest are two emotions that are a response to our question. Surprise gives us attention while it can be maintained with interest. Now let's take an example of surprise. Do you remember this Ed of the seat belts of the car, because you will not remember it because it was an American's Ed? The seat belt was designed to be worn for wearing, in which a family is shown walking in a car ........... when suddenly a truck comes from somewhere and collides with their car. .The ad used to end with this line. "Did you know this would happen? No, never? Seeing this ed, first thought that it is an add on to a car. But the real purpose of this ad was to remind people that every time you sit in a car, do not forget to wear your seat belt. This ad is remembered by everyone because it has both surprise and interest. If there is no use of surprise in the surprise, then it is useless.

In 2000, there was an ad in which the Super Bowl team was shown in a field playing very well that is when the camera zooms out and there is a large group of wolves who suddenly come and attack the team. And breaks the whole team into pieces. Of course, this ad was very surprising but it did not make any sense. People remember this ed to date, but no one understood what the meaning of this ad was because there was no core message in it. George Livingston, a behaviour economist, said that it is very simple to make something interesting for someone, all you have to do is curiosity that person i.e. create a mystery and that person will be curious only when he feels that someone in his knowledge There is a gap and they have named it the theory of curiosity.

Because of this gap theory of curiosity, we feel interested in movies because people thinking that "what will happen now"? This is why people like mystery novels because Novell asks them "who did this"? The mystery is like an itch that you don't feel relief without being exposed. If you will tell your audience everything without suspense when you summon a book for an exam, then your message will not be remembered to them. Now if you want it to stick in their mind, then you will have to feel this gap in their knowledge so that it becomes curious to learn more.

Chapter 3: Concrete

Why do Asian students leave American students behind in everything because they are shown in childhood by showing them everything in life? Let's understand this, both American and Asian students used to memorialize their concept and that was Ratta. Of course, it is important and of course, it is also a standard procedure that is used everywhere, but the difference that was made among Asian students was that they used different techniques besides rattan.

For example, if he puts 10 sticks on the table and removes 4 of them, then how many will be left, then the students will say 6. It builds a concrete foundation for technical students, ie students can see how these concepts are used in real life and they can build their knowledge on this concert foundation. When American schools were exhibited for the same thing, it was found that the percentage of American teachers using this technique was very low. Perhaps this was the reason why Asian students were ahead in everything, especially in mathematics.

Let's try to execute two messages as if you will understand the Cold Precinct and in a good way. First Message: Every year millions of children die from diarrhoea, this is the cause of most deaths in poor countries. Children who die from this die of dehydration, which is caused by long-term diarrhoea. To avoid this, there is a special solution in which electrolytes, minerals and water are made, which is known as ORS.

Now let's first analyze the message: You came to know that dehydration is dangerous due to which people can die. But how to avoid it or not be so clear. Now listen to this second message: Dave went to meet the Prime Minister of some developing countries, 8 pockets of salt and sugar were in his pocket. In the meeting, he showed these packets out of his pocket and told the Prime Ministers that this is a solution for diarrhoea. These packets of and sugar can be mixed in easy water, a solution can be easily prepared which can solve the problem of diarrhoea and it is worth less than a cup of tea and not only these millions Can save the life of people. 

Now let's analyze this other message: In this message, you also came to know about the problem of diarrhoea and also learned how to avoid it. All you have to do is add salt and sugar at home and prepare ORS solution which we can avoid from diarrhoea. Now we will remember this distant message because it is crude, that is, the things that have been given in it, you use in real life. That is CONCRETE things.

Chapter 4: Credible

Duodenal ulcer is the most common type of ulcer, it is not as deadly but it is very painful. When you ... One minute, why are we talking about ulcers here? Come on, I will play. It is not very old when people used to think that due to the formation of excess acid in the stomach, ulcers occur. One of the symptoms of this is a pain in the stomach, and people take pen relievers for it, but there was no sure cure for it. A few years later, two researchers took discovery and found out that the ulcer is caused by a certain type of bacteria. This was a major discovery that meant that any simple anti-biotic ulcer could be cured. Right?

But it is not so, in fact, the scientific community refused to believe their research. Why did this happen? You will find the answer in the following paragraphs. The first problem was that the scientists knew that our stomach acid is so strong that even a piece of meat is strangled, so how can bacteria survive in it? The second problem was the source, at the time when it was researched, there was no way that these two researchers could convince the people with full credibility. And lastly, the third thing was their location. Both researchers were residents of Perth, Australia, and in those days this place was not considered so credible i.e. it was not so trustworthy that people should believe that an important can research and find a cure for the disease here.

So there was a lot of reason for Scientists not to believe this research at all. His discovery was on the reason that ulcers have a connection with stomach bacteria. Almost every person who had an ulcer had this bacteria in his stomach but not everyone who had this bacteria in his stomach had an ulcer. Both resuscitators had given up, but one day when one of them woke up in the morning, he told his scientist friend to go to the lab with him. He picked up a bottle full of bacteria and drank it bitterly. Three days later, he had a life-threatening pain in his stomach like an ulcer's patient, when he checked his stump, he was burning and had turned red, To overcome this problem, he just took a simple anti-bacterial pill and it was completely cured! But unfortunately, still, it was not trusted for many years because this information was not creditable.

Now let's take another example to explain CREDIBLE.
Once such a rumour was spread that bananas coming in a shipment from a country are infected with a particular type of bacteria, which causes flesh-eating diseases. This rumour was initially spread through email, but it did not seem credible, so to make it more credible, a sentence was added to it. Can you guess what those sentiments will be? Yes, right where you have, a source has been added to the message to prove this news credible.

He had added this sentence in it. "Approved by the pride of America became just your job. Most people turn a blind eye to any credible source immediately, no matter who spreads true false news. The point here is to tell that if people believe in credibility only, then how will you prove yourself credible? We will tell you some such points that can be useful for you. First Authority: The more authority you put in your story, the more it will become liveable. Second details: People like the details very much, the more details you have, the more credibility you will get in the story.

Third STATISTICS: STATISTICS numbers do not do any special matter, but the story and contacts behind it bring credibility to your story. Fourth testable experience: Before you sell anything to people, first let them take the experience. If your product is really deserving, then their experience will increase the credibility of your product.

Chapter 5: Emotional

Once an experiment was done on a group of people where they were told to survey them - in return they would get 5 $. (This survey was just an excuse so that they all had money in their hands) At the end of the survey, they were all given 5 $ dollars and also an envelope which said "It is raining heavily in Zambia due to which 3 million Zambians Dying of starvation If you want, you can donate some money to them. They did this experiment again, but this time they have changed the words written in the letter "You can give this seven-year-old girl Jane a chance to live a better life." And then the results were surprising. $ 1.14 donated by those who read the first message while those who read the second message donated about $ 2.38. This amount was double the group's logo.

To say that it is easier to get people to ANALYZE by telling them a problem and to act analytically on it than to use their emotion. When people read the earlier message, they analyzed the situation and saw a big problem in it. They felt that donating a small amount of money would not make much difference in the situation. But when the little girl Jane was used in another message, it touched the emotion of the people, it made them think of the situation emotionally rather than emotionally and the emotion is always strong with logic.

You can use emotion in your business message in another way, let's understand what people care about the most? Family? friends? No, own. No matter how much one tries to hide, but the truth is that we all think about ourselves first and then worry about other things. This is a matter of those days when television was not available in every household. So an experiment was done in which a group of people tried to sell this message by selling TV "If used properly, it can help the people in planning to live a better life, people save more money from TV. And people can spend more time with their family and friends "

"If TV is used properly, it can help you in planning to live a better life, you can save more money from TV and you can spend more time with your family and friends. TV can make your life even more Can help to do better. " Some people may say that they do not know any specific difference between the two messages, but if you look closely, you can see how many times the word "you" has been used in other messages. And in fact, the people whose group got the second message showed more interest in buying a TV.

Chapter 6: Stories

In this chapter, we will learn how people can be infused with stories. Here we are telling you the story of a famous nurse who used to take care of New Born Babies in the ICU of a hospital. Once, while she was taking care of a baby during her work, she suddenly noticed that the baby's colour had turned blue, which meant that she was having trouble breathing. This is a common system of breathing problem. The nurse immediately called the doctor and the doctor started a standard procedure for lung treatment. Then that nurse remembered an earlier bean case in which there were symptoms beans, but not the langs, but the problem was heart.

The nurse saw that the doctor was treating the langs instead of the baby's heart. The nurse immediately took action and asked the doctor to leave everything and start treatment of the baby's heart quickly. Although the heart monitor was showing normal plus, she continued to insist on the treatment of the heart. When the doctor treated the baby's heart, he came to know that the nurse was speaking perfectly, there was a problem in his heart and after treatment, the baby's colour was normal again. And they also came to know that in fact there was a mess in the heart monitor itself. With the help of this story, many millions of lives have been saved because whenever a new nurse hears this story, this story is printed in her mind and when it happens to her, she acts as influenza by this story. And another child's life is saved.


In the conclusion of this summary, you learned 6 principal of success. It is just that your message is so easy that it can be easily absorbed and everyone can understand it. You have to keep it UNEXPECTED so that people will give attention to your message. You have to make it CONCRETE so that people will always remember your message, you have to make it CREDIBLE so that people can live on your message and they will find it trustworthy. You have to make it INTERESTING so that people will listen to your talk carefully and at the same time you have to make it emotional so that they care about your message and want to get the finalists to act on your message, then you have to tell them a story.